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Meet The Launderer For The Deep State IRS

by USA Citizens Network
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Meet The Launderer For The Deep State IRS
NHLiberty Published September 16, 2022 28 Views

“US Attorney Durham will be releasing information not just on the Russian investigation that was orchestrated by the FBI and the Deep State but the laundering of their empire, evidence that I gave to US Attorney Durham and The President. The evidence in this video will show that the IRS is the laundering center for the corrupt along with banking departments across the country. You will hear a recording from the Inspector General of TIGTA Tim Campus and Agent Tom Morley talking about a mole in my office. As you may know the IRS and the Deep State are leveraging the President I fear the President is leveraging them back with my evidence. This is beyond politics is about the welfare of the people. We live under the rule of organized crime this evidence opens the door.” – Mike Gill

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