House Freedom caucus Rips Debt Ceiling agreement

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The House Freedom caucus Rips Debt Ceiling agreement. And, the Freedom caucus congressmen said: not one Republican should vote for this bill. Speaker Kevin McCarthy says that when you listen to Wall Street journal, New York Post, and the Washington economist, they will say that this is the strongest debt ceiling we ever had.

In an opinion article by historian, Victor Hanson, Hanson: The spread of the debt virus infecting America, he said: “We are postponing another rendezvous with reality. But as we near $30 trillion in debt, what cannot go on much longer soon probably won’t.”

Joe Biden laughed and said that he did not have to compromise on the debt ceiling.

But To Congressman Massie, R KY, Republicans say lets go back to pre-COVID spending levels and that’s code for “let’s spend less than we helped Trump spend in his last term.

Massie said we will deal with the IRS part of the bill at a later time and Biggs says that never works out for us.

Congressman Biggs says that some Republicans buy into this bill as a net savings, which is not true, and, that we will default on June 7, which is not true, because June is one our biggest revenue months of the year because you have quarterly taxes coming in.

He went on to say that Janet Yellin is trying to scare you a few months ago. She said that we will have a decrease in revenues which was a lie. She is a hack and that is why she says there will be an x-date.

Biggs said that, if they chose his bill, the money would have lasted through July.

He went on to say that there are no words to say that over the 10 years of $71B funding for IRS, that was reduced by $1.48B, that you can’t hire more IRS agents.

Biggs said that Biden’s economic advisor says all of the Biden agenda is protected so that is why Democrats are supporting it.

Four Democratic sources who told Axios the two leaders had cut a deal for Democrats to help advance the debt ceiling bill to a final vote.

Laura Loomer Floats Idea of Running Against Marjorie Taylor Greene

Laura Loomer, a controversial attorney and Trump supporter, said that she may challenge Marjorie Taylor Greene (MTG) in her next primary in 2024 describing MTG as “professional conwoman [Greene] who exists for the sake of doing [House Speaker Kevin McCarthy’s] bidding?”

In the Newsweek article today, Lauren Boebert Misses Debt Ceiling Vote, they state that “ numerous fiscally conservative think tanks like the Heritage Foundation, Freedom Works, and the Club for Growth, all urged Republicans to vote against the deal.”

This bill does not represent the majority of Republican voters who wanted significant cuts in spending and debt.

In a recent survey, an increasing percentage of the public favors reducing the deficit: “57% say that reducing the budget deficit should be a top priority…Both Republicans and Democrats are more likely…to say this should be a top priority, but Republicans are still much more likely to prioritize this than Democrats are (71% vs. 44%).

Despite the Democrats supporting an influx of many millions of people that they hope will become Democrat voters, there are some demographic changes that favor the Republican party: Hispanic voters starting to shift Republican, and, more Black men abandon Democrats to vote Republican poll shows.

In summary, Speaker McCarthy cites the Wall Street journal, and New York Post as supporters of his bill as the strongest debt ceiling bill that we ever had. This bill does not cut back spending nor debt. It allows an unlimited increase in debt. It codifies the green new deal policies that could have been challenged. These two newspapers are owned by Rupert Murdock who also owns Fox and who recently fired the most popular conservative commentator on TV, Tucker Carlson. And, he has an ongoing feud with Trump.

Many scholars, like historian Victor Hanson, warn that our debt is spiraling out of control and heading our economy towards bankruptcy.

The mainstream media is characterizing this bill for what it is: a major win for the left wing part of the Democratic party.

There were defections within the Freedom caucus whose votes or administrative decisions allowed Speaker McCarthy’s bill to ultimately be passed. Why such caucus members as Congressmen Massie, Jordan, and Green voted for this bill remains to be explained in a manner that is consistent with the facts as to what this bill has done to spending and the debt.

Where the Republican party goes from here is the question?

What is clear, is that, although it took a majority of Democrat votes (165 yes/46 nay/2 NV (77%)) to pass the Biden-McCarthy bill, the majority of Republican congressmen, also, voted for the bill (149 yes/71 nay/2 NV (67%)).

Clearly, the Republicans that voted in favor of this bill were not representing what the majority of Republican voters (71%) surveyed wanted, which was that “reducing the budget deficit should be a top priority”.

Given these voting results, by the Republican congressmen, and, the survey results of what Republican voters view as their priority issues, an observer can conclude that this faction of the Republican party works in unison with the Democrats, otherwise called the “Uniparty”, and, does not represent what their constituents wanted.

We support the Republicans who call for the removal of Speaker McCarthy. And, we advocate that elected officials function as representatives of their constituents. And, if they do not, they should be primaried in the next election.

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