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The Goal of the “Elite” with All Their Climate Hysteria is to Wipe Out the Food Supply and Depopulate the Planet

by USA Citizens Network
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The goal of the “elite” with all their climate hysteria is to wipe out the food supply and depopulate the planet

Monday, August 08, 2022 by: Ethan Huff

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(Natural News) If the globalists get their way, everyone in the world who is beneath them and their ever-expanding control structure will be forced as slaves to eat bugs, fake meat and junk food for the rest of their miserable lives. And the way the globalists plan to accomplish this is by destroying the existing world order, including its economies and supply chains and eliminating all family farms while ushering in a “Great Reset” and New World Order – all in the name of fighting “climate change.”

Some people are still woefully oblivious to the true agenda behind the change, one component of which involves eliminating human access to meat and other nutritious foods. What we are seeing happen right now with anti-meat campaigns and the push for humans to eat crickets and other bugs instead is a prominent example of this. (Related: The Canadian government is spending millions to build a massive insect processing plant, which is supposedly earth-friendly.)

Another example is the so-called “Food Compass” created by the Friedman School of Nutrition Science and Policy. Unveiled in late 2021, this Great Reset tool discourages the consumption of any foods that come from animals, including meat and butter, and steers people towards ultra-processed foods instead.

The Food Compass alleges that Frosted Mini Wheats, for instance, is three times healthier than all-natural ground beef. The sugar-laden cereal was given a score of 87 out of 100 compared to 26 out of 100 for ground beef.

The guide also claims that other toxic cereals like Lucky Charms, as well as M&Ms, are healthier than a whole egg fried in butter with cheddar cheese and ground beef.

“Based on this tool,” says Dr. Joseph Mercola, “you’ll be healthier if you replace whole egg, cheddar cheese and ground beef with candy.”

You will live in misery and die
All of the so-called “foods” pushed in the Food Compass are toxic and health-destroying, while all of the foods the guide says to avoid produce health and vitality. Why do you think that might be?

The answer is that the soft-kill guidelines in the Food Compass are already depopulating the world while brainwashing the next generation of people into thinking that meat and butter are unhealthy.

There is already a very strong vegetarian and vegan agenda being pushed in academia, the media, and even some religious groups. People are being told that if they eat meat or eggs or animal fat, their arteries will clog up and they will die.

Eating fake meat from Bill Gates-invested Beyond Meat, on the other hand, is a “sustainable” way to stay healthy while protecting the planet against global warming – see how it works?

The latest fiasco with the Dutch government’s attempt at eradicating cattle farmers from the country represents the next phase of the globalists’ forced transition away from meat. Since not enough people have voluntarily gone vegan, the powers that be are going to force them into compliance.

“This ‘green’ policy will cut livestock production in the country by 30% in the next year, put farmers out of business, and force them to sell their land,” Mercola writes about the situation in The Netherlands.

“Since The Netherlands is the largest meat exporter in the European Union, it will also result in meat shortages around the world. According to Dutch Parliament member Thierry Baudet, this ‘green’ policy is really a thinly veiled excuse for a land grab.”

All of this aligns with the script of the Great Reset as outlined by World Economic Forum (WEF) head Klaus Schwab. The agenda is to weaken producing countries, dilute their nationalism by flooding them with immigrants, and eventually stealing the land and turning the civilization that once existed there into rubble.

The latest news about the climate change psy-op can be found at Climate.news.

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