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David Clements: I’ve Never Prosecuted A Case With More Evidence Of Fraud Than The 2020 Election.

Steve Bannon: He is like a dog with a bone. He is not going to give up.

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David Clements: I’ve Never Prosecuted A Case With More Evidence Of Fraud Than The 2020 Election.

0:20 Steve Bannon He is like a dog with a bone. He is not going to give up.

0:26 Dave Clements-summarizing: Trump beat the house in 2016, the house beat Trump in 2020, and a generational talent like Kari Lake had the most voter enthusiasm and the election was stolen from her.
0:53 DC-many conservatives are talking about ballot harvesting. Set expectations. This is not a fair fight-staffing resource, we are dealing with software. So, unless you can compete with a high-speed printer that’s fully integrated with the system, you don’t have a chance.

1:23 DC I want to unpack just how monstrous the system is. Representative Luna accused the former CEO of twitter of colluding with federal authorities with this platform known as JIRA

1:41 DC Bring up image #1


Screenshot (31) Edited
Screenshot (31) Edited

With this graph you will notice it is not just the usual organizations like CISA, Department of Homeland Security. There is a curious one, it is the national Association of Secretaries of State.

They had access to the same portal to suppress people. It was not just suppression over twitter or a jab or medical treatment. It was also suppression of important? information about our elections.

2:19 DC we got proof of that. We found emails between secretaries of state of New Mexico, Louisiana, that were coordinating with twitter to shut down any meaningful discussion on elections.

2:30 DC I bring this up because you have to look at the censorship regime with who orchestrates and monitors or our elections.

2:35 DC Bring up image #2

Screenshot (32) Edited Edited
Screenshot (32) Edited Edited

CIS is the center for internet security. They work with homeland security, and we have memoranda from secretaries of states all over the country that are partnering with this radically left funded group, Democracy fund is one of those groups.

3:00 SB And it is also funded by the government. It’s really a government agency but they want to spin it off as if it is an independent NGO.

3:10 DC Exactly! That way, they have a veil. So it’s hard to get public records

3:16 DC IN this memorandum you will see 1—there is no expectation of privacy. Any data that is transferred from secretary of state to county clerks.
2-that all data may be monitored or used for government purposes. They get to use software programs source code and under auspices of protecting us from cyber breeches or attacks. They have the ability to monitor our election data in real time.
So, the question is what can do with that.

3:50 DC we operate under this myth that our elections are decentralized.

3:57 bring up image #3
This is the myth.


Screenshot (34) Edited
Screenshot (34) Edited

We have different moving parts, and everything is moving independently. That was 10 years ago. But today we have image # 4


Screenshot (35) Edited
Screenshot (35) Edited

4:13 DC Fully integrated system. In the sense like players such as B pronomi ?sp, Tenex, And they can manage your voter roles. They can do election night reporting. They can overwrite your election data at a local level. They are integrated without printing devices.

4:40 DC The software is not certified and there I no congressional mandate to oversee this software. And its connected to the internet So we have been fed this myth that it is disconnected. When behind the scenes the department of homeland security has a back door to monitor everything. And not just monitor, they use these vendors to change results.

5:05 SB Trumps guy is a wolf ?sp His DHS guy tells trump it’s the most secure election we ever had. Why do you invite this guy to conservative conferences. He is part of the problem.
5:50 DC Let’s give you some evidence. The next image. I want to show you.

Image # 5

Screenshot (36) Edited
Screenshot (36) Edited

5:54 DC The first chart on your left is the daily registration from Bernalillo County which is an urban center.
Notice that on the chart to the right, which is Torrance County, a conservative county, that you have the same the same exact spikes in voter registration at the same exact time adjusted for population. This is impossible based on the records. Now blow it up to 12 counts.

6:38 image # 6

Screenshot (48) Edited
Screenshot (48) Edited

This is 12 counties in New Mexico with the same spikes on the same dates over several years’ time. This shows you that our voter roles are being inflated. Ands its an automated process.
So, when people tell me lets get out there and out register the Democrats, at least in New Mexico and many other states, you have to compete with something that is going on in these back doors.

7:05 DC And we can drive it down to month by month So look at the next image # 7


Screenshot (38) Edited
Screenshot (38) Edited

7:11 DC Daily registration: on the chart on the left, are a repeating ratio. Notice that the red line at the bottom represents Republicans. Notice that there is never a day that they out register Democrats. This is automated. This is done by software. We have been given political theatre as if we out hustle the Democrats somehow, we will come out ahead. That’s not the case. Some of you think its relevant if you live in New Mexico. Well, give me the next map, image # 8


Screenshot (39) Edited
Screenshot (39) Edited

7:45 DC This is an integrated map of all the vendors out there. You see different players like no ink, BPro, Tenex, ER Systems. If you look at the coverage on the map, every single one of the states that we have here in America has the fully integrated software to access and change things.

I gave you specifics of what happened in New Mexico. But we have seen the same thing in Hawaii where 70K plus voter registrations were inflated and their database we had a unique identifier code that can prove this. And what did Hawaii do? They made it illegal to do anything about it. They basically said stop investigating.

8:22 DC In Florida, through the work of Kris Gursky, we found out, after taking snap shots of voter roles, day by day, that in Brower County, alone, voter addresses were magically switched to create phantom ballots in the digital space. So, when we talk about harvesting how are you going to out harvest where you can go through the software itself and start digitally manipulating things.

8:50 SB With this type of evidence why can’t w go to a local prosecutor and take this case where an attorney like you can make the case and prosecute this?

9:06 DC The biggest barrier is that the people in our way also carry badges. I told you that you can trace the genesis to the department of Homeland security, and you start getting caught up in issues of jurisdiction.

I personally reviewed over 400 lawsuits related to election fraud in 2020. Virtually all of them were dismissed on standing. One of the things that people don’t understand about standing is that you never get to the merits. And they are applying something that is outdated. This case in point, Obamacare everyone was upset. Every employer was upset about Obamacare. And when they went to sue most people were dismissed and they said if you don’t like the law vote the bums out of office

As long as you have a political remedy, they will not allow you to get your case heard by a judge. They are playing that to the election space, but it is fatal because you can’t do it.

You have got different payers here. This is integrative software This is salient because of a man named Jesse Morgan. He is the truck driver. The postal service report verified that he drove from NY with 100s of thousands of prefilled ballots to Pa, a key swing state. Guess what? If you have all of the metrics, we are talking about a harvesting operation. They were able to use high speed printers that were fully integrated within the system to prepare ahead of time, on October 25, thousands upon thousands of dollars. And transport them. So, unless you go illegal you are not going to out harvest a group like that.

11:02 SB Its ironic and sad Jesse drove a truck that had the ballots in it.
DC-He has a truck full of ballots. He knew his inventory.


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