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Why USA Citizens Network

by USA Citizens Network
At USA Citizen’s Network, we take our cause very seriously. This is why we spent many months and a large amount of resources building our platform and doing everything possible to make it truly secure. Here are the main things we strive to do.
  • Getting the Truth Out
  • Helping You to Succeed
  • Securing Your Privacy
  • Giving You a Web, Email, and Payment Processing Platform that Protects Your Business or Organization
  • Making America great again
That being said, here are some of the reasons you might want to seriously consider partnering with us and using our platform.

USA Citizens Network has No Corporate Ownership or Censorship Agenda, so we don't censor you. We do have the goal of making America Great Again, so if you have content, input, or needs you feel fit that agenda, reach out to us.

Want to get the truth out or put out a point of view. If you're not doing anything blatantly illegal, it's unlikely you'll be subject to any legal jurisdictions or challenges.

We do not share your information with anyone unless forced to do so by a court order or definite legal requirements.

Anonymous Services we can offer your business, channel, organization, or non-profit include:
Anonymous Domain Name Registration
Anonymous Website Hosting & Development
Anonymous Payment Processing

It's hard enough these days to research the trends, create content, and try to get the truth out. People don't know where to turn, and often when they try to go it alone, it becomes overwhelming. Video production, secure webhosting/email, bulletproof payment processing are all needed to protect oneself, and that's been difficult to find in one place; until now. We have all of these things available to you for free or at very reasonable costs. Reach out to start a conversation and learn more.

In addition to being able to upload your Video & Audio content, we can produce your video content remotely in order to get you off the ground if you don't have the needed skills to do so yourself.

We can host or build you a website that is as secure as ours. Our servers are located off-shore outside the US. We register Websites, Domain Names, Emails, and Payment Processing accounts anonymously so no on knows who to attack in your organization

Need to communicate securely via email. We have accounts available that you can use. You really should ask those you communicate with to use our or a similar secure email service like Tutanota to make communicating truly secure.

You are not subject to Doxxing here when supporting us. Whether you're donating to support getting the truth out or would like to use our platform to support your own business financially, you are secure.rnrnWe can arrange secure payment processing for content creators and editors who are working to get the truth out. Contact us to learn more.

Need a place to advertise your business or organization where it won't be shut down and  will draw the attention of like minded individuals to support you? Look no further. Contact us today to learn more about getting set up. We can set up simple ads or video based content to promote you to our viewers & readers.

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