Dick Durban: Speaker McCarthy pushed through no caps for the next two years

by USA Citizens Network
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In the WAR ROOM PANDEMIC EPISODE 2776 PART 1 , Steve Bannon said, that “We’re not gonna let evil people like McCarthy sell this nation out on your money”.

Dick Durbin (DD), D Senator Majority Whip considered litigating the AMENDMENT 14: SECTION 4: ” But according to the 14th Amendment, the debt “shall not be questioned.” Does this mean that any statutory debt ceiling is beyond Congress’ authority? Possibly. But whether Congress has such authority remains a theoretical question only.”

But he said that going to court meant we would not have a timely decision to stop defaulting on our debt. He also said that section 4 article 14 was a good argument but if we made this argument it would go to the Supreme Court which is not predictable on this subject. So, he concluded that it was not a good idea to have the fate American economy resting on an unpredictable Supreme Court.

According to Senator Durbin, litigation was not necessary because of his bombshell revelation during a CNN interview: Speaker McCarthy (KM) insisted on not facing the decision to raise or not raise the debt limit until the end of next year. That was a promise that convinced the Democrats that they can move forward and not have this hanging over their heads.

Senator Rand Paul, (RP) R Ky, stated that our national debt is $32T. He blamed both Republicans for demanding unlimited military spending. And, he blamed Democrats for demanding unlimited welfare spending. They both compromised to have unlimited spending on both the military and welfare. The debt ceiling deal of Biden-McCarthy is a compromise to spend more money. The debt deal of Biden-McCarthy is an unlimited increase in the debt ceiling.

Steve Bannon and Peter Navarro agree with Congressman Dan Bishop who calls for McCarthy to vacate his speakership.

Senator Rand Paul said that two-thirds of our spending is entitlement spending: Medicare, Medicaid, food stamps, and other programs. He said this is what drives the deficit. He also said that the Republicans took them off the table because the Republicans fear of being criticized by the Democrats.

Steve Bannon said that inside the beltway all are happy. The War Room could not stop it. But congressmen fear going back home and hearing from their constituents who disapprove of this deal. He went on to say that Republicans are not looking to win. They are the party of the donors. They are not the party of Maga. They want to surrender.

According to the former economic advisor to President Trump, Peter Navarro, JIM JORDAN (R-Ohio), MARJORIE TAYLOR GREENE (R-Ga.) and THOMAS MASSIE (R-Ky.) helped McCarthy quash a rebellion on the far right of the GOP conference:

He compared this betrayal to Trump’s snake poem that he would quote during rallies where the good Samaritan woman finds a sick snake and nurses it back to health and the snake bites it and the woman’s dying breadth is: why? Because I am a snake!!

Navarro goes on to say that because they did not learn that lesson we have this bad deal with no caps on spending or debt.

Navarro’s substack article, Of Snakes, Deep Swamps, and Kevin McCarthy’s Bid to Govern From the Middle, states that McCarthy did not want that debate to come up in 2024 because it threatens his leadership.

According to Peter Navarro, the three spending bills that Biden and the Democrats passed for mega trillions are pushing demand pull inflation and because there was no reestablishment of the strategic energy dominance, the result is that Russia and the Saudis are now setting oil prices rather than America at 30-50% higher than they would be. It’s a pure wealth transfer out there plus a shock to the system.

So in summary, Speaker Kevin McCarthy betrayed the majority of, not only, the conservative congressmen that forged an agreement with him to cooperate with their agenda, but, the majority of Republican voters, who recent surveys indicate that, like the betrayed congressmen, they wanted significant reductions in both spending and debt.

They got neither from the Speaker. According to Senator Durbin, in a bombshell CNN interview, Speaker McCarthy pushed for no caps on the debt.

We agree with Congressman Dan Bishop, Steve Bannon and Peter Navarro, that Speaker McCarthy should be removed from his position.

We also agree with Dan Bishop that all Republicans that voted for this bill should have new Republican candidates oppose their reelection in the next primary.

And given some of the surprising supporters of this bill, such as MTG and Jim Jordan, that list has many unexpected congressmen. And, regardless of how we admired many of these congressmen before this vote, their betrayal of their constituents leaves us little choice.

The Biden McCarthy bill has sent our country down a dark economic road. God help us find our way out.

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