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Editorial: Dave Brat: Comparison of Growth Areas and Declining Emissions 1970-2017


by USA Citizens Network
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Dave Brat’s Comparison of Growth Areas and Declining Emissions 1970-2017 describes the choice we must make as citizens living in a capitalistic, free country.

On FEBRUARY 15TH, 2023, THE WAR ROOM WITH STEPHEN K. BANNON EPISODE 2520 PART 3 interviewed Dave Brat, dean of the Liberty University School of Business.

He served as the U.S. representative for Virginia’s 7th congressional district from 2014 to 2019. He defeated the House Majority Leader, Eric Cantor, in the district’s 2014 Republican primary.

Brat earned a B.A. in business administration from Hope College in 1986, a master’s degree in divinity (M.Div.) from Princeton Theological Seminary in 1990, and a Ph.D. in economics from American University in 1995.

Dr. Brat worked for Arthur Andersen and as a consultant for the World Bank. For the past 27 years, he has been on the faculty of Randolph–Macon College. He has served as chair of the department of economics. He has taught courses on topics from international economic development to business ethics. He has been in charge of his college’s branch of a national foundation that is devoted to the study of capitalism and morality. And for the past 17 years, he has been a member of the Virginia Governor’s Advisory Board of Economists.

Dr. Brat’s analysis of the graph that is from 1970 to the current time regarding the Comparison of Growth Areas and Declining Emissions represents powerful data to show that the government forces who are behind making the Green movement policies legal mandates are Marxists whose purpose for introducing these mandates is to destroy our capitalist system.

This graph that Dr. Brat analyzes in his interview with Steve Bannon shows that GDP growth is increasing, as are Vehicle miles traveled.

The population is down but it is slowly increasing. Energy consumption is flat. CO2 emissions are down.
Aggregate emissions are going way down.

These government mandates that are popping up in governments throughout western nations are responsible for increasing central planning, the origin of environmental, social, and governance (ESG) investing and sending a large portion of pension funds to a socialist Chinese state that Dr. Brat describes as “a totalitarian surveillance state.”

Our capitalist system has produced clean air and water. Do we want to give it up as part of the consequences of transitioning to a communist government like China which is one of the biggest polluters in the world and whose citizens are not free?

#Dave Brat #climate change #STEPHEN K. BANNON

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