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Inflation “Reduction” Bill to Unleash TAX TERRORISM Upon the American People

by USA Citizens Network
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BY HEALTHRANGER // 2022-08-08

Accelerating the total destruction of America — exactly as planned — Democrats gleefully passed the so-called “Inflation Reduction Act” that even Bernie Sanders says won’t reduce inflation. Because inflation is the product of an expanded money supply — see Inflation.news to stay informed — this massive government spending bill will only increase inflation while handing out hundreds of billions of dollars to the green energy sector, IRS agents and wealthy corporations. One of the most alarming aspects of the bill is the $80 billion that’s earmarked to hire 87,000 new IRS agents, unleashing “tax terrorism” against the American working class while the wealthy elite continue to pay almost nothing in taxes. Although these 87,000 new IRS agents will likely spend a few years just opening the backlog of mail currently piling up in IRS offices across the country, at some point they will turn their attention to America’s working class, weaponizing the IRS to target conservatives, small business owners, Trump supporters, Christian churches and pro-2A non-profits. (Note, too, that the math on this comes out to nearly $1 million per IRS worker…) Under Democrat control, of course, every institution of Big Government becomes a weapon to be wielded against their political opposition. The IRS was already weaponized under Obama (remember Lois Lerner?), and now under the Obiden regime, the IRS is going to be transformed into a domestic terrorism organization much like the FBI, a criminal cartel that plots and carries out terrorism attacks in America in order to heighten its own importance while placing the blame on “extremism” (which the FBI defines as anyone who believes in America).

The federal government doesn’t need any tax dollars to fund itself… it’s all a grand hoax.

You may be wondering why the IRS needs to collect taxes at all if the federal government can simply print money (via the Federal Reserve, a private banking cartel) whenever it wants. Why does the government need to collect tax dollars from taxpayers if it owns a currency printing machine with apparently no limits? The answer should be obvious: Taxes are about keeping you impoverished, not providing revenue to the government. The government can whip up more fiat currency whenever it likes. The point of taxes is to force America’s workers into a brutal pit of financial slavery from which they can never escape. If the government allows people to keep what they earn, some people might decide to stop working after a while, especially if they could set aside money that didn’t keep losing value. Thus, the way to keep the slave worker con going is to keep stealing the savings of the working masses through inflation and money printing. It is the planned impoverishment of the American people that actually drives taxation policies. The US Treasury and Federal Reserve have perfected the shackles that bind the financial limbs of the American worker, and they are hiring 87,000 more tax terrorists in order to make sure those shackles remain securely attached to their tax farm slaves.

Government handouts are all about rewarding their political friends and punishing political opposition.

This absurdly-named “Inflation Reduction Act” also hands out tens of billions of dollars in subsidies to so-called “green energy” companies whose solutions still don’t work (as Western Europe is horrifically discovering). EV manufacturers (electric car companies) cemented their $7,500 per-vehicle federal tax credit, meaning US taxpayers are subsidizing electric vehicles that rely on lithium and cobalt that’s usually mined using slave labor in oppressive nations where wages are dirt-low and worker safety is practically non-existent. Tens of billions will also be handed out to hydrogen and solar companies, even though solar can’t power trucks, tractors or trains, and hydrogen power is a pipe dream, as no hydrogen infrastructure exists to power much of anything. The bill did take a slight whack at Big Pharma, “allowing” Medicare to negotiate prices on 10 prescription medications beginning in 2026. This negotiation, of course, will be a crooked affair from the start, since government regulators and almost entirely on Big Pharma’s payroll, and the pharmaceutical industry runs Congress and Big Media. This means Big Pharma’s prescription medication monopoly pricing will continue for the next four years as America is plunged into financial collapse and currency hyperinflation (likely combined with asset deflation at the same time).

It’s business as usual on the USS Titanic as the ship continues to sink
The bottom line? The Inflation Reduction Act is just more business as usual on the slippery deck of the USS Titanic Swamp Ship, which is already mortally wounded and taking on the salty water of unending debt, far faster than it can ever be bilge pumped out. It is now abundantly clear that the United States of America will print money to the point of oblivion and then suffer a catastrophic collapse that will wipe out the savings and virtual assets of most Americans, turning a once-great nation into a third world hellhole. Exactly as planned, in other words. The Democrats are doing the bidding of the CCP and the Marxist globalists who only need to take down the USA to complete their global domination plans for one world government, run by communists and fascists. Get full details in today’s Situation Update podcast via Brighteon.com: Brighteon.com/873d2249-b72c-41b3-83d0-7eaeed010e5d

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