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Biden Family Compromise Maybe Worse Than the Walker Family
by Del Wilber | Jul 28, 2022 | Politics, World

In 1985 former U.S. Navy Warrant Officer John Anthony Walker agreed to a plea deal with federal prosecutors for the crime of espionage against the United States, and he accepted a life sentence in return for a lesser sentence for his son; also a member of the U.S. Navy and who had been involved in espionage activities on behalf of the Soviet Union, brought into the spy ring by his own father.

Walker had previously recruited another Sailor named Jerry Whitworth, who was also subsequently convicted and sentenced to a lengthy prison term. Walker even tried to recruit his own daughter, who was serving in the U.S. Army at one point. She refused.

According to then Secretary of Defense Caspar Weinberger, “The Soviet Union made significant gains in naval warfare attributable to Walker’s spying.” Weinberger stated that “The information Walker gave Moscow allowed the Soviets access to weapons and sensor data and naval tactics, terrorist threats, and surface, submarine, and airborne training, readiness, and tactics.” The damage done by the Walker family spy ring caused damage to our national security that up until then was unparalleled in American history.

Most Americans don’t really have a good understanding of what government security clearances and classified information is all about, nor how difficult it ‘should be’ for an individual to obtain a clearance in order to work for the military or U.S. government. None of what I share here is itself classified; it has been previously made public many times before, and is common knowledge in government and military circles, including by our adversaries.

When first awarded a government security clearance (and subsequently many more times over the years as a requirement to maintain a clearance), one is required to attend a number of briefings, which includes briefings on some of the tactics our adversaries, the Russian FSB (formerly the KGB) and the GRU (the Russian military intelligence service), and the MSS, the Communist Chinese Intelligence Service, have used to recruit Americans to spy for them.

During the briefings, you’re warned that services like the KGB would look for people with potential vulnerabilities they could exploit, and consequently use blackmail to coerce someone into providing classified information to our enemies. Sexual perversions, adultery, illegal drug use or excessive alcohol abuse, greed or financial difficulties, or family members of the targeted individual with any of these same problems that could be used to compromise the target, are all things our enemies look for.

It has happened periodically throughout the Cold War history and since where Americans like John Walker, who were entrusted with a security clearance and access to classified information, have sold out America to our enemies. Often in many cases falling victim to blackmail for one reason or another. In addition to the Walker case, there have been a number of other high-profile news reports over the years of the FBI arresting a member of the military or a government employee for spying for one of our adversaries.

Hunter Biden’s activities over the years when his father was Vice President, and likely before when he was a senator, it certainly lends the appearance that greed has played a part in the Biden family’s efforts, and of even Joe Biden himself, to cash in on his office.

Based on the family greed and sexual perversions, it’s very possible that Joe Biden may have been susceptible to being compromised by our enemies. If not under the complete control of a foreign intelligence service, he could at least be very much under their influence. And it could affect his decisions as well as his appointments of people to key positions in our government and senior military.

Biden could be vulnerable to the threat of blackmail – “You do as we instruct you, or your son goes to jail, along with you and the rest of your family, and your entire career will be discredited if we released all the evidence that we possess on you and your family’s illegal and immoral activities.”

One of the other tactics often employed by intelligence services is the so-called ‘false flag operation,’ where a targeted individual believes they are cooperating with someone other than one of our enemies. A ‘false flag’ recruitment could include a former close friend or associate who is ‘handling’ the target and giving them instructions, but ultimately doing so on behalf of a larger power. Say the Communist Chinese, perhaps.

Considering Biden’s limited cognitive abilities, he may not even really understand the extent of the manipulation that could be taking place, especially if it’s coming from someone he knows and trusts. But regardless of his current diminished cognitive abilities, Joe Biden certainly knew what he was doing over the years before his mental decline picked up speed. The e-mails on Hunter Biden’s laptop and other evidence strongly suggest that.

So while Democrat Congressman Adam Schiff liked to jump in front of a TV camera and spew out garbage about having clear evidence that President Trump was “colluding with the Russians,” Schiff really needs to look no further than his own party as the evidence of Joe Biden’s possible compromise becomes more and more of a concern every day.

Del Wilber
Del Wilber
Del is a former under cover employee of the Central Intelligence Agency serving overseas in Eastern and Western Europe, and the Middle East. He currently does consulting work in counterterrorism and writes columns, as well as appears as a guest on a number of programs.

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