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Editorial Audit Judge Carolyn Carluccio’s election

Judge Carlucio had 350,000 In-Person votes REMOVED from PA Supreme Court Judge Race.

by USA Citizens Network
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Many Republican officials and other experts and journalists have attributed recent unexpected Democrat wins and Republican losses to the impact of the abortion issue that got a running start in May 2022, months before the November 2022 elections: Supreme Court investigators fail to identify who leaked Dobbs opinion. .

In this article, the date May 2, 2022, is the date when Politico magazine “leaked a draft of Justice Samuel Alito’s opinion in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization”. This is the starting point for the heated abortion issue that peaked in the Nov 2022 election which pundits claim is why there was never a Red wave. And according to pundits, the abortion issue has persisted as a vote deciding win for Democrats up through the November 2023 elections.

But, on Tuesday Nov 7, 2023 at 9:43PM, AuditTheVotePA published a video that indicated Judge Carlucio had 350,000 In-Person votes REMOVED from PA Supreme Court Judge Race. This reduction of votes were reduced from her total vote tally compared to her Democrat opponent McAffrey. McAffrey won by 200,000 votes.

Vote removal has been documented in multiple states. Georgia attorney, Garland Favorito, documented it in the Herschel Walker V Pastor Warnicke senate race in October 2022 election. Judge Carullcio’s vote reduction was similar to what occurred in the Herschel Walker Senate race against his opponent, Raphael Wernicke, who was a pastor and an avowed socialist.

In October 2022, before the November election, which included a large vote reduction for Walker, during the vote counting on election day, a local journalist predicted that his loss would be due to the fact that his position on abortion was a minority position of the Georgia population.

The USACN editorial board believes that although the abortion issue has negatively impacted Republican races since the Dobbs leak in may 2022, the evidence of vote reduction in the Walker election and now in the Carlucio election was probably the defining vote difference that gave their opponents the victory.

The Pa Republican party should do an audit that does not involve only small samples of the votes chosen by a third party. And which involves counting the votes from the paper ballots that the citizens filled out not the scanned version. And the spunk logs that contain all of the activities that occurred within the mother board for further analysis of this vote reduction.

More to follow as events unfold.


AuditTheVotePA published the following notes associated with the video above:

1 day ago (November 9, 2023)
Republican Politics
In a legitimate election, how does a candidate lose votes from a cumulative total?
Watch this video as Carolyn Carluccio, the Republican candidate for the Supreme Court in Pennsylvania, has over 350k votes removed from her in-person totals throughout the night.

Oddly enough, she ended up “losing” the race by 200k votes.

“Where Did the Data Come From?”

If you sat at your computer on election night and refreshed the Department of State’s website every 5 minutes, you would have seen this dip in Carluccio’s race at 9:46pm.

Here is the department of state’s website where the data was pulled from:

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