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The Great Reset Is NOW In Full Swing

Klaus Schwab is the founder of the global organization World Economic Forum. You should read their mission statement "hyperlinked above." In a nutshell, the WEF's mission is to strip the wealthy nations of their riches and redistribute them to the poor to equalize every country. Again, it has already begun

by USA Citizens Network
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The Great Reset Is NOW In Full Swing
NOVEMBER 21, 2022
If you’re like most people, discussing politics is a taboo topic you avoid at all costs.

With our annual Thanksgiving dinner rapidly approaching and the relatives showing up, this year will likely be one for the record books. Uncle Ned and Aunt Maybell will be fuming and angry that the trip to your house two years ago cost them $85 less than it did today. This will set off a conversation about “why” gasoline cost so much more today than it did a couple of short years ago.

Cousin David (a freshman in college) will chime in that it is good because of global warming, and now people are driving less. Then he will add some incoherent statements about Vladimir Putin, Ukraine, and greedy oil companies. Ned will raise his voice in frustration and cry “bull-shipping,” and your grandmother will say, “can’t we just all get along?” Let the indigestion begin! Let’s hope nobody throws the gravy bowl across the table.

So, why are oil prices so high? Why is Joe Biden making it his life’s mission to force us into poverty by shutting down our coal industry and coal-fired electrical power grids, then to add more misery to our already painful life, making us purchase a Tesla?

Let’s “REVERSE ENGINEER” this entire mystery; then, it should make sense. What is the ultimate goal of a “liberal vegan with a man bun” from California or New York? Keep in mind that these guys and gals are now in a powerful position on a global scale. They earn stupidly high salaries, wear Birkenstock shoes imported from Italy, drive Teslas, and live in a very expensive condo on Madison Avenue in New York City. They recycle everything and believe America has raped, pillaged, and plundered the earth’s resources. These are the same people who have protested irrigation from rivers in California because of a small fish they believe to be endangered. Never mind that farmer who has 1200 acres of broccoli that he can’t water, and he will be bankrupt this fall because he won’t have any crops to sell. Make no mistake; these man-buns driving scooters have seized control because of their activism.

The one thing “THEY ALL” have in common is they believe in the economic equalization of all humanity. America is too wealthy (of course, don’t take their money, they have to pay for their $75,000 Tesla), Africa is too poor, and we should be stripped of our wealth. The Koch Brothers are the spawn of Satan, along with Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, Donald Trump, Mark Cuban, and the rest of America’s Billionaire Boy’s club. It doesn’t matter that these people employ hundreds of thousands of employees, with billions being shelled out in payroll annually.

Now we have to achieve our goal. We must strip America of much of its wealth. Oh, America isn’t alone; they are going after the British Commonwealth and many nations in Europe, such as Germany, France, the Dutch, and more.

These plans for a “Great Reset” have been underway for decades. This is not a new anomaly. What is new is “they have nearly completed the plans, and we are now witnessing them carried out” in real-time. THE GREAT RESET (once considered a conspiracy theory) is no longer a conspiracy; it is genuine.

Klaus Schwab is the founder of the global organization World Economic Forum. You should read their mission statement “hyperlinked above.” In a nutshell, the WEF’s mission is to strip the wealthy nations of their riches and redistribute them to the poor to equalize every country. Again, it has already begun.

They have begun accomplishing their goal primarily through “Global Climate Change.”

When Barack Obama entered the White House, America was a mere (said sarcastically) $9 Trillion in debt. Today? We are now at over $31 Trillion in debt. America’s economic strength has been vastly diminished, as has our industrial base, which was the primary reason we were so economically strong.

Take away our gold, take away our energy independence, make us reliant on Venezuela, Saudi Arabia, and Oman and ship our wealth to these nations, and what do we have left? Our manufacturing has gone to China, our cash to the Middle East, and we are now rapidly becoming a consumer nation with a collapsing dollar. Force our government to accept a theory that the earth is about to burn up, and you have, in effect, cratered our ability to earn a living.

If that is not bad enough, it gets worse. It is now being reported that the top nations have decided to pay “REPARATIONS” to the 3rd world countries for the sins of our polluting the earth and causing “Global Climate Change.”

America will now send United States Dollars to Pakistan, the Congo, Sudan, Botswana, and many other 3rd world countries because we dared to become successful and create a vibrant, economically healthy nation.

The simple truth is our nation is under attack. We are being invaded on our Southern Borders, we are being economically stripped of our wealth, and we are being sent to the poor house. And it is all due to a flawed ideology that “everyone can be equal and should be equal.” The sad truth is this, “the hippies from the 1970s” are now in charge, and they are destroying this once great nation.

This winter, we will see record-high energy prices on the Northeast Seaboard for heating oil. When Biden has completed the shutdown of our coal production, many of our electric power companies will be forced to shut down, causing electricity shortages, and millions of homes will be in a brownout situation and cold.

The only remaining question is this; how much more is America willing to put up with before the people say, “we have had enough, and we ain’t taking it no more?”

By Ken Crow

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