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Excess deaths persist

0.7 of the deaths in the United Kingdom were attributable to covid. And yet percentages of excess deaths in the United Kingdom and around the world remain high. I feel a bit like the voice of one crying in the wilderness here where is the mainstream media where are the politicians ?

by USA Citizens Network
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Excess deaths persist

Dr. John Campbell

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US and EU excess mortality persists in May 2023

More detail on the situation in Australia,


Our world in data




May 2023, excess deaths, +2.9% (8,100 excess deaths)

Above the baseline period in 2016-2019)

April it was +3.3%

May 2022, 8% (31,100 excess deaths)

May 2021, 10.7% (48,700 excess deaths)

May 2020, 3.1% (9,700 excess deaths)


Week ending 28 July 2023 (Week 30)

9,684 deaths registered in England and Wales

63 of these deaths mentioned novel coronavirus (COVID-19),

accounting for 0.7% of all deaths.

Of the 63 deaths involving COVID-19 in Week 30,

61.9% (39 deaths) had this recorded as the underlying cause of death

Deaths registered in the UK

Week 30 were 11,115

0.8% above the five-year average (91 excess deaths)


John Campbell has A doctorate in nursing and many decades as a nurse caring for patients’ with a wide range of diseases. He has over two million followers on his youtube channel. he has avoided being banned by yputube careful analysis of data published in the peer reviewed medical literature.

Currently, 0.7 of the deaths in the United Kingdom were attributable to covid. And yet percentages of excess deaths in the United Kingdom and around the world remain high.

These excess deaths are not attributable to covid.

Where is the mainstream media where are the politicians ?

The Australia situation for excess mortality over the compared to the previous year, 16 percentas of uh April 2023 s

Canada excess deaths down quite a bit but Canada is not known for keeping its data as up to date but let’s let’s wait and see on that one because it’s somewhat inconsistent with other countries

New Zealand again we see excess deaths currently running about eight percent in New Zealand that’s July 2023

Netherlands excess deaths are down they have been up for quite long periods of time let’s hope that Trend in the Netherlands continues

12 excess deaths at the moment and has been high for some time

United Kingdom a little lower this month but on average that’s of July 16th we’re running about what about nine percent excess deaths i

United States again not going down the United States around about eight percent more deaths than we would actually uh expect

subdivisions of that now this is excess mortality in England by uh age group now this is a naught to 24 year old age group and we see that during the pandemic years 2020 2021 less of these younger (24 years) people were dying then as 2021 progressed coincidentally when the vaccine program increased t

the covid vaccine program in Greece the the excess deaths increased in that in that age group so now we have excess deaths in this younger age group well above what we would expect compared to previous years

the adult age group 25 to 49 older age group even more pronounced we see the excess deaths are high in the 50 to 64 year old age group

this is causes of death now this one here is a heart failure and we see that deaths from heart failure were higher in the pandemic as we would expect because we know that SARS coronavirus 2 can attack The myocardium of course we also know that Spike protein can attack The myocardium and Trigger autoimmune reactions in The myocardium and myocardial failure of course will cause a heart failure but we see that heart failure deaths remain high

now this is respiratory diseases now if these had been post-covered sequelae we would expect a lot of deaths from respiratory diseases but it’s not

even into 2023 less people dying of other respiratory diseases

European Union excess mortality these figures are up to date up to May 2023 from eurostat and this is a reliable collecting agency so may 2023 excess deaths overall of Europe 2.99 2.9 percent but of course this doesn’t take into account the fact that the Western European countries have got higher Death Rates than this

Eastern European countries like Romania Hungary Bulgaria much lower what was it eight or nine percent less than we would expect so this would be a much higher figure were it not for the Eastern European countries bringing that figure down again no explanation given by mainstream

Excess Mortality in England by cause of Death

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Australia excess deaths

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