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Editorial: True the Vote founder Catherine Engelbrecht delivers message from prison after refusing to reveal confidential source

by USA Citizens Network
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In the article, True the Vote founder Catherine Engelbrecht delivers message from prison after refusing to reveal confidential source

Engelbrecht and Phillips developed strong evidence that the Democratic party had engaged in vote tampering during the November 2020 election using Mark Zuckerberg’s drop boxes as shown in Dinesh DI Souza’s documentary, 2000 Mules. They gave their evidence to the FBI.

In addition, Engelbrecht and Phillips provided a tip from an anonymous source to the FBI regarding Konnech CEO Eugene Yu storing data about US elections on servers in China which was in violation with his company’s contract with the city of Los Angeles. Yu was indicated for this violation.

Yu then brought a defamation suit against Engelbrecht and Phillips

The judge jailed Engelbrecht and Phillips for not disclosing their anonymous informant.

These two election integrity advocates have been put in jail after working with the FBI on what has been called a national security problem: the sharing of voter information with the Chinese communist party (CCP).

They worked with the top law enforcement agency in the USA to defend their country. And, for this patriotic act, they are now in prison while the indicted CEO Yu is free on bail.

Their attorney, Brian Glickich, explained that this is a civil not criminal matter.

The defendant, Yu, after suing them for defamation, had his lawyers request that the judge issue a restraining order “ex parte”. The judge agreed. “Ex parte” meant that this proceeding occurred without Engelbrecht and Phillips knowing this order was in the process of being issued.

The 5th circuit court in New Orleans issued an order for Konnech to show cause why they should remain in prison. Their attorney is not aware of such a restraining order ever being issued in a civil case.
In addition, the judge refused to allow Engelbrecht and Phillips to show evidence of why their actions should not be bound by this restraining order.

Their attorney said that observers of the judge feel he had a predetermined opinion about the case.
Attorney Brian Glickich, for Engelbrecht and Phillips, felt that the FBI set them up for this charge. That is when the informer showed this evidence to them, and they brought it to an FBI field office. They arranged to have 350 TB transferred to FBI.

The FBI played them by using text messages and was told the matter was handled by turning it over to DC. As soon as they turned it over to the main force of the FBI in DC, the investigation was changed from a national security case to cybersecurity.

As an invited, anonymous editorialist for UsaCitizensNetwork.com, I view Engelbrecht and Phillips as political prisoners of the Marxist-controlled Democratic party. The CCP has gone unchecked in this country for too many decades. They have bought off large numbers of citizens that staff our major institutions from academia to the Congress and Senate for both parties.

Steve Bannon charged during this interview with Engelbrecht and Phillips’s attorney, Brian Glickich, that the FBI has been infiltrated by the CCP.

An appeals court overruled a judge’s order that they be locked up.

Our Republic is at a cross roads.

The mid term election results will determine if citizens will be allowed to criticize elected officials and government administrators without fear of prolonged imprisonment like the January 6 protestors.

The appeals court release of two patriots, Engelbrecht and Phillips, offers us some hope that our Republic can prevail over the Marxist forces that have penetrated all of our institutions and corporate businesses.

Tomorrow is election day. Vote like the survival of our Republic counts on it. Vote Republican because the survival of our country depends on it.

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