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Editorial: Naomi Wolf: Canadian Euthanasia Program for Newborns

Naomi Wolf Joins the War Room

by USA Citizens Network
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Naomi Wolf: Canadian Euthanasia Program for Newborns

In an interview in the War Room Pandemic with Stephen K Bannon on October 14th, 2022, Naomi Wolf (NW), the CEO of dailyclout.io discussed a presentation that Dr. Louis Roy gave to the Canadian Parliament recently.
Louis Roy is a physician associated with the College des Médecins du Quebec and a member of the special joint committee on medical assistance in dying.

He is a Canadian medical advisor who spoke to the Canadian parliament. He is advocating for the expansion of the existing assisted suicide or euthanasia program.

Euthanasia is usually used for people at the end of their life who are in intolerable pain and and will never recover.

Louis Roy was testifying that new Canadian government regulation will allow parents or “Tudors” or other intermediaries assigned to newborns who have severe medical disabilities to decide that euthanasia is the humane thing to do for them so that they do not suffer.

In other words, he is recommending that babies can be killed without even parental permission up to one year of age.

NW goes on to tell a story of a substack publication about a 23-year-old young man who was depressed with some medical problems and who could not keep a girlfriend. He made an appointment through a Canadian euthanasia program to get assigned a physician to perform an assisted suicide procedure. He was successful in making an appointment.

The substack story is about the two-week journey that his mother took to stop this assisted suicide.

Naomi Wolf states that these two stories of newborn and 23-year-old euthanasia procedures are part of a bigger picture that is related to bills in Washington and Maryland that loosen the definition of what NW calls “murdering babies” so that you can let a baby die after it is born.

In 1930-33, Nazi doctors were assigned to decide whose life was worth saving. They started with disabled kids: mentally impaired. Before there were concentration camps, they took these young children and teenagers away and told their parents that their child was gone by sending them a postcard using this same language that they are a drag on society and their life should not be sustained. It’s hygienic to society to do away with them.
Naomi Wolf says that this is the same slippery slope that German society was in during that 1930-33-year period as we are in now.

Steve Bannon reminded his audience that NW warned his audience one year ago that this day would come.

She warned us that “then they come for the children and then they put people in ovens and then they have the quarantine camps”.

In both Canada and the USA in multiple states, the definition of “murdering a child at birth” has become legal abortion in two states.

They always start with a life that is so impaired that you can say it is a kindness to do away with them.

Then it is people that you don’t like: gypsies, dissidents, homosexuals, political opponents, Jews, and now Maga supporters.

Bannon says NW was the first to warn us of the Nazi doctors being repeated in our times. At that time Germany was considered the premier medical system in the world.

When we see how the vaccines have been forced on the populations, how is this different?

You start with the horribly deformed and those in terrible pain. But how does a one-year-old report that to us? you can have a Tudor who decides if you live or die –where does it stop?

NW believes that this Canadian program is like one of the Nazi doctors’ programs in 1930-33.

A program in the 1930-33 period was launched just like this one in Canada, where doctors and health organizations were organized to decide whose life was worth surviving.

But in the Nazi era and now, it started with disabled kids, i.e., mentally impaired kids, and teenagers.

Louis Roy was testifying that new Canadian government regulation will allow “Tudors” assigned to newborns, who have severe medical disabilities to decide that euthanasia is the humane thing to do for them.

NW says that Canadians, traditionally, have been a humane country. But their citizens are becoming accustomed to these type of government policies which she describes as “murderous”.

She says that we need to support Canadian dissidents like the truckers, and small civil society groups that are bringing lawsuits against these Canadian “tyrannies”.

We agree with NW who says that despite her preference to be nonpartisan, that we need to change administrations. We need to change elected officials from the top to the local level to stop these “murderous” policies.
We agree with Naomi Wolf.

There needs to be a change in the November midterm elections such that the Maga populist movement Republican candidates for congress and the senate takes control of the Republican party and that party takes control of the house and senate and puts an end to these Nazi-like euthanasia programs that are developing in the USA.

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