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Hit Jobs, Undercover Trolls, and Misplaced Hatred: Just Another Day in the Life of a Medical Freedom Clinic

The dying, corrupted medical "system" is using corporate controlled media to try to destroy a Medical Freedom clinic that is attracting patients in droves.

by USA Citizens Network
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The dying, corrupted medical “system” is using corporate controlled media to try to destroy a Medical Freedom clinic that is attracting patients in droves.
Hit Jobs, Undercover Trolls, and Misplaced Hatred: Just Another Day in the Life of a Medical Freedom Clinic
DEC 13, 2023
A friend and colleague that I made on my Covid journey, Tanya Parus, is an absolute beast of an advocate for Medical Freedom. She is the President of Sarasota Moms for America and as the Medical Specialist for Moms for America National, she plays a pivotal role in advocating for the rights and well-being of mothers and families across the country. Tanya also owns and operates the local grassroots organization, Sarasota County Moms For America.

In addition to her advocacy work, Tanya has made a significant impact on local healthcare governance in Sarasota by helping transform the Sarasota Memorial Hospital board through voter initiatives, ensuring that the voices of the community are heard and their concerns addressed.

But get this, in addition to Tanya’s fight against Sarasota Memoral governance, she also fought mask and then vaccine mandates, all while advocating for improving the governance of her local School board and government. With U.S civil society deteriorating the way it is, the U.S needs an army of 10,000 Tanya’s right now.

I have worked with Tanya in trying to get Sarasota Memorial Hospital to allow me to give a “Grand Rounds” lecture to the residents and staff of Sarasota Memorial. This was supposed to have been one of the conciliatory offerings made by hospital leadership to the community after Tanya and other groups led loud and highly publicized protests against Sarasota Memorial protocols and policies in Covid (things like overusing remdesivir, overly restricting visitation, restricting use of repurposed drugs and vilifying both unvaccinated staff and patients. You know, standard U.S Hospital system policies…except this hospital was particularly vicious about it all.

In this Blaze article, they include the following reports of various Sarasota Memorial physician leadership actions:

Dr. Daniel B. Case reportedly asked an employee whether she would get vaccinated, to which the employee responded “no because that’s my freedom of choice.”

His response?

“You guys are the reason why people are dying and why COVID is spreading. When you guys get fired, then we’ll all have a party and Darwinism will do its work. They should take you guys to the firing line.”

Dr. Case allegedly said the latter quote in response to being asked whether he is a fascist. Great answer Danny boy.

It gets even more fascist if that is possible. Check this out, again from the Blaze article:

A nurse at the hospital alleges that in 2021 the hospital made lists of unvaccinated staff, who were then subject to a “re-education session” led by other staff, which sought to convince them to get vaccinated.

A letter was also sent to staff outlining that unvaccinated workers must “isolate during meal times,” and a color-coded sticker system (!?) would be implemented on employee badges, but the sticker system was never implemented. (Ed: Wow. Just wow.

Other staff members claimed that a Dr. Jonathan Hoffberger promotes a hostile work environment, with one physician stating that Hoffman, a cardiac surgeon, “yells at unvaccinated patients” and “refuses to perform open-heart surgery” on patients who haven’t received an mRNA injection.

Hoffberger had several social media posts criticizing those who wished to perform their “own research.” (Ed: As Jimmy Dore has so brilliantly quipped, “Doing your own research used to be called… reading!)

“STOP DOING ‘YOUR OWN RESEARCH,'” a Facebook post reads, with an attached image promoting vaccination.

“Myth: ‘I’ve had COVID-19, so I don’t need to be vaccinated because I have antibodies,'” the photo says. (Ed: This statement is not aging well Dr. Hoffberger).

So, it should come as no surprise that community members like Tanya led an insurrection by getting awake (not woke) people elected to the Board of the Hospital. The members she helped newly elect put some pressure on hospital leadership to make some changes to appease the community, and again, they suggested they put commission a Grand Rounds lecture by a national Covid expert (me). Still hasn’t happened. But, in the event that a couple more awake Board members are added next election, I am assured of an invite then. We will see.

Also know that Sarasota Memorial is the hospital that kicked out my dear friend and early treatment expert Dr. John Littel from a Board meeting after he testified about the effectiveness of ivermectin. They kicked him out because he unknowingly broke protocol by gently approaching a Board member to speak with them. Instead of quietly asking him to go back to his seat, they instead immediately called security who quickly escorted him out. This was the video of the incident followed by the hospital’s statement:

The hospital’s official statement about the incident:

“His behavior presented a safety risk and violated a clearly set rule of decorum for the public meeting. His actions occurred in the final minutes of the meeting, long after he and other attendees videotaping his demonstration had the chance to share their concerns during the public comment session of the board meeting,” said Savage.

Know that John took time out of his work day to drive two hours to testify at the meeting about all the data supporting ivermectin’s effectiveness. John Littel’s “behavior represented a safety risk?” What a joke. John is one of the kindest and most committed physicians I know. All he did was gently walk up to a Board member to follow up on a statement/question they had made. Whatever.

Now, lets get to the hit piece. In September of 2023, Tanya and her partners launched a brand-new medical facility called We The People Health and Wellness Center in Venice, FL, with its core mission and purpose being that of Medical and Health Freedom. She plans to open more locations in 2024 and empower more doctors and providers to embrace the freedom from government overreach.

Note that supporting and leading both providers and patients to support the rapidly growing communities of independent clinics and patients seeking effective care by free-thinking doctors is also a big part of the FLCCC’s work in 2024, something we are launching at our 3rd Annual Educational Conference in Phoenix on Feb 2-4, 2024, titled “Healthcare Revolution: Restoring the Doctor-Patient Relationship.” Come one, come all my friends.

We’re only going to change history (right?).

However, the headwinds against our movement may be strong. Listen to this meessage left on their clinic voicemail by some random, irate citizen:

So, people don’t seem to like Americans trying to advocate for freedom? Strange times indeed. For instance, our modern American media seems to not like the concept of freedom either. They “somehow” got wind of Tanya’s Medical Freedom clinic and presumably thought it might be newsworthy to discredit what Tanya and her partners were doing (I wonder if her efforts protesting the Sarasota Memorial Health System’s Covid policies had something to do with the media visit and coverage?). A little payback maybe? Maybe someone put in a call to get a media hit job done because she now competes with that “system?” You decide.

To wit, when I asked Tanya what she thought about my “hypothesis”, she wrote back:

I then looked up the Daily Beast Article. Check. Out. The. Best. Headline. Ever.

By the way, I cannot describe how much I absolutely love the criteria for hire at the clinic. Brilliant, just brilliant. It’s actually a pretty high threshold to pass. If I didn’t live on the other side of Floria, I would consider applying given I lost 3 jobs due to my Covid “advocacy”so I am triply certified!

Anyway, a reporter named Katie Lagrone at ABC News Tampa came to do an interview which she then turned into a hit piece on the clinic. You definitely have to watch it (only 5 minutes). Check it out:

I learned of this after Tanya sent me her tweet in response to Lagrone’s ABC news segment right after it was broadcast:.

Although the segment could have been more vicious, I was pissed off enough about it that I decided to retweet it as follows:

One bright spot is that a PBS reporter did a segment where she discussed the “politicization” of public health and allowed both patients and a physician from the clinic to offer their perspectives and experiences (the physician was Dr. Renata Moon, a colleague I deeply admire and who I testified with at Senator Ron Johnson’s 2nd Opinion Panel). Can check it out here:

The worst thing about the ABC News Tampa segment is what happened at the clinic after the interview. I learned from Tanya that when the cameras were off, the reporter actually shared her sympathetic sentiments and fears such as not wanting to give her kids Covid-19 vaccines because of all the young people she knows are dying, how she now avoids even the flu shot, and, get this, she then high-fived Tanya and Renata as she left the clinic. A not-so-shocking but still brazen example of media hypocrisy.

Not sure what else to add here given that at this point in the pandemic, it should be totally unsurprising that a journalist would present a destructive viewpoint for her corporate master yet hold an opposing one personally.

Although that is the worst behavior one can evidence right now, I think those who remain silent about their opposition to corporate and governmental health tyranny should no longer be given a pass. No way. Continued silence and/or lack of opposing actions makes you complicit in the furtherance of this destructive tyranny by our corporate controlled government.

I am thinking especially of the majority of my former colleagues still employed by the system, still too afraid to speak up for fear of losing their jobs even though many know of all the fraud by now, and of those who do, their silence and passivity makes them as complicit as the liars maintaining it.

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