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It’s Down To Three Senate Races: Masters, Oz, Walker

By Dick Morris

by USA Citizens Network
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It’s Down To Three Senate Races: Masters, Oz, Walker

By Dick Morris on October 10, 2022

It’s time to MOW the Democrats down by winning in Arizona (Blake Masters), Pennsylvania (Dr. Oz), and Georgia (Hershel Walker). MOW ’em down!

It all comes down to these three crucial races.

In Ohio, JD Vance, and in North Carolina, Budd, are also close but ahead.

So, for God’s sake (literally). Please get out your credit card and make donations, right now, to all three. $25, $50, $100. Small donors are the key to their success

All of them are being outspent on media by 3:1 or 4:1 by their Democratic rivals. They are parsing out their TV budgets, knowing they need more, but not able to afford it. All are behind right now. And we must win them all.

Here’s the state of play:


Blake Masters won his debate by a smackdown this past Thursday. He made Democratic incumbent Mark Kelly pay for his vote against hiring 16,000 new border agents, even as he backed 87,000 new IRS agents.

But the highlight of the debate was his victory on abortion. Abortion! Ever since he Dobbs decision, the Democrats have gained over the issue, closing the lead Republicans initially amassed due to Biden’s terrible policies. In this debate, however, Masters found the Master Key to winning the issue.

After Kelly launched a full-scale attack on him for denying women abortions, Masters pointed out that he favored allowing abortions in cases of rape, incest, or danger to the life of the mother. He also said he supported the just passed Arizona law allowing them, for any reason, within the first fifteen weeks of pregnancy.

His reply left Kelly with nothing to say. And then came his counter punch: That Kelly was an abortion extremist for his support for abortions up to the date of delivery where “we are talking about a live baby.

Then, the moderator moved in for the kill and asked Masters if he thought Biden was an illegitimate president and if he believed Trump would have won a fair election, expecting Masters to hem himself in by admitting to being an “election denier.” But Blake slipped the punch and said that if the Intel agencies had not dishonestly claimed that the Hunter Biden laptop was “Russian disinformation,” Trump would have, indeed, won.

We don’t know yet the impact of the debate but Masters entered the duel six points back and likely pulled even.

Please Donate To Blake Masters For Senate — CLICK HERE!


Dr. Oz likely trails John Fetterman by single digits after being outspent massively. But he has been catching up steadily as Oz attacks Fetterman over the crime rate — homicides are up 37% — and his votes to pardon dozens of murderers. The crime issue has probably closed the gap. And now Oz is pivoting to inflation and the economy. This focus will, I think, give him a lead.

But he is hurting over abortion in the face of Fetterman’s withering attacks on the issue. He needs to run an ad saying that he doesn’t believe in changing current Pennsylvania law that allows abortions up to the 24th week (halfway).

If he doesn’t do so, he will continue to bleed votes over abortion. But he can’t afford both to attack on inflation an defend on abortion. That’s why he desperately needs your help right now.

Please Donate To Dr. Oz For Senate — CLICK HERE!


Polls had Hershel Walker tied with Democratic senator Rafael Warnock until the Democratic “October surprise” landed this past week. A woman said that Walker had paid for her abortion despite being pro-life.

But now it has come out that the woman is not someone Walker met in the locker room, but is the mother of his other child. She just did not want more children and the Democrats acted as if paying for her abortion was the crime of the century.

But, as Churchill said, “a lie can make it halfway around the world while the truth is getting its shoes on in the morning.” That’s why Walker needs your donations.

Warnock is a piece of work. He ran a summer camp at which children were being abused and, when state inspectors came to investigate, he denied them access and was arrested for obstruction.

If we don’t win this race, there is nothing right in the world.

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