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Supreme Court Agrees with Jose Method (Huge Ga Election Win)

Dave Jose and Jovan Pulizter

by USA Citizens Network
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Supreme Court Agrees with Jose Method (Huge Ga Election Win)


Published October 27, 2022

Here in this video we see once again that the high courts understand clearly what the people are doing with massive Notices and Affidavits. This is game over for the deep state

18:10 Jovan Pulitzer

18:30 “”””””””””” page 2 of PDF below Georgia supreme court case:
19:00 Jovan Pulitzer said that [election] cases in Georgia got kicked to the curb because they had no standing and could not prove anybody got hurt.
Jovan Pulitzer says that this is a “monumental” decision in that the injury can be generalized not only to the individual and it can impact voters.

“The courts decision was that “Courts are not vehicles engaging in merely academic debates or deciding purely theoretical questions. We “say what the law is” only as needed to resolve an actual controversy. To that end only plaintiffs with cognizable injury can bring a suit in Georgia courts. Unlike federal law, however, that injury need not always be individualized; sometimes it can be a generalized grievance shared by community members, especially other residents, taxpayers, voters, or citizens…Georgia has long recognized that members of a community, whether as citizens, residents, taxpayers, or voters, may be injured when their local government fails to follow the law. Government at all levels has a legal duty to follow the law; a local government owes that legal duty to its citizens, residents, taxpayers, or voters (i.e., community stakeholders), and the violation of that legal duty constitutes an injury that our case law has recognized as conferring standing to those community stakeholders, even if the plaintiff suffered no individualized injury”

27:03 Josh Barnett


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