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Editorial Part 1: Debt Ceiling conflict: Is it really a crisis?

by USA Citizens Network
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Republicans have a tough time dealing with Budget /Debt Ceiling ‘Deal’

“Massie, who sits on the House Rules Committee, stunned deficit hawks Tuesday when he became the deciding vote advancing the Fiscal Responsibility Act to the House floor, with his typical allies, Reps. Ralph Norman, R-S.C., and Chip Roy, R-Texas, voting against.”

House Freedom Caucus member, Rep. Dan Bishop (R-N.C.) is the first Republican and only one to call for Speaker McCarthy’s ouster as speaker because of the deal that he made with President Biden over the debt ceiling.
Senator Rand Paul (R-Ky) announced he will not vote for the budget.
House Rules Committee members, Rep. Chip Roy(R-Texas) and Rep. Ralph Norman (R-S.C.) indicate that the committee may block a full house vote on the plan.

Supporters of the McCarthy Biden deal say that “Default Would Have a Catastrophic Impact on the Economy”

The history of the United States debt ceiling indicates that the “US has raised its debt ceiling (in some form or other) at least 90 times in the 20th century…the debate continues about the appropriate level of government spending, and the use of the debt ceiling in such negotiations.”

Steve Bannon interviewed Professor Dave Brat and Congressman Dan Bishop and they had the following to say about the McCarthy Biden deal. “You are locking in Federal spending at unheard of levels…Since there is no cap, you have given them a free credit card with no cuts. The maximum real cut in debt is $12-20B, maybe…if you back this bill and are under 40 years of age, you are signing your economic, financial death warrant…In addition to the debt, we will have less productivity because all of the money goes to the government which crowds out the private sector. This juices up inflation and a bigger government sector….it cuts $50B out of $50T over a ten year window…Editor: this is a 0.1% reduction in debt…your position is that even Republicans…if they vote for this…they should be primaried. They should not be in this city…McCarthy will do anything the Dems want and he will keep lying. The Dem radicals and Lindsay Graham are not that far apart…it is a Uniparty.”

Continuing this interview as part 4, MAY 30TH, 2023

Screenshot (23) Edited
Screenshot (23) Edited

“Top left of chart the graphs start at 1,600 [on the y axis] is $1.6T which is ¼ of the budget which is $6.4T.
This is the discretionary part of the budget divided between defense and non-defense…But the white house position during negotiations is to keep the status quo, a $6.5T budget…the red line is the budget that we just passed…McCarthy just assumed the white house position…The green line is the conservative house budget…it trims off only $4T of the $50T (8%) debt window over ten years…it is no where near Russ Vought’s original position which carves $17T off of a $50T (34%) debt over ten years…

Screenshot (24) Edited
Screenshot (24) Edited

Barris, the pollster, joins the conversation and says in a recent primary election in-“Texas 12th district Fort Worth area its very educated for a Republican area. If there are going to be more traditional Republicans who would be anti Maga, you would see it in this district…Trump is above 50% even in this district. If you are a Republican, America first vs traditional is the former-83% Hispanics support America first…the Non white growing group of Republican party has no attraction to traditional Republicans…This deal on the debt ceiling isn’t popular with Republicans…

In Summary, Russ Vought, the former director of the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) from July 2020 to January 2021 for the Trump administration, had an original budget position which carves $17T off of a $50T (34%) debt over ten years.

The conservative house budget was proposed as a softer version of Russ Vought’s budget. It trims off only $4T of the $50T (8%) debt window over ten years. And, the softer version that followed the conservative house budget, that is, the McCarthy Biden deal, cuts $50B out of $50T over a ten-year window which is a 0.1% reduction in debt.

McCarthy’s budget is like the white house’s budget. There are no enforceable caps during the lame duck session of the Biden administration before the next President takes over. Since there is no cap, McCarthy has given Biden a free credit card with no cuts. Hence, he can spend what he wants and run up the deficit with no limit.

Recent polls show that Republican voter’s positions on the budget are more aligned with Russ Vought’s proposal. Most of these voters are aligned with America first Republicans and not traditional Republicans.

Hispanics in some polls are more than 80% aligned with America first. And more Blacks are migrating to America first.

But the Republican congressmen and Senators appear to be more aligned with the Democrats in regard to their support of the McCarthy Biden deal.

Dan Bishop, the Congressman from North Carolina calls for citizens to vote these Republicans who have turned their back on their voters, out of office in their next primary election.

Like the majority of the voting Republican citizens, we support Russ Vought’s budget, and Congressman Bishop’s proposal regarding voting out of office those Republicans that voted for the McCarthy-Biden budget.

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