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Editorial Part 1: Doug Mastriano: Democrats Can’t Buy Pennsylvania, Voters Know The Correct Choice

by USA Citizens Network
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Doug Mastriano: Democrats Can’t Buy Pennsylvania, Voters Know The Correct Choice

Doug Mastriano: Democrats Can’t Buy Pennsylvania, Voters Know The Correct Choice

The Philadelphia Inquirer said, “Between now and Election Day, Mastriano has booked $393,000 in TV advertising, while Shapiro has booked $4.2 million, according to AdImpact, which tracks political advertising.”

The Peoples Pundit, Richard Barris, on Friday, October 28, 2022 predicted that Arizona Blake Masters has a small lead and will defeat Mark Kelly. Dr. Oz is in the lead over Fetterman after the debate. Laxalt is leading at 55% in Nevada. Herschel Walker has a small lead in Georgia.

But, based on Barris’s current polling data from southeast Pa, Mastriano trails Shapiro in that section. Whereas Oz is more competitive in that section against Fetterman. That section is one favored towards Democrats.

Of certain voters who already voted, the Democrats, Shapiro and Fetterman, have a lead in early voting but according to Barris, the difference can be made up by both Oz and Mastriano. The former has an advantage over Mastriano in this category, but Barris believes that Mastriano can make up this difference by election day.

Both candidates for Pa Governor, Josh Shapiro, and Doug Mastriano, have very liberal and conservative positions on the relevant issues, respectively.

Mastriano and Shapiro are at the extreme opposite ends of the ideological spectrum on major issues such as abortion, education, economy and jobs, election administration, 2020 election, environment, gun regulation, LGBTQ rights, minimum wage, and taxes.

The extreme differences include donations.

Shapiro’s top five donors are from outside Pennsylvania. Mastriano’s campaign is funded primarily by smaller donations from within Pennsylvania.

Both have extreme positions on election integrity.

Shapiro called Mastriano and others who presented evidence for the need for a “forensic audit” in the November 2020 Pa elections: “dangerous lies”. He called the litigation associated with these charges as “frivolous”.

Both have extreme positions on crime.

Mastriano has said that Latino and African American minorities are under siege. There is a trend this year leading to a record number of homicides, 600 at the time of this interview.
When Shapiro started his first term as attorney general (AG), there were 277 homicides. So, it has more than doubled during his two terms as AG.

There have been 1000 carjacking in Philadelphia alone.
There is a fentanyl crisis on the streets in Philly.
Josh Shapiro has one job to enforce, law and order, and he has completely failed.

Mastriano has said that Democrat mayors have lied to its supporters for 70 years. Democrat city council have done the same thing for 58 years in Philly. They make promises and don’t deliver.

Shapiro fought hard to allow boys and girls in the same bathrooms.

Shapiro once successfully sued in Pa court for coed bathrooms, and he sued in Laudon county in Virginia and that is where a young girl was raped by a boy who said he felt like a girl.
He fought hard for boys to be allowed on girls’ athletic teams

Despite the democratic party pouring in $40M, Mastriano says he is not going to win because he failed as attorney general.

In the opinion of this invited guest editorial writer, Pa voters are largely centrists. They will choose the bread-and-butter issues that affect their individual and family’s daily lives. And those issues are related to the economy and to crime.
Given the extreme circumstances in both our local and national economy with record levels of inflation and record levels of violent crimes under the current democratic administration both in Pa and in the federal government, I believe that it is time for a change to elect Col. Doug Mastriano as our next Governor of the state of Pennsylvania.

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