Home Editorials Bob Rust interviews Leah Hoopes and Greg Stenstrom for an update regarding Pro Se Election Fraud lawsuits in Pennsylvania as of June 2024, Part1

Bob Rust interviews Leah Hoopes and Greg Stenstrom for an update regarding Pro Se Election Fraud lawsuits in Pennsylvania as of June 2024, Part1

What this small band of citizen volunteers have done as pro se litigants proving election fraud in Delaware County, Pa elections will impact election fraud cases and undo lawfare cases against President Trump and his associates around the country.

by USA Citizens Network
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This interview is a follow-up to a recent editorial USA CN published regarding a federal lawsuit that has been submitted by the pro se litigant team of Leah Hoopes and Greg Stenstrom.

The abstract of this interview below can serve as a handbook regarding how to monitor for, and, collect evidence of, election fraud.

The USA CN editorial board, once again, calls upon the PA Board of Elections and/or the PA Republican party to hire Leah Hoopes and Greg Stenstrom to monitor Pa elections in November 2024 as Pennsylvania’s best plan to avoid another stolen election as proven by the pro se litigant team of Hoopes and Stenstrom with their lawsuits from 2020 to 2024.

We also emphasize that the evidence published in a wide range of media publications, some of which USA CN has re-published as a third party and described in editorials indicates that both parties, Democrats and Republicans, have used illegal tools that result in election fraud.

 The video of the interview shows the total time of the interview, 38:37.536. The analysis of the interview, the bullet points and the full transcript of the interview in part 1 is through 27:49.815.
Part 2 will be from this point to the end of the interview at 38:37.536.

There is a fuzzy picture and hissing sound in Greg Stenstrom’s audiovisual recording due to his location that we could not improve.

This interview was recorded Friday June 28, 2024 and published July 7, 2024

Leah Hoopes and Gregory Stenstrom were poll watchers during the 2020 election in Delaware county, Pa. Leah Hoopes was a Delaware county precinct committee woman who had investigated local elected officials and recruited an expert forensic cybersecurity professional during his Navy and civilian careers, Greg Stenstrom. Greg was known to various government agencies as a result of his contract work installing encryption software in major federal departments.
This team filed 52 lawsuits, most of which were as pro se litigants, from Nov 2020 to 2024. The section below called, Bullet points from the interview transcript, contains bullet points from the interview transcript that is published after the Appendix section.

They have been sued for malicious prosecution and defamation which they characterize as lawfare. They have provided the judges with much evidence regarding corrupt officials from the police to attorneys and judges and elected officials from both the Democrat and Republican parties which they describe as a uniparty.

They offer hope to Pa citizens by stating that there is a very small percentage of corrupt officials compared to a majority who are not corrupt. But this small percent of corrupt officials have done much damage to our Republic.

They are thankful that Judge Erdos is a highly respected judge from Yale Law School who was assigned to some of their lawsuits.
Using Truth is a complete defense, evidence of massive election fraud was adjudicated as legitimate evidence of election fraud.

They did not use “anything procedurally” in their cases. “We didn’t say…it was our First Amendment rights. A lot of the cases in the country have been tried on procedural technicalities.”

Their evidence “exonerates all the other indictments against President Trump, Rudy Giuliani, everyone in Georgia, Arizona, particularly Michigan.”

What this small band of citizen volunteers have done as pro se litigants proving election fraud in Delaware County, Pa elections will impact election fraud cases and undo lawfare cases against President Trump and his associates around the country. The world will react to these small waves of victory in Delaware county courts that will slowly develop into a Tsunami across the country’s courts that are adjudicating cases of election fraud and lawfare,

The Pennsylvania presidential election was stolen in 2020 according to the adjudicated evidence in these pro se litigants cases as well as described in other third party republications of articles and USA CN editorials. The same thing happened to local Pa elections.

The national and, therefore, the Pa Republican party strategy to stop the fraud in the 2024 election is to maximize Republican voter turnout and recruit large numbers of poll watchers and Republican lawyers. The details described by Hoopes and Stenstrom in this interview regarding the adjudicated evidence they brought to the courts can serve as the strategy that the Republican party both nationally and in Pennsylvania should adopt if they want to prevent another stolen election.




Bullet points from the interview transcript:

Leah Hoopes brief bio:

Pa Republican party Committee woman in Bethel Township, Delaware County, Pennsylvania
Trump campaign volunteer 2020
investigative journalist
observed election fraud and recruited Greg Stenstrom to work with her investigating fraud

Greg Stenstrom brief bio:
Military and civilian cybersecurity forensic expert
Naval Academy graduate, Annapolis, Maryland
executive officer of Naval Special Warfare Unit 2,
commanding officer of Explosive Outload Team 3.
service warfare officer
U .S. Navy diver
special operations and special warfare.
As a civilian:
computer scientist
expert in security, encryption, forensics
worked with the government agencies: encrypted the good portion of the Federal Reserve, encrypted the Federal Depository Insurance Corporation, encrypted Naval Space Warfare Command, installed security systems in major banks
“And in forensics, I’ve worked with the Department of Justice, State”
“So my background is as a forensic executive and again I’m a well -known quantity to the Department of Justice and to law enforcement agencies”

Evidence for November 2020 election fraud gathered when volunteering as poll watchers in Delaware County, Pa:

Centralized counting center based sources of election fraud made easier by doing away with ballot counting at precinct level before ballots are shipped to the centralized counting center

Uncovered “some incredible corruption”:

private money from CTCL,
Mark Zuckerberg,
Soros being involved in our election
the background of these county council people: “straight up communist”

witnessed “massive election fraud” in the 2020 election
“since that time, we’ve uncovered even more evidence and material facts that are undisputed”
“we are officially considered federal whistleblowers”
“DOJ obstructed the investigation into what we witnessed in the November 3rd, 2020 election”
Publications: “The Parallel Election and we are working on a second book as well as a documentary”

Source of the evidence for election fraud: “I was in the centralized counting center and at the polls on election day in 2020”

“we are still being sued in Delaware County by our government. They are suing us for malicious prosecution and defamation” (Appendix)

“It is nothing short of lawfare, which is what you’re seeing across the country against lawyers like John Eastman or President Trump or anyone that has challenged the 2020 election. ”

” lawyers, judges, and the people that are extremely corrupt. And they are not used to going up against people like myself and Greg, who have nothing but integrity and also, you know, the willpower and fortitude to push forward despite the lawfare”

” They have not done anything with those cases at this point. …the original defamation… filed against us after our original case…in November of 2020, which went…to Scotus…James Savage, who is, was the voting machine warehouse custodian for Delaware County and a DNC operative, and an extreme Marxist…was the subject of our whistleblower videos…where you can see them spolating and getting rid of the evidence. And they fabricated the election, which is the subject of our book.”

“But James Savage,,,October of 2021…filed a defamation case against myself and Greg, President Trump, Mayor Giuliani, former Attorney General Philip Kline and Jenna Ellis and the Thomas Moore Society” : we had caused:
James Savage’s heart attacks,
he was fearful to leave his home,
he couldn’t work
we lied in our book
he wanted a million dollars

“he did that in October of 21 and then in November of 2021, we released whistleblower videos.”

“Jim Savage filed the case not knowing that he was under a sting operation:

caught in the middle of theft
the crime of the entire…country.
Greg and I represented ourselves for 860 days
in Philadelphia County
under a Democrat judge.
His name is Michael Erdos.

God bless that man because he did exactly what he should have and we won every hearing.”

“…when the attorney was losing miserably…he…attempted to have our firearms confiscated,,,to have us muzzled and sanctioned…And he lost that hearing as well.”

Leah Hoopes (09:52.335) “And because of that decision…and because we exposed the criminality…of the filings, including”:

fabricating of evidence,
creating false witnesses,

“…the Democrat judge in a Democrat city found disciplinary action against Jay Connor Corcoran, who is the attorney for James Savage…sitting in disciplinary action as we speak.”

“…right before he withdrew the defamation case in Philadelphia”:

stayed until after the criminal cases in Fulton County
offered settlement
were going to a jury trial
plaintiff, James Savage. was guilty
truth was is a complete defense.
they withdrew their claims
benefited Mayor Giuliani and President Trump

Gregory Stenstrom (12:37.879)

“…So I think the big thing that came out of all this:

now a public and judicial record : massive election fraud
The defense was unique only ones in the country: a complete defense.

Truth is a complete defense: evidence of massive election fraud.

We didn’t go in after anything procedurally.:

“We didn’t say…it was our First Amendment rights.
A lot of the cases in the country: tried on procedural technicalities
Leah and I stuck to truth is a complete defense
every…thing that we said about massive election fraud was true
we had to prove in our discovery hearings
that evidence: able to be used in other courts.

in other jurisdictions because it survived the crucible of discovery hearings in a major court. Philadelphia Common Pleas:

Judge Erdos is a highly respected judge, Yale Law School
fact that it’s a public record: massive election fraud
critical because it exonerates all the other indictments against:
President Trump,
Rudy Giuliani,
everyone in Georgia, Arizona, particularly Michigan.

Leah Hoopes (15:07.215)

our evidence is, was handed over to the defense attorneys working on President Trump’s case in Fulton County, the Rico case specifically
Our evidence can be used and has been used…in President Trump…released an election fraud report that showed all of the cases in the swing states
Our case was also used in the January 6th letter by President Trump
addressed to Benny Thompson
quoted actually in Joe Hoff’s books, The Steal
our case is getting talked about
Greg and I believe in…doing what we need to do in our own local backyards
that local action is how you have national effect.
that’s one of the biggest things that we try to teach others…”

“…we’re using the things that we’ve learned in these lawfare hearings
that we have filed since in 2022, in 2023, and in 2024
we have cases in the:

Court of Common Pleas,
the Commonwealth Court,
in the Third Circuit,
which is overseen by Judge Alito.”

“…this has brought forth:
more whistleblowers
people are constantly contacting us
people that are in deep
people that work within major cities:
exposing Josh Shapiro for being the thief and criminal that he is.”

Leah Hoopes (17:24.207)


the Pennsylvania attorney general during the 2020 election
obstructed not only the investigation into the election fraud of 2020
he’s also covered up major criminal acts
including the Security Exchange Commission fraud, consumer fraud
this is extended beyond election fraud
we’ve become a hub for whistleblowers
it only adds to our evidentiary base because
it’s…not about stealing the elections
it’s about stealing our republic
having people understand that it’s the local action
it’s your local councils
it’s your township commissioners
these are the people that are stealing from you”

“They will shake your hand and they are literally stealing from you
These are the henchmen…”

Gregory Stenstrom (18:51.127)

“…we have multiple federal suits that are in motion.

The first one:

filed over three and a half weeks ago
to remove the election machines because:

they’re not certified,
not tested for secure bill verification,
not properly tested in accordance with logic and accuracy
throughout the state,
the machines …because they’re not certified and tested, they can’t be used.”

“…The second case, federal case,

bring the mail-in ballots back ..
from the centralized counting centers back
to the precincts

The third case

to remove the centralized counting centers

The fourth case is

the election interference and retaliation
We named, in criminal referrals:

U .S. Attorney General Barr
Merrick Garland
Jack Smith
Inspector General Horowitz
Director of the FBI, Ray

We have a separate criminal charges against:

Governor Shapiro,
District Attorney Stolzheimer

These are serious charges that are substantiated through:

rights and O’s,
they must answer them.

The crux of those is that they’ve

obstructed interagency effort to obstruct investigations,
retaliate and commit election fraud

we had a strategy that we put together back in December, January, December of 2020 when we realized the cavalry wasn’t coming and we were largely on our own.

Gregory Stenstrom (20:52.887)

Leah and I sat down,
developed a three to four year strategy
We filed 52 lawsuits since then.
We filed cases
for each litigative stake

we know they’re cheating.
We know exactly who, what, where, and when, how
they’re cheating across the country.
We have the blueprint.
We know who’s doing it.

Gregory Stenstrom (21:23.255)

we filed 52 lawsuits to find that out.


we went after the certifications,
then we went after the logic and accuracy testing,
filed separate suits.
Mail -in ballots filed separate suits for that.
Recounts filed suits for that.
Right to know for public records

So we went through and we’ve been able to
identify crooked solicitors,
crooked public officials,
crooked judges.

We know who they are.
We know how they’re committing fraud.
And what we found is it’s not a whole lot of people.
It’s not as futile and as upsetting.
It’s not endemic.
It’s not the entire system is corrupt.
It’s a very small group of people that have corrupted our investigations.
And that’s who we’re going after.
We file litigation.
We file criminal charges.
They’re going to go to prison.

Gregory Stenstrom (22:20.887)

and we’re going to have a fair election in November.

Robert N Rust III (22:24.)
You’ve done all of that, the two of you, by yourselves. How, who,

Gregory Stenstrom (22:27.255)

Pretty much. I’ll let you know.

Leah Hoopes (22:30.159)

you can’t discount
that the wonderful people that we work with
the the Delco deep divers
the original crew from 2020
and they’re named in the book.

There are plenty of people that are not only jumping to help,
but they have been extremely supportive in prayer.
You know they have donated to the legal efforts
because these filings cost an exuberant amount of money.
You know this has become our job.

This is nonstop
we don’t have paralegals.
We don’t have a large law firm to hand off.
Greg and I do all of our own work.
We now have an attorney who is helping, thank the Lord.
But the first person foremost,
the person that has led us the way is God.
And I’m not afraid to say that.
I have very strong faith.

we put on that armor of God
every single day
we push forward because
we won’t have a republic
No matter who’s sitting in the White House,
they are not going to save us.
It has to be us.
So there are many people that support, assist, pray.
we never would have met these people if it wasn’t for this fight.

I feel very, very blessed to be a part of this time in history and to fight for my country.

Gregory Stenstrom (24:04.823)

The key thing:

the gratitude we have for these people is enormous,
but the key takeaway from this is
it was private citizens.
The government officials,
the courts
that were supposed to be

Gregory Stenstrom (24:24.311)

investigating these things and straightening this out,
completely abrogated their duties.
The courts have abrogated their duties.
Law enforcement has abrogated their duties.
a lot of these individuals colluded and collaborated
to install an illegitimate government
and conduct a coup.
three and a half years ago, I would be very much more careful and circumspect
saying there was a coup.
We’re three and a half years out and we’re going into the November 2024 election,
which they’re going to try to steal again.
And that’s what we’re fighting.
And 2020 was a coup.
2024, they’re going to try to continue to retain power.
You heard last night in the debate
where Biden, who was very discombobulated, is saying
we’re going to win in November.

There’s not a single poll.
There’s no indication at all
that that’s even a possibility
unless they cheat
and we know how they’re going to do it.
And that’s what we’re fighting now.
And we’re fighting it in the form of that litigation.
And this is all done by private citizens.
Our republic requires public participation.
And the only ones that are fighting this are
citizens like Leah, myself, And you.

Robert N Rust III (25:54.624)

So this is not a matter of party,
it’s a matter of citizenship,
but protecting our republic,
if I’m hearing you correctly.

Gregory Stenstrom (26:02.263)

Our greatest enemies are the GOP.
The GOP and the DNC,
they’re corporate bodies.
They do not represent the Republic.
In fact, most of the people,
a big problem here in Pennsylvania
is our GOP hates Trump.
They’re never Trumpers.
They have fought us tooth and nail
in the courts.
We’re literally our biggest adversary
right now
in the law firm that’s fighting us.

Gregory Stenstrom (26:31.415)

is Obermayer, that’s Lawrence Tabis, head of the GOP, who’s a managing partner there,
65 attorneys.
That’s who we’re facing.
We’re literally facing and fighting GOP lawyers,
GOP law firms,
and leaders in the GOP
who are attacking us
for supporting honest elections.
The DNC are our enemies,
I really think one of the takeaways that your audience has got to be
that the political parties,
the Uniparty,
they want the status quo.
They want to keep selecting,
They want to run things

Gregory Stenstrom (27:29.847)

“They…vigorously object to
Leah, myself, or
any citizen
being interlopers in their little party and their little sandbox.

Robert N Rust III (27:42.752)

How will this litigation that you’ve got in place right now help as far as November is concerned?

Gregory Stenstrom (27:49.815)

We’re just using single subject answers.
And I’ll be clear,
what has protected the vote in the United States is
decentralized voting.
There’s 3,143 counties in the United States, 3,143.
we have always done our elections in decentralized manner
by the precinct level
is what protected our vote,

In order to cheat the people that are cheating, had to centralize the vote.
It only takes 20 counties to sway the entire national election.
That’s it.
It’s a math problem.
Delaware County was one of them.
Maricopa County,
Wayne County,
DeKalb County,
those were among the key pivot counties that changed the election.

What we need to do
what these lawsuits are doing
is we’re returning,
we’re asking for a return of
the processing of the vote
to the precinct level.
That’s the basic thing that we’re doing.
If you look at each lawsuit,
we’re saying our specific bad actors are breaking federal law
in order to subvert the election.
What we’re asking the courts to do is,

return that from the centralized counting centers to the precinct level
we have oversight that mitigates and pushes away those few bad actors.
It goes back to the precinct level
where we have a shot at getting an honest election.
We believe very strongly
that we’re gonna be able to do that by November.

The end of Part 1 of the transcript from start to 27:49.815.
Part 2 will be from this point to the end of the interview at 38:37.536.



Highlights from Interview transcript


Malicious prosecution and defamation
Malicious prosecution and defamation are two related but distinct legal concepts. Here’s a breakdown of each:

Malicious Prosecution

Malicious prosecution is a tort (a civil wrong) that occurs when someone initiates or continues a legal action against another person without probable cause and with the intention of harming or injuring the other person.
The elements of malicious prosecution include:
The original case was terminated in favor of the plaintiff (the person bringing the malicious prosecution claim).
The defendant (the person accused of malicious prosecution) played an active role in the original case.
The defendant did not have probable cause or reasonable grounds to support the original case.
The defendant initiated or continued the initial case with an improper purpose.

Defamation is the act of making false and damaging statements about someone that harm their reputation.
Defamation can take the form of libel (written statements) or slander (spoken statements).
Defamation can be committed intentionally or recklessly, and it is considered a tort.
Relationship between Malicious Prosecution and Defamation

Malicious prosecution and defamation are related because a malicious prosecution claim can include allegations of defamation.
For example, if someone is accused of malicious prosecution, they may also be accused of making false and damaging statements about the plaintiff during the original legal action.
In this case, the defendant’s statements could be considered defamatory and could be used as evidence in a malicious prosecution claim.

In the case of Balson v State of Queensland [2003] QSC 42, the plaintiff alleged that the defendant had initiated a malicious prosecution against them, which included making false and damaging statements about them during the original legal action.
In the case of Sheldon Appel Co. v. Albert & Oliker, 47 Cal. 3d 863, 873 (1989), the court observed that the filing of a frivolous lawsuit can be considered an abuse of process, which can lead to a claim of malicious prosecution.

In summary, malicious prosecution and defamation are two distinct legal concepts that can be related in certain circumstances. Malicious prosecution refers to the initiation or continuation of a legal action without probable cause and with the intention of harming or injuring the other person, while defamation refers to the act of making false and damaging statements about someone that harm their reputation.

AI sources of this analysis of malicious prosecution and defamation:


Transcript of interview

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