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As Evidence of Harm Mounts, Silence Becomes Reprehensible!

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As Evidence of Harm Mounts, Silence Becomes Reprehensible!

August 12, 2023

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2024 Election Barack Obama Biden Crime Family Biden Disasters CCP COVID-19 California Biolab Censorship Constitution Covid Crimes DoJ Hunter Biden Joe Biden Liberty Pfizer

As Evidence of Harm Mounts, Silence Becomes Reprehensible!

by Maggie Thorp JD and Jim Thorp MD | Aug 12, 2023 | Health, Politics

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Who knew reading the news would become so gut-wrenching? Almost daily, reports emerge of yet another athlete suffering a terrifying medical episode. Young athletes are being stricken in increasing numbers by a seemingly invisible force.

Recently, Women’s World Cup soccer star Linda Caicedo, only 18 years old, reportedly collapsed on July 27, 2023, while jogging at a training event in Sydney, Australia.1 As I watched this vibrant young woman clutch her chest and drop to the ground, a sick feeling formed in the pit of my stomach. According to mainstream media, Caicedo was battling fatigue and stress. However, she tragically collapsed a second time just three days later,2 raising questions about the cause.

Last week brought more distressing news. Denver Broncos wide receiver, K.J. Hamler, has reportedly been diagnosed with a heart condition known as pericarditis3 and will be taking a break from football.4 Professional tennis player Yibing Wu reportedly collapsed in a tennis match at the Citi DC Open, having suffered a similar collapse at Wimbledon only a month ago.5 The list could go on. This week sad news surfaced of the unexpected death of a 19-year-old Liberty University football player, although the circumstances of his death have not been disclosed.6 Today brought horrific news that a standout Alabama high school basketball player has died after collapsing during a workout with his team.7

Excess Deaths Blamed on Political Affiliation

The COVID-19 vaccination status of these young athletes has not been disclosed. Nor is vaccination status even being considered by mainstream media or so-called “experts,” who – unbelievably – are more likely to blame excess deaths on political affiliation than COVID-19 vaccination. This is not hyperbole. National Public Radio recently reported on a Yale study8 claiming that more excess deaths have occurred in Republicans since the rollout of the COVID-19 vaccines, yet this study has been criticized.9 Meanwhile, mainstream media fails to mention what the government’s and Pfizer’s own data has shown – COVID-19 vaccines are associated with significant risks, including major complications and death.

The Refusal to Ask Difficult Questions

Despite deafening silence from mainstream media, many have concerns that the COVID-19 injections are playing a role in the growing number of medical incidents experienced by athletes. Whether vaccines might be contributing could be readily determined, at least initially, by inquiring into the vaccination status of those who fall ill. But no “expert” or mainstream media outlet has dared to make such a suggestion. The lack of inquiry is a startling failure on multiple levels – asking this one simple question could lead to preventative measures which might help protect athletes who have received the COVID-19 vaccine from heart injury or even death. Given that the CDC10 and American College of Cardiology11 have both disclosed that COVID-19 vaccines can and do cause myocarditis and heart damage, isn’t inquiry regarding vaccine status ethically responsible?

Mainstream media’s silence and refusal to inquire about these athletes’ COVID-19 vaccination status is a red flag. If sudden deaths were occurring in the absence of COVID-19 vaccination, mainstream media would be shouting from the rooftops, blaming the incidents on a failure to get vaccinated. If you doubt the foregoing, recall the vitriol, blame, and shame that mainstream media collectively unleashed on the unvaccinated in 2021.

Evidence Mounts that COVID-19 Vaccine-Induced Heart Damage Could Be Recurrent or Long-Term

Meanwhile, evidence mounts that heart damage caused by the COVID-19 vaccines is not actually rare or transient – as the CDC has previously claimed. High-performing athletes may be particularly afflicted for reasons not yet fully understood. Rather than transient, evidence mounts that vaccine-induced heart damage is ongoing and recurring. A Hong Kong research study published on July 31, 2023, which followed a cohort of children and adolescents who developed COVID-19 vaccine-induced myocarditis for up to a year, reports that over half of the study’s participants had abnormal heart findings during the follow-up period, causing the authors to conclude that “the long-term cardiovascular outcomes remain unclear.”12 Another 2023 research study describes two adolescent males who experienced a recurrence of myocarditis after they had supposedly made a full clinical recovery from a prior episode of COVID-19 vaccine-induced myocarditis.13 The study authors call for more efforts to understand the underlying mechanisms of myocarditis after COVID-19 vaccination, including risk of relapse and the long-term effects.14

As the Evidence of Harm Mounts, Silence Becomes Reprehensible

Ongoing risks associated with the COVID-19 vaccines are becoming irrefutable, which makes ongoing silence about the dangers ethically and morally reprehensible. It almost seems as if the vaccines act as dose-related immunologic time bombs in some people. Yet, the medical-industrial complex continues its relentless pushing of the shots – even in pregnancy – refusing to admit that risks are far greater than initially understood. Those still pushing the shots show no remorse or contrition for mandating an experimental shot that has injured and killed many.

Most doctors who blindly pushed the vaccine on their unsuspecting patients have shown no contrition, no compassion, and no admission of accountability – despite taking an oath to do no harm. Obstetricians and gynecologists largely show no remorse over breaking the golden rule of pregnancy by pushing an untested experimental medicine on their pregnant patients. Unbelievably, many, if not most, doctors are still pushing the COVID-19 vaccines in the face of irrefutable harms – when they should be asking the difficult and unpopular questions, providing informed truthful consent, and upholding their Hippocratic oath.

Why do so few doctors publicly acknowledge the dangers of the COVID-19 vaccines? The simple answer – speaking out can have profoundly negative and life-shattering consequences. We now live in an age where simply speaking the truth is an act of civil disobedience, if not outright treason. Just ask any number of doctors who have been fired or professionally threatened for questioning the safety of the COVID-19 vaccines. Interestingly, as public reports of COVID-19 vaccine injuries increase, so do draconian attempts to silence doctors and others who warn that the COVID-19 vaccines can be dangerous.

Doubling Down on a False “Safe and Effective” Narrative?

Physicians who go against the tide and speak out about the dangers of the COVID-19 vaccines risk being fired, whether their stance on COVID-19 vaccines is formally cited by the institution as a reason or not. Take, for example, the recent firing of high-risk obstetrician-gynecologist and maternal-fetal medicine physician, Dr. James A. Thorp. While his former employer fired him under a no-cause provision in his employment agreement, it is hard to overlook the fact that Thorp’s firing took place after he made multiple high-profile media appearances challenging the safety of the COVID-19 vaccines in pregnancy, including U.S. Senate testimony in December of 2022,15 and an appearance on Fox News’s Tucker Carlson (before Tucker’s own firing).16 Perhaps just another coincidence – but I’ve never been a big believer in coincidences, including many of the sudden death “coincidences” occurring around the globe after the COVID-19 vaccines were mandated. More recently, Dr. Renata Moon, a board-certified pediatrician who also testified in the U.S. Senate in December of 2022 and has publicly challenged the safety of the vaccines, was fired, although Dr. Moon’s anti-COVID-19 vaccine position was reportedly cited by her now-former employer as a reason for her firing.17

Regardless of official reasons given for any physician firing, hospitals have zero financial incentive to challenge the CDC and HHS narrative that the COVID-19 vaccines are “safe and effective” – but tremendous financial incentive to blindly follow along. According to a publicly accessible CDC website, which reports on federal funds paid by HHS to healthcare providers through various COVID-related relief fund acts,18 as of August 2, 2023, SSM Health Care St. Louis (which employed and fired Thorp) has received a whopping $135,080,592 in federal money – more than one-tenth of a billion dollars.19 SSM Health is hardly alone. According to the CDC site, a total of 421,726 healthcare providers have received and accepted at least one federal COVID-related relief payment, and $178 billion has been made available to healthcare providers as federal COVID-related relief money.20 These staggering numbers shed light on the extent to which hospitals and providers within the U.S. medical system have been financially incentivized to follow the CDC and HHS narrative about the COVID-19 vaccines.

The gross financial incentivizing of U.S. hospitals and healthcare providers by the CDC and HHS begs thorny questions: What if the CDC and HHS are dead wrong about the safety of the vaccines – which seems to be more likely with each passing day? What should be expected of the 420,000+ hospitals and healthcare providers who sold out to the federal government and received financial incentives despite now overwhelming evidence that the COVID-19 vaccines are not safe or effective? How can doctors who work for these systems give truthful consent and uphold their Hippocratic oath without risking the loss of their careers? How do we identify and help those most at risk when these experimental shots have been injected into more than 80% of the U.S. population?21 How does the system begin to unwind such a colossal disaster? These questions underscore the resistance of anyone who has been involved at any level to admit the truth – the COVID-19 vaccines can be dangerous and even deadly.

Telling the Truth – An Ethical Question

The firing of healthcare workers who challenge the safety of the COVID-19 vaccines begs a probing question that each physician and hospital administrator – who can no longer ignore that the COVID-19 vaccines are dangerous – must ask themselves: Are you willing to lose your job or funding to give a patient informed consent and potentially save a patient’s life?

The question is a poignant one. More and more doctors are now quietly questioning the safety of the COVID-19 vaccines, but few seem willing to risk their profession, income, and livelihood to speak the truth about the risks and dangers. The personal and professional costs are enormous for such an act of “civil disobedience.” Those who have spoken out have been met with public ridicule, professional threats, job loss, loss of income, and even estrangement from family members, friends, and colleagues. Consider also that many doctors are saddled with mountains of medical school debt and tasked with financially caring for their families. As such, they become trapped in the false narrative and beholden to corporate hospital systems and invisible government third parties (like HHS, CDC, and others) who pull the strings. And all the while, we were told this was about science?

Consider the following: Every movement away from truth brings you closer to darkness – where fear, confusion, and obfuscation reside. Lies always beget more lies – as anyone who has ever told a lie soon discovers – eventually snowballing out of control and leaving you trapped. Lies ensnare, suppress, and corrupt. From lies about the origins of COVID-19 to statements now proven to be blatantly false (recall we were told that the vaccinated become a “dead end” for transmission of the virus),22 over the last few years, we have witnessed the foregoing firsthand.

Fortunately, the converse is also true. Every movement towards truth, however seemingly small, brings you closer to light. Truth engenders truth. The more the truth is spoken, the easier it becomes to speak, even in the face of persecution. Truth takes on a breath and life of its own. Truth is grace. Every move towards truth reveals more truth – where transparency, hope, and freedom can be found.

Never underestimate the power each of us has to effect change, no matter how small. What will your choice be?


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Maggie Thorp JD and Jim Thorp MD
Maggie Thorp JD and Jim Thorp MD
Maggie Thorp is a commercial litigation attorney and legal writer-commentator whose law practice has involved both corporate bad faith and corporate fraud. She is licensed to practice law in both the State of Florida and State of Illinois, and has practiced in both the Northern and Middle U.S. District Courts of Florida, as well as before the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 11th Circuit. Most recently, she returned to academia to pursue a Master’s Degree at Duke Divinity School just prior to the onset of the pandemic, obtaining her degree in 2022. In addition to the practice of law, Maggie currently writes about the ethical and legal implications of the modern medical-industrial complex, including the widespread corruption of US government and the censorship of free speech.

Dr. Jim Thorp is a Board-Certified Obstetrician Gynecologist and Maternal Fetal Medicine Physician with over 43 years of obstetrical experience. While serving as a clinician his entire career, he has also been active in clinical research, with approximately 200 publications. Dr. Thorp has seen over 22,800 high-risk pregnancies in the past three years. He has served as a reviewer for major medical journals, has served on the Board of Directors for the Society of Maternal Fetal Medicine, and also served the American Board of Obstetrics & Gynecology. He served in the United States Air Force as an Obstetrician Gynecologist, having been awarded a Health Professions Scholarship for his medical school education. Dr. Thorp testified in the US Senate under the Bush administration in 2003 for his expertise in treating the fetus as a patient with in-utero therapies. Most recently, Dr. Thorp has focused his research efforts on the COVID-19 pandemic and published several peer-reviewed scientific publications documenting the dangers of the vaccine in women of reproductive age and in pregnancy. His publications demonstrate that the COVID-19 “vaccination” experiment has been one of the greatest disasters in the history of medicine.

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