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Joe Vichot Interviews Alvin Lui on Indoctrination Masquerading as Education

by USA Citizens Network
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“My great grandfather ran from communism. The people that dragged him out of his little bakery shop and beat him weren’t soldiers. They were college kids, the red guard. And I see that is what they are creating now with a lot of these kids.” Alvin Lui

Link to Alvin Lui’s website:


6:20–We have to stop weaponizing parents’ kindness against their children by using the Marxist’s lies that if you don’t let a man call himself a woman (trans gender), they will kill themselves.

This Marxist ideology results in the mutilation of children. While they say they are not, when they are, and all the while they say how good it is, that they are doing it, how safe it is, how happy it makes them; that is, the weaponizing of kindness.
It’s a mixture of emotional blackmail: weaponizing your kindness, throwing lies, and bunk science.
And the next thing you know, you ask: how did we get here? We allow minors to sterilize themselves with drugs, getting their healthy breasts cut off, and making them lifelong medical patients. Then calling it love and inclusion.

We got here because parents are afraid to talk reality.

Stop calling him a her.

It’s a guy pretending to be a woman, pushing an ideology. You have to be brave enough to say that.

#Joe Vichot #Alvin Lui #transgender #marxism

Please refer to the transcript below if you want to follow along during the interview or save a copy for yourself.

Alvin lui Transcript 3.13.23
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