Home Economy Dave Brat: McCarthy just assumed the white house position [budget].

Dave Brat: McCarthy just assumed the white house position [budget].

The conservative house budget...trims off only $4T of the $50T (8%) debt window over ten years...Russ Vought’s original position which carves $17T off of a $50T (34%) debt over ten years.

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MAY 30TH, 2023

Part 4

Screenshot (23) Edited
Screenshot (23) Edited

1:40—the chart shows that another $2T per year are locked into our budget another debt driven sugar high.

Top left of chart the graphs start at 1,600 [on the y axis] is $1.6T which is ¼ of the budget which is $6.4T.
This is the discretionary part of the budget divided between defense and non-defense.

CBO baseline is gobbledygook intended to make politicians look good.

3:00 black dotted line is white house proposal.

But they never put out a budget so we don’t know what that graph represents. But the white house position during negotiations is to keep the status quo, a $6.5T budget

3:20 DB and the red line is the budget that we just passed (editor-not voted on yet but McCarthy and Biden agreed on it). McCarthy just assumed the white house position [budget].

3:30 DB The green line is the conservative house budget. It’s no that conservative in that it trims off only $4T of the $50T (8%) debt window over ten years.

3:50 The green line on the chart looks like an improvement but it is no where near Russ Vought’s original position which carves $17T off of a $50T (34%) debt over ten years.

4:02 DB you negotiate from Vought’s position so you get a real win, or you tell everyone in congress that green line you lock in ahead of time, and sign your name in a blood oath six months ahead of time, so we don’t run into this total catastrophe we just run in.

4:32 SB-Barris this is about Maga- these are the principles we stand by. And now we are in a gunfight. Show us the math about where we are now with the Republican establishment..

Screenshot (24) Edited
Screenshot (24) Edited

4:50 Barris-Texas 12th district Forth Worth area its very educated for a Republican area. If there are going to be more traditional Republicans who would be anti Maga, you would see it in this district.

5:18 B-we pulled the primary. Trump is above 50 even in this district. If you are a Republican, America first vs traditional is the former-83% Hispanics support America first

Non white growing group of republican party has no attraction to traditional republicans.

6:30 This also is why some Republicans did not do as well as Trump did in Texas.

Zappata count-down south in Texas

Everywhere we asked this question, Hispanics are overwhelmingly for America first.

This deal on the debt ceiling isn’t popular with Republicans.

The education groups are not changing. College grad still back Trump.

7:40 SB changing topic as Russ Vought comes on to show-as Dan Bishop said bright red districts with squishy Republicans that are voting against your interests.

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