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Covid-19 Overview: Past, Present and Future with Dr Shankara Chetty

by USA Citizens Network
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Streamed live on Jun 4, 2022

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Dr Shankara Chetty stood against the COVID-19 pandemic, bridging the gap of knowledge for his community in semi-rural South Africa. His 8th day strategy of medication, protected the lives of over 10,000 patients with no deaths. He is a committed, experienced Family Practitioner, with a broad diversity of patients, offering a wide range of outpatient services over the past 19 years. He has a deep passion and respect for Nature and its Laws, and its little nuances that make every individual unique. He has spent his academic life studying its workings, and his life, observing its power and ultimate control. That respect and understanding is carried over to every individual patient requiring his assistance. Dr Chetty also is the current Vice President to “Doctors Federation for the World” and we will discuss more about this vision during the talk. Always inspiring and educational to listeners. Contact Dr Chetty Here: https://8days.org/ Doctors Federation for the World here: https://doctorsfederationfortheworld….

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