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Editorial: Underreported Data Suggests Victory for GOP in PA Suburbs

by USA Citizens Network
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In a Real Clear Politics article recently published on September 29, 2022…

Underreported Data Suggests Victory for GOP in PA Suburbs

Underreported Data Suggests Victory for GOP in PA Suburbs

A political strategist, Athan Koutsiouroumbas (@Athan_K.), cites data from an ABC News/Washington Post national survey that the main motivating factors influencing voters nation wide and in the Philadelphia suburbs are the economy and inflation.

Abortion is 15 Points Behind “Education and Schools”
He described another data point that suggests a tsunami of Republican victories are heading towards election day based on the following survey finding that “competitive and safe” Republican districts favor Republican candidates by a 21- and 24-point margin. That “competitive and safe” Republican seats are favoring Republican candidates by similar margins is a rare event.

He interprets voter registration data to indicate the largest migration of democratic and independent voters in the Philadelphia suburbs to the Republican party since these statistics have been recorded.

In the city of Philadelphia, voters switching to Republican party versus Democratic party are doing this switch by a 10:1 margin. In the Philadelphia suburbs of Bucks County this margin is at a rate of 2:1.In the western counties these margins are greater.

But The senate race between Dr. Mehmet Oz, the Republican candidate and John Fetterman, the Democratic candidate is close not because swing voters are not supporting the Republican candidate but because of divisions within the Pa Republican party as reflected in the “brutal, multi-million-dollar primary fight”.

The base of the Republican party that did not support Dr Oz in the primary race will not vote for Fetterman. The question is will they vote for Oz?

In the Governor’s race, Democratic candidate, Josh Shapiro, has reportedly out spent Republican candidate, Doug Mastriano, by more than $40M to $3M for the general election campaign.

The Pennsylvania state senate and house races are far more competitive for the Republican candidates in the suburbs and exurbs despite the very large generic ballot advantage. The author attributed this to redistricting that has resulted in voters not knowing the current candidates running for office. So, this is not a democratic advantage.

So the question remains, why is the Pennsylvania Republican party not supporting the campaigns of the Republican candidates for the senate and Governor, Mehmet Oz and Doug Mastriano in both Republican base support in the polls and with campaign donations?

How can the far-left policies of their opponents be more acceptable to any issues that Republican, moderate-conservative democratic and independent voters have with these two candidates?

We support both Dr. Oz for senate and Doug Mastriano for Governor.

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