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Editorial Election Integrity update October 2023-Part 1 of 3

Updates of Gregory Stenstrom and Leah Hoopes's case in Pa as well as Kari Lakes case in Az. A further analysis of other cases of election fraud.

by USA Citizens Network
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A summary of the key points of Part 1 of this editorial:

1-Surveys indicate a potential landslide win for former president Trump in the 2024 election. The majority of voters believe that there is cheating in the election. The question to be addressed in this editorial is can we trust the counting of the votes? Evidence is described regarding cheating in the 2020 election.

2–the Delaware county Pa election integrity lawsuit of Stenstrom and Hoopes appears to be making progress in the courts.

3–the Kari Lakes vs Katie Hobbs case regarding the Governor’s race in Nov 2022 in Az seems to have a judge who believes paper ballots are more susceptible to fraud than are electronic machines and mail in ballots. The evidence according to European and American experts is the opposite.

4––Election fraud cases brought by Democrats vs Democrats and Republicans vs Republicans in their respective primary races charging similar techniques of vote manipulation indicate that “cheating” in elections is widespread and both parties seem to be doing it.

And a Texas republican election fraud case is brought by AG Paxton’s office on the basis of a project veritas film evidence only to have it removed from his office by a judge.

5–Clint Curtiss, a Democrat attorney and former IT programmer, who wrote computer algorithms to switch votes in electronic voting machines for Republicans candidates, states that the only way to prevent electronic voting machines switching of votes from one candidate to another is not to use them and return to using paper ballots.

6–Evidence is presented for the use of illegal Mail in Ballots—Ballot harvesting and Fake mail in ballot insertions into the electronic machine tabulation of votes during the post election day period.

7–Evidence for ballot manipulation by electronic voting machines; Clint Curtis said that “So I went to the D, triple C, and I told him about it. You know what they said? They didn’t say, That’s terrible. They didn’t say that’s horrible. They said, Why didn’t we think of it first? And that’s where you are, guys. So you have to have hand-counted paper ballots because both sides at a certain level will try and cheat.”


A recent publication, 2024: Most Trump Voters Say VP Choice Doesn’t Matter, sated that “More than half of U.S. voters say they’re likely to vote for former President Donald Trump in next year’s election, and most don’t much care who Trump picks as a running mate.
Eighty percent (80%) of Republicans are likely to vote for Trump in 2024, including 64% who are Very Likely to vote for him. Perhaps surprisingly, however, 30% of Democrats also say they’re at least somewhat likely to vote for Trump in next year’s presidential election. Among voters not affiliated with either major party, 50% are at least somewhat likely to vote for Trump in 2024, including 32% who say it’s Very Likely they’ll vote for the former president next year…Majorities of every racial category – 53% of whites, 50% of black voters and 52% of other minorities – say they’re at least somewhat likely to vote for Trump in 2024. Twenty-five percent (25%) of black Trump voters say they would be more likely to vote for him if he picked a black running mate. ”

This is a stunning survey result that over half of ALL voters are intending to vote for Trump. That means even 30% of Democrats and 50% of black voters and 52% of other minorities.

20% of republicans do not intend to vote for Trump. Yet the administrative staff of the national and many state republican party are not embracing the Trump candidacy and are actively opposing it. That is, they are not supporting the overwhelming choice of not only Republican voters but all voters.

Recently the national Republican party and some state Republican party like the Pa Republican party have passed resolutions to ban electronic voting machines, mail in ballots and to use paper ballots.

But to date this resolution seems to be in words only and to date no significant signs of actions that will enable these reforms to move forward.

They need to revise their published strategy for the 2024 elections. They need to change the wording of “look forward” to look backwards by aggressively adjudicating cases of election fraud.

There is evidence from November 2022 elections that suggests that voter manipulation is even more efficient and effective than in the 2020 election as described in a recent publications:

If the voter manipulation is as pervasive in our national elections as is the evidence for illegal voting identified in these two recent elections in Delaware county, Pa and Maricopa County, Az, then the citizens’ votes will not reflect the electronic machine tabulated votes in 2024 and the next president will be “selected” by dark forces in our country and not elected by citizens

Although the Judges do not seem to believe that there is cheating in elections, surveys show that a majority of voters believe there is cheating in our elections: Rasmussen Poll Reveals a Majority of Americans (60%) Believe that Recent Elections Were Affected by Cheating

Amazon Alexa tells users the 2020 presidential election was ‘stolen by a massive amount of election fraud’ causing Bezos’ empire to scramble to explain content

The headlines of the UK’s Daily Mail, the largest circulating newspaper in the world, states that Amazon’s artificial intelligence system identified sources that declared election fraud in the 2020 election. but Amazon’s fact checkers stated that there was no evidence to support this claim.

The USACN editorial board begs to differ with Amazon. We have outlined the evidence in a series of editorials and many third party republishing on our website.

The issue is not whether you are for or against Trump. the issue is whether you are for or against citizens votes being tabulated to choose the president that the citizens choose or fake inserted or switched votes that big donors and other dark interest groups choose.

Evidence for election fraud continues to be adjudicated in the courts.

Legal cases 1-5

1–As a follow-up on

EDITORIAL: DEMOCRATIC AND REPUBLICAN PRIMARY ELECTION RESULTS ALARM SE PA VOTERS the lawsuit filed pro se by Leah Hoopes and Gregory Stenstrom in Delaware county, Pa, that was discussed in the editorial that we are updating, Gregory Stenstrom has joined with Jon Marietta “in Fayette County, PA, requesting litigation hold, production of election materials from the May 16th, 2023 primary election, and decertification of the election, in Fayette County, PA, for which we expect will be heard this coming Wednesday, September 20th.” They filed a Rule 1531 Motion which is copied at the end of this editorial (Appendix).

“Beyond the significance of a local County Commissioner primary, Fayette County is significant in interest because 1.) the May 2016 primary impacted PA State Supreme Court candidate results, the illicit conduct of the election was repeated throughout the Commonwealth of PA; 2.) similar lawsuits and Open Record Requests have been filed and still in motion in Delaware County, Chester County and other PA Counties; and 3.) Governor Shapiro (PA) took particularly strong interest in Fayette – enough so that he flew there with a large entourage (captured on video) on an unscheduled flight and visit and spent 5.5 hours on the ground there, and whistleblowers (plural) had been informed he was there to retrieve the 78 unnamed company’s voting machine scanners and other election materials used in the May 2023 primary, and spirit them out of the County.

Of specific note, the Fayette County unnamed company’s voting machines were used in the November 2022 general election in which Shapiro was “elected” Governor, and John Fetterman was “elected” to the US Senate, with 86%/87% (9 out of 10) Mail In Ballot margins in Delaware County and other Counties in the Commonwealth, those election results are still on the hard drives in the election machine scanners. Multiple lawsuits (including those filed by Stenstrom and Hoopes in Delaware County), requiring the production of these public election records are all still in motion for the May 2022 and Nov 2022 elections, and Judges have already ruled and ordered Delaware County and Chester County to produced the public election records over the objections of County level election officials.

Gregory Stenstrom states that he expects that “Fayette County could become a rallying cry for Pennsylvania and perhaps the nation, and further that Jon “The Hillbilly” Marietta will become an icon for election integrity in the USA.”

2–One of the judges in the recent Kari Lake case opined that paper ballots were more vulnerable to voter fraud than electronic machines.

Many countries in Europe, like France, have resisted the pressure to use mail-in voting, early voting or use voting machines because the evidence indicated that they were tools that could manipulate elections more so than paper ballots.

“A two-day trial got underway [recently]…to determine whether Lake could review the ballot return envelopes and signatures of about 1.3 million Maricopa County voters…” Maricopa County Recorder to Testify in Kari Lake Lawsuit against County “The County Recorder oversees mail-in voting operations, which appear to be manipulated to steal the election from Lake…This lawsuit relates to public 2022 voter signature records..Maricopa County contends the records contain sensitive information that requires privacy, so they have refused to be forthcoming…A ruling in a Yavapai County Court case filed separately confirmed Maricopa County has been incorrectly defining “voter registration record” and unlawfully verifying mail-in ballot signatures.”

Brannon House of the Lindell Report responded to One Judge On The 9th Circuit Seemed To Be Making A Lot Of Unfounded Assumptions about 3 weeks ago in the recent third Kari lake trial who said that paper ballots were more unsafe then electronic tabulators.

Brannon said: “Sure, we can point out some historical examples where ballots have gone missing or ballots have been added. Right. …But while the system with paper ballots isn’t perfect…it has been, I think, historically, the best system versus opening up another system with even more potential abuse and intrusion and who knows by who when you’re talking about machines…. I thought the attorney, Andrew Parker [for Kari Lake], did a remarkable job…He had the case law….But I was a little struck by the argumentative tone and …Dare I say, and I’m not an attorney, but the incorrect assumptions by the judge…I’m told that this will be appealed to the U.S. Supreme Court…You have the whole issue with the wrong sized ballot…it seems as though he [the Judge] was just…very unaware of all the vulnerabilities to the machines. I mean, he talked about…you don’t have perfect elections when you have paper, right?”

The USACN editorial board believes that Kari lakes legal team has presented an acceptable balance of limiting the public release of voter identification information and a compelling argument regarding the need to review the voting records for evidence of voter manipulation. For reasons that we can only speculate, the Judges in most of the cases regarding election integrity, have ruled that voter privacy is more important than allowing examination of these voters’ records based on evidence of voter manipulation.

3–In September 2023, The western Journal describe an election fraud case brought buy a Democrat candidate accusing a local Democratic party leader of carrying out vote manipulation using the same methods found in many of the Republican cases since the 2020 election: ““We have videotape of Jacquie Amos going into boxes, bringing in thumb drives, bringing in ballots to be inserted into machines,””
Democrat Cries Foul, Claims Election Fraud in His Own Party: He’s Not Backing Down


4–There was a case brought by a Republican candidate against another Republican candidate in a primary election for senate in Massachusetts’s by Dr Shiva. According to Wikipedia, Dr Shive spread misinformation about his evidence for election abnormalities.

Dr Shiva presented his analysis of election fraud in a Michigan elections.

Dr. Shiva and David Clements presented the evidence that the “2020 election was in fact stolen”


5–Texas attorney General Ken Paxton prosecuted a case of election fraud
“Rachel Rodriguez sits behind bars for election fraud, illegal voting, unlawfully assisting people voting by mail and unlawfully possessing an official ballot. Each of these charges constitutes a felony under the Texas Election code, ABC Central Texas reports.”

San Antonio Woman Arrested For Widespread Vote Harvesting And Fraud Despite Claims Of “No Evidence Of Fraud” In 2020 Election

The judge adjudicating the case ruled that Paxton’s AG office was not the proper venue for that case and removed it to another division. Further follow-up of the case in the media is difficult to find. It appears that one must have access to the courts rulings to be up to date in the final rulings of these cases cited. The public needs more easy access to the lates developments in these cases. The cases should be made public and recorded for citizens to review.



This is the end pf Part one of a three part series of editorials. In part 2, we will describe more cases of election abnormalities.

There are exceptions to the “No Disclosure without Consent” Rule in lawsuits including for election fraud cases in which the judges refer to the requirement for voter consent before election records can be viewed in litigation.

On example is in the OMB 1975 Guidelines, 40 Fed. Reg. at 28,953 (Appendix),:”It is not the purpose of the bill to restrict such ordinary uses of the information…the bill gives each Federal agency the authority to set forth the “routine” purposes for which the records are to be used under the guidance contained in the committees report. In this sense “routine use”…also includes all of the proper and necessary uses even if any such use occurs infrequently.”

Stenstrom and Hoopes have referenced more detailed reasons for the citizens right to review voting records with the evidence of fraud that they have presented to the courts in their different cases.

Gregory Stenstrom states that he expects that “Fayette County could become a rallying cry for Pennsylvania and perhaps the nation, and further that Jon “The Hillbilly” Marietta will become an icon for election integrity in the USA.”

The judges ruling in most of these cases of election fraud since the 2020 election are steeped in technical interpretations of the law that are beyond the scope of understanding by wany citizens ability to reject or accept. They have ruled against plaintiffs due to privacy laws, legal issues of standing amongst other legal reasons.

But what citizens do know is that the right to privacy must be balanced against the rights of plaintiffs’ representing candidates who have lost elections due to what they claim are illegal activities of their opponents who were declared the winners of the elections in question.

We have cited just a few cases that represent a snapshot of what Attorney David Clements described, in our recent editorial, as over 400 cases of voting abnormality cases since the 2020 election.

The surveys indicate, as cited in previous section of this and previous editorials, that most citizens from both parties believe that there is “cheating” in our elections. If we are to save our republic and restore the faith of its citizens in the honesty of our elections which are supposed to reflect the will of the voters, then the Judges need to allow the plaintiffs in current and past cases to review the voting records that they have requested to settle this issue before we fail as a Republic.



Hoopes and Stenstrom’s injunctive relief request

2nd Amended Rule 1531 Motion for Injunctive Relief Marietta v Fayette filed 15SEP2023


Resolution-Urging-a-Return-to-Excellence-in-American-Voting-and-Elections (1)

In her affidavit, Cather Engelbrecht described her meeting with Georgia Secretary fo state , Brad Raafesberger, shortly after the 2020 election and two weeks before the phone conversation that former President Trump had with him for which he has been indicted by AG Fani Willis Fulton County Georgia on a RICO statute.

engelbrecht affidavit


OMB 1975 Guidelines, 40 Fed. Reg. at 28,953,



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