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Editorial: Is GOP About To Blow It?

by USA Citizens Network
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Is the GOP About to Blow It

Is GOP About To Blow It?

In Dick Morris’s latest publication he admonishes the GOP for not having learned its lesson in the November 2020 election.

He describes a repeat pattern in the current early voting results that occurred in the November 2020 election: “in states that register voters by party, 2.1 million of these early voters have been Democrats (50%) while only 1.2 million have been cast by Republicans (30%).”

In PA, 14% of Fetterman voters have submitted early votes and less than one percent of Oz’s voters have done so.

In Arizona, 10% of Democrat Kelly’s voters have completed early voting compared to 5% of republican Blake Masters supporters.

Morris’s advice to the GOP is that they must match the new tactics of the Democratic party: early voting.

Early voters can be tracked by their respective parties and if they have not voted, they can be called upon by staffers and encouraged to vote. Citizens who chose to vote on election day have no margin for error. If a child is sick, for example, they are unable to get away to vote.

Dick Morris believes that Poll watchers are an adequate answer to counter what many experts believe is solid evidence of Democratic operatives cheating with traditional and newer computer-based methods of manipulating votes to guarantee democratic candidate wins.

Apparently, there is evidence that Republicans have done the same thing as well going back to a few years after the 2000 presidential election decided by the supreme court when computerized voting machines were purchased across the country.

The more traditional methods of cheating going back perhaps over more than a century and have been carried out by both parties by using corrupted voter rolls, as an example, with dead people, under-age people, people who have moved out of state, etc.

We do not believe that poll watchers, alone, are an adequate solution to voter manipulation by either party.

That method worked for the Republican candidate and the current Governor of Virginia, Younkin. But, it did not work for the Republican candidate for Governor of New Jersey, Jack Ciattarelli

Former Gubernatorial Candidate Joe Rullo Calling for Two Year Forensic Audit of New Jersey Elections

We agree with many experts that doing away with computerized voting machines is an additional step that must be taken and use ballots filled out by the voters handwriting and counted in precincts that are small enough to tally the votes by the end of the evening of voting. This involves returning to smaller precincts that we used before the introduction of computerized counting of votes.

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