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Davecaresforyou Published March 29, 2022 947 Views


This video shows the powerful work that was put in place by Kandiss Taylor, Josh Barnett, and Dave Jose that set the state for the Georgia government to fix the election issues in 2020. They have collectively failed to follow their oaths to the constitution and now the People have the power to correct government by right. It’s On


  • Violette1010, 1 week ago

    It’s time for the people to come together, step up to the plate and bring home that remedy. We the people have all political power. Now let’s act on it. Dave Jose will show you the way.

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  • mellimel, 1 week ago

    Hilarious! Ooops Kemp got caught with a notice in his hand telling him We the People demand a full forensic audit! Thousands of notices and affidavits have gone out! Legislators better answer! If not you will be immediately removed!!

  • gearhead39m, 1 week ago

    Calling for a full forensic audit? What good is that? Got one in AZ and got nowhere. Have proof in many states of irregularities, enough that these states can not be legally certified by law. We need to stand NOW. These states were UNCERTIFIABLE .

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