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Peter Navarro and L. Todd Wood (LTD) discuss the Teutonic shift that is occurring in the state of Connecticut (CT) from Blue to Red for the first time in over twenty years.

LTD said that the left just gave Republican candidates a huge giveaway with the CDC announcement of a mandatory covid vaccine for children, and the parents are up in arms.

Governor Lamont’s GOP challenger, Bob Stefanowski, has said that he would not enforce a covid vaccine on children. Lamont wavered and said he would trust the experts.

LTD’s group has polled CT parents and found that there are hundreds of thousands of parents that will pull their children out of public schools if the vaccine is mandated.

Navarro interjects that as per Dr. Robert Malone, it is not a vaccine but rather an “experimental technology” that gets injected into the body.

Navarro went on to say that in the “dark days of 2020, during the fog of war with communist China”, Navarro continued, the Trump administration was trying to figure out the different options to deal with the “China virus”.

The “tragedy that is yet to be told”, that is “from day 1, that healthcare bureaucracy, CDC, FDA, and Tony Fauci’s NIH, consistently lied to us with the help of the two-leading vaccine “developers”, Pfizer and Moderna.”

“They hid data from us”, Navarro said. “What we know now is that these quasi-vaccines can destroy the reproductive health of women. They can destroy the hearts of young men through myocarditis. It is insane to be injecting young children by force anywhere in this frigging country under CDC policy. “

LTD said that up until recently most citizens believed this “propaganda” but that is “changing in a massive way”.

George Logan, in CT 5, LTD’s group is predicting that he will win the race which is a pickup of a new Republican seat that was a republican district 20 years ago.

The Democrats are trying to push abortion as a major issue to cut into the Republican’s lead in the polls and it is not working.

Mike France could win in CT 2.

The big one, is Leora Levy, Cuban-born, anti-communist who is running for the Senate. She is neck and neck with Senator Blumenthal. This is an unexpected development that she might pick up a CT senate seat.

Allan Wai-Ket Fung in Rhode Island is up eight points in his district.

There will be a lot of change in New England.

Navarro points out that Steve Bannon has described the seismic shift of the conservative Hispanic vote towards the Republican party.

But also, the soccer moms that drank the cool aid during the pandemic that stops when you are told by public health officials that they will force their young children to take a vaccine that could destroy their hearts and ovaries.

Compare that government mandate to Roe V Wade.

You can have young children who can have their hearts and ovaries destroyed by force by a vaccine.

Navarro asks LTD if the latter or the economy is the seismic shift moving voters.

LTD answered that it is both.

He went on to say that in CT, a wealthy area, people don’t feel the bad economy as much as elsewhere. But they feel it through their children living elsewhere. And, the CT cities, such as Bristol, and Bridgeport, are 40% Hispanic. Most of the latter are voting republican. They want people to come here legally. They are not happy with the destruction of Christianity around the world and in this country.

Navarro closes the interview by saying that past interviews with Naomi Wolf and Dr. Robert Malone and others have described the dangers of the vaccine.

He went on to say that “If the Republicans take back the congress and senate in November, by January 2023, when the new congress stakes its seat, you will see hearings that will lay bare this entire scam being run by Pfizer, Moderna, the CDC, and Fauci on this vaccine…The war room has had Naomi Wolf and Dr. Malone explain to us that the CDC has repeatedly lied to us by omission. Pfizer has been hiding data from us. “

We reject mandatory vaccines for any citizens.

Pfizer has released by court order data that they suppressed in their application for emergency authorization use of their vaccines that would not have qualified for that emergency use if that data had been part of the application.

We call on elected officials, administrators, Judges, and lawyers to suspend the use of these vaccines until these safety issues are properly adjudicated.

We urge the CT Republican candidates to have adequate numbers of poll watchers. Unfortunately, the use of computerized voting machines and mail in ballots increase the risk of vote manipulation that hijacks voter intent.

We urge state legislators to require the use of manual voting in future elections.

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