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Editorial Election Integrity update October 2023-Part 2

Sidney Powell concludes: “Our elections simply cannot be about who cheats the best. What if the Democrats were right about Ohio in 2004? Was Bush elected in Ohio by tactics that have now been perfected and used in multiple states? Who else was? ”

by USA Citizens Network
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A summary of the key points of Part 2 of this editorial:

Here is a summary of the points made in this editorial:

We will continue describing legal cases involving alleged manipulation of voting results.

1–Democrats and Republicans, at different times, have stated that paper ballot manually counted votes are less prone to vote manipulation than electronic machine tabulated votes or mail in ballot votes and should be used.
We need a bipartisan plan to return to paper ballots.

2–Evidence of voter manipulation by both parties and a recent Republican party resolution calling for election reform involving switching from electronic machines to paper ballots, no mail in ballots indicates the need for bipartisan committee to reform election voting methods.

3-Why increasing voter rolls alone will not save the 2024 election. that is because David Clements, a former New Mexico prosecutor of drug cartels, describes an integrative software that can manipulate which candidates votes are counted regardless of what the actual citizen vote is.

4–Emerald Robinson interviews Democrat attorney Clint Curtis a former IT programmer for Republican party candidates. He developed one of the first algorithms used in electronic voting machines that switched votes according to his algorithm, regardless of what the actual citizen vote was.

5–Stenstom and Hoopes continue their legal battle in a Philadelphia court and they believe that they are winning.


Legal cases 1-5

1–Both the Republicans and Democrats have said that their elections had evidence of ballot manipulation.
Since both parties have advocated for election reform, at different times periods, we recommend that the recent Republican resolution that the National party published regarding election voting reform should be carried out. That is, no electronic machines, no mail in ballots, no early voting, the use of paper ballots, and other reforms. (Appendix)
Prior To 2020, Congress, Our Media, And Our Experts Were All Concerned About Electronic Voting Machines


2–LETTER: Democrats say hacking voting machines is easy

The Democrats raise concerns regarding electronic voting machines and the 2016 and 2018 elections Democrats Say It Is Easy To Hack Voting Machines❗️ . None of these Democrats were investigated by the FBI or DOJ.


3–Democrats claimed voting machines were used to cheat as far back as the 2004 GW Bush election, using the Democrats own words. Sidney Powell, respected Federal appeals court Attorney and indicted “election denier” conspiracist stated in this article, “Jan 6 Committee Democrats argued vehemently to protect rights of their lawyers to sue to overturn a presidential election based on vote flipping, secret computer code, and electronic fraud by a third person accessing the machine from anywhere in the world. We must jettison the use of all voting machines in order to secure free elections.” As Sidney Powell concludes: “Our elections simply cannot be about who cheats the best. What if the Democrats were right about Ohio in 2004? Was Bush elected in Ohio by tactics that have now been perfected and used in multiple states? Who else was? ”

Both the Republican and Democratic Parties have accused the other of manipulating election votes. Both parties have resisted doing away with electronic voting machines and other methods by which votes are manipulated. The following section of this editorial is a snapshot of more evidence of election vote manipulation during and after the 2020 elections

Prior to the 2020 election the Democrats were complaining in the media that Republicans were manipulating votes. Since the 2020 election, the Republicans have been accusing the Democrats of manipulating votes.

The Republicans have not been very successful as plaintiffs alleging voter manipulation in recent elections. And Democrats have been more successful convicting Republicans of allegedly illegally accessing voting machines since 2020.


4–Mail in Ballots—Ballot harvesting and Fake mail in ballot insertions during the post election day period

The purpose of extending the time period after election day is for the agents of the party manipulating votes to figure out how many votes after election day they need to steal the race by inserting fake mail in ballots. this activity has been captured by it experts monitoring the vote tabulation count by the electronic voting machines as described in snapshot of a few of many previous editorials and articles:




Increase voter rolls


David Clements, attorney who has been an advocate in the election integrity field. He also has been discriminated against in his career as an attorney as a result of his work.
After the Supreme Court ruling in 2000 that awarded the presidency to the Republicans in the hanging Chad case, electronic voting machines were purchased about two years later across the country. Digitizing the voting data was supposed to prevent the paper hanging Chad that resulted from partially punctured IBM computer cards that contains the votes that were tabulated.

His work with other integrity fighters resulted in New Mexico sending dual electors to Washington DC after the 2020 election. The plan was for Vice President Pence to send back to their states a group of these lectors to investigate vote manipulation before determining who won the 2020 presidential election.

Clements used his skills developed as a New Mexico prosecutor of Drug cartels to track down voting machine systems that allowed for vote manipulation that was common to all electronic machines used in the USA made by different manufacturers. He tracked this process to the department of homeland security.

Contracts with the Center for internet security are commonly used by many states. In exchange for giving this center permission to monitor states networks for vote hacking, they can monitor your voting activity in real time. And you can use integrative software which allows you to adjust a wide range of voting activities.

In addition, he identified integrative software that allowed you to adjust anything at any time. This system allows one to inflate or deflate the voter rolls. One can backfill or overwrite data. His group has not identified potential methods that can abuse the voting process. His team has identified quantitative methods that have been used to manipulate votes. His group has shown with quantitative proof how these machines are being exploited.

He is currently working on “election night reporting”. Software called cytil and Edison are used for this purpose. Cytil is a foreign owned Spain based company that aggregates all of our voting data. They work closely with Edison research. It is the group that works with the legacy media to put out all election results. The tracker at the bottom of the TV screen is data put out by both cytil and Edison. We have found that this is theater. There is massive automation. There is the famous F curve. It is a giant spike for the once losing candidate and then a pause for the once winning candidate. It creates an F on the screen when you map it out.
We will have a comprehensive work from the 2020 election and make more sense of the f curve because we understand how automated and centralized the system is.


Emerald Robinson interviewed Clinton Curtis who had been an IT programmer in 2002 and is now a Democrat attorney. He wrote programs to switch votes for Republicans from Democrats.

“Who We Are” With Emerald Robinson and Clint Curtis

After the Supreme Court ruling in 2000 that awarded the presidency to the Republicans in the hanging Chad case, electronic voting machines were purchased about two years later across the country.

Digitizing the voting data was supposed to prevent the paper hanging Chad that resulted from partially punctured IBM computer cards that contains the votes that were tabulated.

But, the reality is that digitizing the paper ballot vote by the electronic machine allows for vote switching during the scanning process within the machine with algorithms that IT programmers, like Democrat attorney Clint Curtis, wrote in the early 2000s working for Republican candidates.

Emerald Robinson interviewed Clinton Curtis, who had been an IT programmer in 2002 writing programs to switch votes for Republicans from Democrats and now is a Democrat attorney.

Clint said,” But in reality, most Democrats do not think the election system is trustworthy. 70%…”.

Emarald said, “Most Democrats feel that way. And when you talked about it before, I think prior to 2020, what kind of reception did you get when you talked about it?

Clinton responded “Everybody was on board. I mean, everybody you know, I talked to Gavin Newsom about it back in 2010. I was on Kamala Harris’s election, her audit of her election. So these people knew and they were on board. And if we can get you guys to really stabilize and work together ….”. Clinton went on to say “You guys are actually doing something very active. If you can get to a point where you’re good and we can actually get everybody to agree. I can get the Democrats back and we can get a hand marked hand count, paper ballot election, and you will actually be able to trust it again.”

Emerald described Clinton Curtis’ background. “Let’s talk about why they should trust you. For those in our audience who might not know exactly who you are, you actually set the algorithm originally?”

Clinton responded “Yes. I developed the prototype for the electronic voting machines in the United States. Essentially, I had a fellow that came to me. He was speaker of the Florida House. He was Jeb Bush’s running mate when he ran for governor the first time. And he was the head lobbyist for the company I worked for. I’m a prototype computer. I am a computer programmer. I used to be and I’m a lawyer.

But essentially, he wanted a prototype for the electronic voting machines…but one of their requests is can you put in code that could manipulate this election …so that it can …secretly accessed and then suddenly you can flip the vote to whoever you want to?” So I built it…Built a database for it, which kind of evolved into unnamed company’s gem system, which are still using today…this is why you can’t trust computers, because you won’t be able to catch it. And the head of the company says, well, we’re actually going to use this system to stop election fraud. This is to do election fraud. That was a Republican. Right. Everybody sounds bad. That’s terrible.

So I went to the D, triple C, and I told him about it. You know what they said? They didn’t say, That’s terrible. They didn’t say that’s horrible. They said, Why didn’t we think of it first? And that’s where you are, guys. So you have to have hand-counted paper ballots because both sides at a certain level will try and cheat.

I know you’re shocked, but they will try and cheat. So we have to have a system where everybody has to trust nobody. If you don’t have to trust it and you can verify it, we’ll all be good. But we got rid of that in Florida. So we were going to have hand-counted paper ballots except six months after we got that through. Suddenly, you’re no longer able to count those ballots by hand. It has to go through a tabulator and it’s illegal to count the ballots. And that’s the kind of legislation that comes back because all the pushes on making you use stuff that’s bad. So if they can control the machines, they can control the vote. And even the good ones are afraid of it. So it’s like the Keri Lake race. When she ran for governor, it didn’t matter if she was five points ahead because she wasn’t running against an opponent. She was running against the machines that are counting the election. Yeah.”

Emerald asked Clint how the press has covered this issue over the past 20 years. “So what tends to happen in my case is they {the press] ignore me. I don’t exist. And this happened from the very beginning.
If you ever saw the little clip where I testified before Congress, you’ll notice that it’s not professionally shot. It’s not ABC, or NBC. When I went to testify, there were all the major cameras there taking in the committee hearing. The minute I got up to get on stage because they had a preview of what was going on. Every camera dropped and everybody went running. The camera left the room. So, if you think the media is ever going to be on your side, don’t think they’re going to be on your side. It isn’t going to happen. When I testified in Shasta County so that they got rid of their machines, you will see all this. A big thing about how these horrible Republicans were getting rid of machines and all this sort of thing. But you won’t see anything mentioned about me. I don’t exist. So, I tend to just get ignored.

We have provided links to more interviews with attorney Clint Curtis in the appendix. We feel he is an important expert with unique experience. Adter you listen a few interviews with attoreny Curtis, one wonders what is the problem with attorenys and judges. Clint Curtis is a name that does not seem to appear on the expert witness lists of cases. Why?


5-DF Stenstrom and Hoopes MTD Answer to PF MFD MFS wCert Good Faith wOrder wCoS 10OCT2023 .pdf (Appendix)

In their latest brief submitted IN THE COURT OF COMMON PLEAS OF PHILADELPHIA COUNTY PENNSYLVANIA (CIVIL DIVISION) Hoopes and Stenstrom continue their legal battle that they initiated shortly after the 2020 presidential election. Their cases have presented very credible evidence of vote manipulation that to date has not yielded a Judge’s decision in their favor. But these pro se litigants believe the tide is turning in their favor in their current case.

Gregory Stenstrom and Leah Hoopes have the following to say about their recent answer to Plaintiff Savage.

“All – Attached is our (Leah Hoopes and myself) latest Pro Se filing in Philadelphia, where we are co-defendants with President Trump and Mayor Giuliani in defamation suit(s) and lawfare against Jim Savage and other instigating and supporting misanthropes. We (Leah and I) have already filed a previous Motion to Compel, and Motion for Summary Judgment (in our favor), and have a couple of more administrative filings (Motion for Sanctions, Motion for Protective Order) on the road to either closing out this abuse of the Courts by activist Plaintiffs, Attorneys, AND Judges to continue to attack any “election denier” who ran counter to the 2020 narrative of “the safest and most secure election ever.”

For those with limited time to read the already very brief attached filing, the Plaintiffs and aggressors in the suits against President Trump and any and all of his allies and supporters, have never filed any material facts to support their conjectural claims that those opposing the illegitimate election and illegitimately installed government that resulted, were somehow bent on “stealing back” an election that they had stolen “fair and square.”

Since day one, Leah and myself have represented that the truth is a complete defense, that the 2020 election was fraudulent, and refused to back down, instead matching lawfare attacks filing-for-Pro Se filing, in Delaware County, Philadelphia County, and now Fayette County (all PA), and largely left on our own personally and financially.

And, we’re winning.

Gregory and Leah”

The question is where is the Republican party’s support for Hoopes and Stenstrom case? Why has the Republican house committee not defunded the department OF justices (DOJ) in their weaponization against litigants and lawyers who bring lawsuits regarding elections in which the Republicans lose but not lawsuits regarding Democrats who lost elections?


In conclusion, in part 2, we describe more evidence that both Democrats and Republicans have manipulated the voting results using different methods described such as corrupted voter rolls, fake mail in ballots, electronic voting machines that give fractional votes that favor their chosen candidate which can be from either party.

The USACN editorial board feels that Democrat attorney Curtis Clint’s testimony describes this bipartisan issue of vote switching. Since he wrote one of the first vote switching programs and is now a practicing attorney, he should be one of the leaders of a bipartisan team whose mandate is to initiate election reform.
We also recommend the veteran Democrat attorney Garland Favorito who has had many election integrity victories that have supported both parties over his 30 plus year career. David Clements is an experienced former Federal prosecutor who won complex Drug cartel cases and has analyzed over 400 cases of election integrity brought court since the 2020 election.

These attorneys will bring a common sense perspective on this issue and at the same time be able to use their experienced veteran legal knowledge to navigate the introduction of election reform protocols.

In addition, we recommend non lawyers who have made strong contributions to the issue of election integrity such as but not limited to Leah Hoopes and Greg Stenstrom, Catherine Englebrecht and Greg Phillips of True the vote. Dinesh D’Souza respected filmmaker who has made several powerful documentaries exposing the techniques use in election fraud.

In part 3 we will present more evidence of our October analysis of election integrity issues.




Resolution-Urging-a-Return-to-Excellence-in-American-Voting-and-Elections (1)


Clint Curtis interviews

The Netherlands Removed Their Electronic Voting Machines and Went back To Paper Ballots After Consulting With Clint Curtis

Murder, Spies, and Voting Lies: The Clint Curtis Story

Clint Curtis Discusses His Testimony In Arizona Today

Clint Curtis and The 5149 Voting Machine Algorithm


Clint Curtis Thought He Was Writing The Code To Test And Secure Machines Not Steal Elections

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We Have To Build Support Among All People For The Removal Of Electronic Voting In Every State

Clint Curtis Joins To Discuss Stealing Elections With Computer Code

Clint Curtis, Democrat Whistleblower Exposes The Truth About How He Created The Machine Algorithm 51-49

Clin Curtis said that his program flips the vote to have a 51-49% vote result and viewers would never see any sign of it being done.


Leah Hoopes and Greg Stenstrom

DF Stenstrom and Hoopes MTD Answer to PF MFD MFS wCert Good Faith wOrder wCoS 10OCT2023


Other interviews with Hoopes and Stentrom

Errors Found In Recount And Illegal Certification In Fayette County PA Election about 3 weeks ago

Fayette County Commissioner Candidate Found A High Percentage Rate Of Error In The Recount

President Trump Granted Immunity In PA Defamation Case

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