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Editorial the GOP is the problem; Republican voters want Trump as their candidate but the GOP is slow to accept their choice

Republican voters should choose their candidates not the administrative arm of the party

by USA Citizens Network
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In the article, Why Conservatives Should Buckle Up for 2024–Here’s What to Expect | Truth Over News, the Epoch TV states:

“We find ourselves with the growth rate of inflation down, but the level of inflation remaining dangerously high. We find ourselves with an economy that’s racked by debt, with the United States’ national debt at $34 trillion—a level undreamed of just a few years back. We find the health of our economy being measured not by the financial wellbeing of its everyday citizens, but rather by the financial health of global multinational corporations as measured on the stock market.
Thanks to former President Barack Obama, our race relations have never faced a greater divide—and those flames continue to be fanned by the media heading into 2024.
Conservatives are villainized in the press and by the party in power. Lawfare runs rampant. The crisis at our border presents a fundamental alteration of the fabric of our nation’s society. And yet we have a GOP that does absolutely nothing to address any of this.”

President Donald Trump is the “former” president and the evidence suggests that the outcome of the 2020 election does not reflect the actual voters choice but rather the vote counters choice.

The Epoch News lists the current problems plaquing our country: inflation, unsustainable debt, wealth is increasingly controlled by the very rich. Conservatives have little media presence and, when they do, the mainstream media ridicules them. Lawfare is paralyzing this country and is an election interference tool of the Democrats. We have no borders and the demographics of the population are being radically changed. The world is on the verge of World War III. And, the GOP does nothing to push back against the destruction of our Republic by these forces.

Our country and the world needs Donald Trump to be the next President. Without him, our Republic will most likely become a satellite of the Chinese Communist party and the World Economic Forum. And this will happen only after a world war and widespread attacks by the agents sent by our enemies to cross our open borders mixed in with the economic migrants who are allowed to illegally enter our country.

We hope that President Trump’s team has an effective plan to counter illegal voting activities. While the abortion issue was a factor in the underperformance of the Republican candidates in recent elections, USACN does not believe it was the major factor. The GOP has done little to stop these illegal vote manipulations, since the 2020 election. Why was there a lack of a Red wave in 2022 and 2023 elections? Why was there a loss of Republican control of state elected officials and state supreme court judges? These election losses were once again accompanied by evidence of ballot manipulation described in previous USACN editorials. And once again, the GOP did little to adjudicate the evidence.

President Trump has a bigger lead in this upcoming election then he had in 2020. Black and Hispanic voters are migrating to his support as are other groups that did not support him in the past as much as they are now supporting him. But given the surprising underperformance of GOP candidates in recent elections, you can be sure that if he loses the 2024 election, it will not be related to voters supporting the policies and outcomes of Joe Biden’s Presidency.

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