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Former Gubernatorial Candidate Joe Rullo Calling for Two Year Forensic Audit of New Jersey Elections

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TOMS RIVER, NJ – In 2017, Joe Rullo and Jack Ciattarelli were engaged in a bitter campaign for governor against the GOP establishment candidate Kim Guadagno. Both Ciattarelli and Rullo lost that election, but this year, Rullo endorsed Ciattarelli for governor.

Now, Rullo is backing calls to investigate election abnormalities that have occurred due to the new mail-in-ballot system that took hold in the 2020 pandemic. As some Republicans are calling for an audit of 2021’s numbers in the race between Ciattarelli and Phil Murphy, Rullo says that audit should also include 2020’s results.

“Just like in 2020, thousands of ballots for Democrats showed up the morning after the election,” Rullo said. “How do as many as 40,000 ballots just magically appear for the Democrat candidates in the middle of the night?”

Rullo also noted a large vote dump in Bergen County in the middle of the night for Governor Murphy saying, “We need a vote audit in NJ for last 2 years.”


Rullo also mentioned massive election fraud in Passaic County in the 2020 May city election. That election was forced to be held again after rampant proof of election fraud. Earlier this year, two Paterson candidates were indicted for that fraud.

“It happened in Paterson and it can happen anywhere,” Rullo said. “We need to look at the impact the mail-in ballot system has had on the integrity of the election process in New Jersey and the ability to defraud voters and the people using large volumes of mail-in-ballots year after year.”

Rullo today applauded the Republican National Committee sending a team of lawyers to New Jersey to ensure election integrity in Tuesday’s election.

“I’m glad the RNC has taken notice here in New Jersey,” Rullo said. “Too many elections are now being decided by these mail-in ballots. The only way to fix New Jersey is by fixing our broken voting system.”
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