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The Uncomfortable Truth Behind Economic Inequality | Jordan Peterson & Glenn Loury

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The Uncomfortable Truth Behind Economic Inequality | Jordan Peterson & Glenn Loury

Apr 18, 2022

Jordan B Peterson
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This episode was recorded on October 12, 2021

Dr. Glenn Loury and I discuss the Pareto principle, the economics of inequality, PC culture, climate change, race in America, IQ and The Bell Curve, intelligence vs. wisdom, AA meetings, Christianity, and more.

Dr. Glenn Loury is an American economist, academic, and author. In 1982, he became the first African American tenured professor of economics at Harvard. Among Dr. Loury’s published works are The Anatomy of Racial Inequality and Race, Incarceration, & American Values. He was elected president of the Eastern Economics Association in 2013 and received the Bradley Prize in 2022.

Dr. Loury’s substack:
The Glenn Show:
The Anatomy of Racial Inequality: https://amazon.com/Anatomy-Racial-Ine…
Race, Incarceration, and American Values:

[0:00] Intro
[01:23] Dr. Loury’s Career
[04:38] The Pareto Principle
[10:51] Market Failure & Climate Change
[11:57] The G Factor (general intelligence factor)
[13:45] Why Stephen Jay Gould Is Wrong
[17:01] Neuroticism & Divorce
[26:06] Race & Incarceration in the US
[36:16] Culture & Biology
[38:09] The 80/20 Principle
[47:20] Openness & Entrepreneurs
[49:21] Meaningful Work & Inequality
[56:35] The Bell Curve
[01:01:09] Political Correctness around IQ
[01:14:58] Dr. Loury’s (Shifting) Political Views
[01:21:09] Drug Addiction & Spiritual Transformation
[01:27:10] Intelligence vs. Wisdom
[01:30:16] The Glenn Show
[01:35:40] George Floyd

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