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if you need to give more than two shots of a vaccine it doesn't work… the Booster is worse…you no longer make igG1 and 3 neutralizing antibodies you…switch to igG4 there's a very detailed the excellent paper…an igG4 subtype…it's more teratogenic…but it gets worse because it also suppresses the T- cell response…

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Professor Dalgleish

Dr. John Campbell
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I started to notice that some of these patients who were coming up to…over 10 years 15 years 20 years they were suddenly relapsing…malignant melanoma malignant skin cancers I notice that the patients who had…had a history…[of] a significant period of immune suppression such as significant upsetment, divorce, bankruptcy Etc…I started to ask the question…they all told me that they had my booster
I was very against…the booster program…I’ve done over 30 years research into optimizing vaccines and immune response and and I I came to the conclusion that the vaccines that they use are obsessed with antibodies
and I’m not …interested in antibodies because it’s
the T cell response that you want; it is the innate T- cell response and as a cancer doctor I noticed that the innate T- cell response starts to decline at 55 and by 70…it’s has gone down a big ski slope…I started to ask was it cause an effect?
Then we found that we had agents…it really boosts the innate immune response…this is just a simple bacterium that’s been killed and injected…it came out of BCG work…BCG…was found to boost the innate immune response and here’s the clue; if you give it more than twice it basically starts to ruin the response…you keep giving them, they keep boosting the T- cell response they don’t induce…an antibody response so as such I thought this is a very useful agent I’ve been doing clinical trials on it and one of the things I did notice right at the beginning of …was the patients [were] already telling me that… I don’t know what it does for the cancer but I’ve never seen them go through Winters and not have Colds or flu …then I realized this is the innate immune response …I predicted this would be a very good…


Professor Dalgleish & Dr. John Campbell

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