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Editorial: Dr. Miriam Grossman: How One Doctor’s Lies Built the Gender Industry | PART 1

by USA Citizens Network
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Dr. Miriam Grossman, a 40-year veteran of child and adult psychiatry explained to Jan Jekielek of American Thought Leaders from the Epoch Times in the interview, How One Doctor’s Lies Built the Gender Industry | PART 1 , that the theory of gender ideology was first hypothesized by Dr. John Money who worked at the Johns Hopkins in the 1950s and 60s.

Dr Grossman said that his theory was influenced by his troubled childhood characterized by an alcoholic father who beat his mother and him. She said that he “came up with this idea that a person’s biology, their body, and their chromosomes is completely separate from their feeling of whether they are male or female.”

Dr Money’s theory was a major departure from the pathophysiological basis for the sexual disorders that included a rare disorder of the X-Y chromosomes and abnormal endocrine disorders. The children that had these disorders had genitalia that were “not distinctly male or female… These children were called hermaphrodites, now called intersex …These are “disorders of sexual development due to a medical condition”.

Dr Money was a Harvard trained psychologist originally from New Zealand. He worked in the department of pediatrics at Johns Hopkins from 1951 until his death in 2006. In 1960 and 1961, he co-authored two papers that further explained his theory of gender ideology being separate from biology.

Brian and Bruce were twin boys from Canada. During a circumcision, Bruce’s penis was burnt off secondary to an equipment malfunction. In 1967, the parents saw Dr. Money on TV and took Bruce for a consultation. They agreed to follow his treatment plan: “Dress the girl in pink dresses and give her dolls and give her a girl’s name. The boy will be perfectly fine as a girl.” He advised the parents to never tell Bruce/Brenda the truth because the truth will “sabotage this whole thing”.
When the twins were 10 years old, he published a report saying that Bruce, who was now called Brenda, was doing well. He received many awards and NIH grants for 25 years.

In 1999, about twenty years after Money’s positive report about Brenda’s stable adjustment, Brenda had changed her name to David and called the entire project a hoax. David who was named Bruce at birth and then Brenda never felt like a woman. And the brothers eventually accused Dr. Money of sexually abusing them.

David’s brother died from a heroin overdose and David committed suicide two years after that.

Despite John Money’s theory had been proven to be incorrect, students are still taught that “gender is between the ears and that sex is between the legs” according to Dr. Grossman. She goes on to say that “Gender-affirming care means that whatever the child comes up with in terms of their identity, no matter how old they are, or what other conditions they may suffer from, that is their identity, and we accept it.”

Supporters of this point of view say that there is scientific consensus supporting Gender-affirming care. Dr Grossman says that is false: “Almost all the professional organizations are on board with this—The American Academy of Pediatricians, the American Psychological Association, the American Association of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, and the American Association of Endocrinology…All these organizations have been captured by this ideology.” That is, these medical specialty organizations have made an ideological and/or business decision to support gender affirming care

Given this analysis by Dr. Grossman, readers should not be surprised by two recent reports in the news media.

De-transitioned teen sues Kaiser Permanente for performing double mastectomy on her at 13: ‘Intentional fraud’

That the Missouri AG announces a rule to restrict gender-affirming care for minors we hope will be the first of many state AGs who will do the same.

We view gender-affirming-care-for-minors as just one of the many Marxist tools employed to break apart the American family unit.

There is no scientific evidence to support its continued use that results in the mutilation of minors and renders them permanently sterile. Therefore, it is also a bioweapon that contributes to the depopulation of the USA.

We call for the immediate termination of all medical treatment, using medications and/or surgeries, for gender-affirming-care-for-minors in the USA.

#Puberty Blockers, #Gender-Transition Surgeries #Dr. Miriam Grossman

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