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Mike Lindell’s WMD BANNED! Trouble Brews Over WiFi

Elections are just weeks way! What Have We Learned?

by USA Citizens Network
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Mike Lindell’s WMD BANNED! Trouble Brews Over WiFi

Elections are just weeks way! What Have We Learned?

OCT 23, 2023

The old saying goes “one step forward, two steps back”
The war on America has been relentless. Every day we are barraged in the headlines with even more egregious headlines of how “there was no election fraud”, yet you and I know differently. Our elections are broken and that is an easily provable fact!

Hidden Fact – But Provable Fact!

If you take one step forward, two steps back, you make progress but then experience events that cause you to be further behind than you were when you made the progress. Have you taken a sober inventory of where we are in this battle for true, transparent and accurate elections?

On one hand, we are very much ahead of the game. American voters now know more about our elections than they ever have in history. If you look back to 3 years ago, think back what you knew then about our elections versus what you know now! We are light years ahead in our learning curve!

But are we light years ahead in executing on what we know to be the truth?
In my estimation – as a whole – NO! We are failing miserably! Why?
Before you stop reading since I have posted we are failing, please keep on reading and hear me out. Please consider the following:

We can now use a mobile app to report suspicious activities to various State Attorney Generals!

Is that a win? NO! WHY?

You see something wrong during an election

You do an electronic memo of what we have seen

Said memo or notice gets bumped to the Attorney General’s office for your State


Reporting something “during the election” is woefully too late!

All forms of these “quick affidavits and reports” have been rejected by the courts as “not being in the proper format to be considered evidence in a court of law.”

Last, what makes you think ANY Attorney General is going take legal action on an app submitted complaint NOT allowable in court?


Sometimes, we have to get outside the promotion, hype and hopium and just look at this from the standpoint of prosecuting a case. EVIDENCE – IRREFUTABLE EVIDENCE is what is needed!

We have all seen this chart from Wisconsin 2020. In your mind you will most likely say “that’s the chart which showed how they inserted fake votes into the election”.


The chart does make one wonder WHY the jump in votes, but in a court of law they look at the following:

Were ballots being counted at that time?

The data shows yes, since there is a date and time stamp

Was it actually illegal to count ballots at the time these came in?

The truth here is hurtful BUT there are no set times ballots must be tallied from the time said tally begins. It’s only closed when the folks running the election say they are done.

People assumed all ballot counting had stopped when the polls closed, but had they really?

The rat bastards can count any time they want. All they have to do to make it legal is just simply say “we were still counting ballots” and it’s legal.

Even worse than just calling this chart “fraud” and trying to present it as verifiable proof, is the further looney notion that this “fallible public data” somehow is legally binding on the official results. It’s NOT it’s public data not the certified data!

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My point here is one of slow down – just for a moment. Let’s Look, Access, Re-access and Regroup.
We are dealing with a conniving, evil, win at all costs enemy. They leave NOTHING TO CHANCE! Here is a sample: If a downloadable app from iTunes or the Google App Store was going to end the deep states plot to nefariously control our elections WOULD THE BAD ACTORS EVEN ALLOW THE APP CONTINUE TO BE DOWNLOADABLE? Short answer: NO!

The headline I gave you above shows that potentially nefarious lawmakers are BANNING Mike’s WMD efforts. If you used my logic above, you MAY think ‘See Jovan, they are banning Mike and that must mean they are afraid he will catch him!’

This one is simple logic. IF you have the MAGIC PILL which kills the deep state, CIA, CISA, foreign bad actors, vote stealers, and country killers do you go on TV and hype it to the world and ask for donations? Hell no!

Try this for logic!

That news headline talks about this solution being a $500 device. In later announcements it was said that Mike Lindell felt maybe 300 of these devices deployed could prove what he wanted to prove. Let’s do that math:

Only $150,000 was needed to deploy the 300 targeted devices. For further reference, lets double that and say it was $300k needed. Did the $300k need outweigh the risk of tipping the “bad guys off?”


Let me put this line of thinking to you another way:
If Mike really only needed $300k to raise the funds needed for the deployment of so few of these devices, why not just do an emailing to his FrankTV or MYPillow email list?

If there really was only a need for $300k or even $600k for that matter to deploy these WMD’s then why NOT keep the exposure on the download? Why not just go to trusted customers or backers and raise the funds? What if the WMD plan went gone forward with LIMITED exposure but COULD have exposed the machines as being connected to the internet once it was discovered!

NOW YOU HAVE ARRIVED AT MY POINT IN THIS MESSAGE! When we announce and broadcast our “intentions” we are aiding and abetting the enemy.

Raising $300k to $600k for Mike should have been just a simple targeted emailing not needing a mass appeal with the playbook laid bare for the deep state to see and respond to! Our side GAVE this information OUT IN ADVANCE!

Let’s do a quick reality check and more important a check of our effectiveness as combatting the deep state and nefarious election actors:

Are we confusing activity for productivity?

Are the things we are focusing upon 1,084 days after the 2020 election the things which will truly safeguard our 2024 General Election?

Are we working together in a manner which moves the needle EVEN IF voting machines stay part of our lives for the near future?

Have we (as a whole) been focusing on things which do not really move the needle when it comes to securing our elections?

OR, Let’s Take A Stab At These Questions:
When the election integrity minded folks made a mad dash in demanding the Cast Vote Records, did that move the needle, or did it set the movement back?

From my standpoint “one step forward, two steps back” is what the Cyber Symposium CVR mad dash accomplished. How?

The nefarious actors used the mass call out for CVR’s to actually write up new laws FORBIDDING access to the CVR for anyone who’s NOT part of the local election apparatus (or truly the local election apparatchik). Accordingly – we lost by doing such an uncontrolled and willy-nilly cattle call.

When Mike announced his WMD to secure our elections did we move the needle, or did it set the movement back?

From my standpoint “one step forward, two steps back” is what the WMD broadcast blast of mega promotion did to us all! WHY?

Just like CVR’s the local political apparatchiks have now began to draft legislation which do the following:

NEWS Article Quote: “Kenton County Clerk Gabrielle Summe said the devices may be able to unlawfully identify voters and could be small enough for people to sneak into polling locations,”

“Kentucky law prohibits the use of ‘computer or other information technology system’ to record the identification of voters,”

ANOTHER ARTICLE ‘These devices appear to be nothing more sophisticated, or dangerous, than a simple cell phone, which also can detect a Wi-Fi signal’

The reason I am going over this – is simply because – we have become our own worst enemies when it comes to fighting for safe and secure elections. Here is an example from Mike’s own promotional words during his TV event:

‘This device as it flew into this building, it just grabbed all of your cellphones, everybody that’s in this room, every device that is on the internet right now.’
In that one sentence, Mike officially gave the enemy the needed points to fight AGAINST HIS efforts and boy did they system run with it. The left and deep state will ALWASY use Personal Private Information as the way to keep integrity from happening (PPI – Mike’s own words nailed the coffin shut). This entire WMD mega promotion has launched even another war with the left. Try this on for size:

“Kentucky officials have since said that using the Wi-Fi monitoring devices in polling booths is likely a felony punishable by one to five years in jail.”
As conservatives we have never had control of the media, but what we can do is control ourselves. Controlling ourselves, to me for this article means, we need to stop unintentionally aiding and abetting our sworn enemies.

When surveying the election landscape, I have come to believe we lose more in this battle due to our own hands than actually losing to the deep state and nefarious actors. We all need to consider HOW we are aiding and abetting the left and allowing them to destroy our great Constitutional Republic.

If you want to improve your knowledge base on our elections and help move the needle, maybe our FireAxe.Academy is for you!

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