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Editorial: Third Leah Hoopes and Greg Stenstrom Interview: How to save Our Republic, Part I

by USA Citizens Network
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July 7, 2024

Part 1

Topics in the Editorial

Democrat and Republican voter fraud
Defamation suit against Hoopes and Stenstrom dismissed
Await Federal courts decision regarding the Hoopes and Stenstrom request to take over the many lawsuits in Pa courts
National Republican Party protect the vote strategy
PA GOP leader and administrative wing of the PA Republican party is anti Trump and anti-MAGA
Most significant adversaries in Hoopes and Stenstrom’s law suits are the Republican lawyers from Obermayer, that’s Lawrence Tabis, head of the GOP, who’s a managing partner there,



The USA CN Editorial board in a recent editorial about the pro se litigant team of Hoopes and Stenstrom’s vindication against the defamation lawsuit by the Delaware county Democrat senior staffer from the 2020 election said “Although this editorial describes the evidence of fraud committed by one political party, the editorial board of USA CN believes that the evidence shows that both parties, Democrat and Republican, have participated in illegal voting activities that result in elected officials that are not chosen by the voters but by the vote counters. We have described this pattern in previously published editorials and third party re-publications of media articles. We urge the appropriate federal courts to intervene before the November 2024 elections are again chosen by the vote counters.”

But the National Republic Party has a strategy called protect the vote that relies solely on getting out the maximal vote and recruiting 100,000 volunteers to function as poll watchers who will identify and report to what are hoped to be an adequate staff of  Republican attorneys any suspicious activity observed by poll watchers that needs to be assessed for election fraudulent activities.

We believe that the third interview that USA CN has done with the pro se litigant team of Hoopes and Stenstrom contains a detailed handbook on how to stop the steal in the November 2024 Pennsylvania (Pa) elections and across the country. We also believe that the announced strategy by RNC Co Chair Whatley summarized on the protect the vote website is simply inadequate.

This inadequate strategy is not surprising considering the inadequate legislation passed into law by Republican controlled swing states legislatures. These Republican controlled state legislatures had anti Trump and anti Maga senior elected Republican officials like Robin Vos the Wisconsin Republican Speaker of the House who suppressed Wisconsin voter fraud evidence such as retired supreme court Gableman’s report recommending that the Wisconsin 2020 election be decertified after adjudicating the evidence in the state of Wisconsin that was of an acceptable level of legal evidence.

These Republican controlled swing state legislatures did not introduce any significant numbers of laws to curb election fraud as described by the 52 lawsuits brought by Hoopes and Stenstron in Pennsylvania and the more than 400 cases of election fraud adjudicated by the courts across the nation since the 2020 which were assessed by former New Mexico Prosecutor, David Clements, to be the strongest evidence of fraud he has observed in his legal career. Most of these cases were dismissed by judges on technicalities such as lack of standing which Attorney Clements believed was an abrogation of the Judges obligation to adjudicate evidence that he deemed to be of an acceptable legal quality that was about the constitutional right for voters, not vote counters, to choose their elected officials.

The use of lack of standing was most abused in the case brought by many Republican attorney generals led by Texas AG Paxton in December 2020 that the Republican controlled Supreme Court rejected for lack of standing. But by October 2022, Attorney Garland Favorito led a legal team that won a landmark case in the Georgia Supreme Court that, for the first time, said “all voters, citizens, residents, taxpayers, have standing to sue government officials and agencies when they violate the law”.

The challenge for Pennsylvania elections is that the leader of the Pa GOP, that is, the Pa Republican party, is Attorney Lawrence Tabis. And he is the managing partner of the law firm, Obermayer ,

The web page of his law firm states “Lawrence is the Chair for Obermayer’s Health Care Law Department and Election Law Practice Group.” And yet, Greg Stenstrom describes Attorney Tabis and his law firm in the following way in this interview:

Gregory Stenstrom (24:04.823)

“…the gratitude we have for these people is enormous, but, the key takeaway from this is, it was private citizens. The government officials, the courts…were supposed to be

Gregory Stenstrom (26:02.263)

“investigating these things and straightening this out, completely abrogated their duties. Our greatest enemies are the GOP and the DNC, they’re corporate bodies. They do not represent the Republic. In fact…a big problem here in Pennsylvania is our GOP hates Trump. They’re never Trumpers. They have fought us tooth and nail in the courts. They’re literally our biggest adversary right now and the law firm that’s fighting us.”

Gregory Stenstrom (26:31.415)

“…Obermayer, that’s Lawrence Tabis, head of the GOP, who’s a managing partner there, 65 attorneys. That’s who we’re facing. We’re literally facing and fighting GOP lawyers, GOP law firms, and leaders in the GOP, who are attacking us for supporting honest elections. The DNC…of course, they are our enemies, but the bottom line is, they’re not helping…I don’t know another way to say it, but I really think one of the takeaways for your audience has got to be that the political parties, the Uniparty…they want the status quo. They want to keep selecting…candidates. They want to run things…”

The polls on the left and right of the political ideological spectrum, despite their opposing biases, all indicate that Trump is winning, And some polls indicate he is winning in a landslide. Citizens traditionally associated with the Democratic party, Blacks, Hispanics, Union workers and others are migrating to the Republican party to support Trump as are independents increasing their support for Trump. And yet, President Biden and other prominent Democrats are insisting that they are going to win the election against Trump.

Gregory Stenstrom says the following about that Democrat confidence.

Gregory Stenstrom (24:24.311)

“Investigating these things and straightening this out, completely abrogated their duties. The courts have abrogated their duties. Law enforcement has abrogated their duties. And in fact, a lot of these individuals colluded and collaborated to basically install an illegitimate government and conduct a coup. I’d say four years ago, three and a half years ago, I would be very much more careful and circumspect in saying there was a coup. We’re three and a half years out and we’re going into the November 2024 election, which they’re going to try to steal again. And that’s what we’re fighting. And 2020 was a coup. 2024, they’re going to try to continue to retain power. You heard last night in the debate where Biden, who was very discombobulated, is saying we’re going to win in November.
There’s not a single poll. There’s no indication at all that that’s even a possibility unless they cheat and we know how they’re going to do it. And that’s what we’re fighting now. And we’re fighting it in the form of that litigation. And this is all done by private citizens. Our republic requires public participation. And the only ones that are fighting this are citizens like Leah, myself, and you.”

Elected Pa Republican officials say that there was never evidence of significant election fraud in the elections 2020, 2022, 2023. The more votes than registered voters in Pa during the 2020 election turned out to be a “computer glitch” according to these officials. The evidence described in previous USA CN editorials and third party republications rejects that analysis. There were an illegal greater number of votes than registered voters.
An example of just a sample of articles and editorials published that described evidence of voter fraud in Pa elections : more-than-240,000-unverified-ballots-sent-to-voters-who-arent-required-to-produce-ids and election-results-alarm .

Gregory Stenstrom (22:20.887)

and we’re going to have a fair election in November.

The USA CN editorial board believes that the best way to ensure a fair election that reflects the voters and not vote counters choices is for the national and Pennsylvania elections to be monitored by Hoopes and Stenstrom to diagnose and treat election fraud in real time as it occurs as well as when the vote counting is done based on what they learned about the details of the various methods of voter fraud from the discovery of documents and other forms of evidence during their 52 lawsuits regarding election fraud.

The end of part 1. Part 2 to follow soon.

Transcript of interview

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