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Is Corporate Fascism and Election Funny Business Behind Green Agenda in South Dakota?

by USA Citizens Network
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Is Corporate Fascism and Election Funny Business Behind Green Agenda in South Dakota?

By The Lindell Report, 08 June, 2023

Jessica Pollema
South Dakota canvassing group
Cancel electronic machine contract

Is Corporate Fascism and Election Funny Business Behind Green Agenda in South Dakota?

11,32 caste vote records don’t exist

Tragedy and Hope: A History of the World in Our Time by Carroll Quigley . The Harvard professor published this book in 1960s. And it remains influential regarding its main thesis that it is the ultimate insider admission of a secret global elite that has impacted nearly every modern historical event. Learn how the Anglo-American banking elite were able to secretly establish and maintain their global power.

Branon Howse (BH), the Frank speech commentator said that the author was identifying back in the 1960s that the American two-party agenda was an illusion: there were socialists communist or constitutionalists and patriots.

He said that Throw the bums out will not change the agenda—two party agenda is an illusion: there are socialist-communists or constitutionalists and patriots.

1400 Republicans push carbon capture—one family is tied to these corporations including Governor Kristi Nome

1437 pipeline to make jet fuel—capture carbons—use ethanol

1515 McCarthy group, ES&S, Peter Keiwit construction

18:56 JP Keiwit has political agenda.

19:13 JP Gevo has a political agenda. They built more highway lanes in SD than any other contractor. They own a Telecommunications company. ES&S has track record of hiding ownership. And they have a profit motive to get people they want into office. And have broken the law to achieve its goals. Kiewit construction turned into a giant contractor company doing huge government contracts.

19:44 JP ES&S voting machine is tied to the McCarthy group and to Kiewit construction which has a history of lawsuits and bid rigging

21:00 BH They are using voting machines to get what they want?

21;10 JP-They have a proven history of doing that-ES&S is the sole vendor in South Dakota-

21:15 JP-they have big government contracts with the green new deal, carbon zero issue and -South Dakota is ground zero for what is going on in country.

2141 JP The carbon net zero scam-and the land theft with the farmers

21:53 JP Former South Dakota GOP chair, Dan Lederman, is lobbying for a summit and is registered agent for Saudi Arabia-paid $10k monthly-contractor green new deal contract is Keiwit construction.

23.04 Kyle Peters is Gov Nome son in law lobbyist bold project

2400 GEVO Corp article on internet-build plant South Dakota renewable energy globalist climate goals

2455 GEVO partners

2541 Bible says one man’s side of the story seems right until you hear the other side.

2550 this looks like nepotism, a good old boy network

2604 largest investment in South Dakota history with sustainable fuel facility and first billion dollar project in government’s time

2618 these projects get gov subsidies and it is the only way they survive including federal subsidies-with the pipeline there is no product-it’s a scam.

2642 Brannon Howse (BH) there is no product- carbon capture -they capture plant food-there is no product -they are being paid federal money, state money, to dig holes, lay pipeline-what will they do with this co2 produced?

2716 Jessica Pollema (JP) Gevo is commercializing the next generation of diesel and jet fuel with the potential to achieve zero carbon emissions and reduce greenhouse gas emissions with sustainable alternatives

2745 JP- how they partnered with Keiwit construction which is one of the top 5 contactors with US government in virtually every energy segment

28:02 JP- the same election group that controls our elections in South Dakota has interests in these projects

2811 BH-say that again- Gevo corporation, the McCarthy group, ES&S voting machine company, Keiwit construction, all tied together in ownership they have complete control of our elections with being the only vendor in the state

The shut off the audit trail

They won’t give us the caste vote records

There is no transparency

A lot of officials that are going along with things that are bad for South Dakota that citizens don’t want and somehow, they are in office and somehow they are going along with all these things voting for things the citizens don’t want and going along with corporations to do the first South Dakota billion dollar project with gov offices with Keiwit construction which is owned by ES&S and the McCarthy group

2914 JP-the McCarthy group owns ES&S and Keiwit construction

They are all across the country in huge projects so just connect the dots.

2926 BH got to this article from oct 2021 yahoo new gevo partner with engineering procurement construction (epc) giant, Keiwit, on its net zero 1 project

It goes into how big these groups are

2948 JP Keiwit has revenues of $12.5B in 2020 extensive experience in delivering projects up to multibillion dollar programs clean innovative energy with net zero goals

3010 BH I come back to this: are they using the captured co2 to manufacture anything?

3025 JP they are supposedly going to making jet fuel with ethanol products for the gevo project

3037 BH do they do this now? Or is it a thesis

3055 JP this is new and proprietary technology and if they have the patients on making jet fuel out of ethanol; I don’t know. I have not done my homework yet but I have tied them to the election machine company which is my realm

3111 JP they have plans to expand net zero greenhouse emissions also using renewable wind power and produce green hydrogen on site so they will use a lot of water and farmers concerned about that

3200 BH slide gevo break ground on largest economic investment in South Dakota history

Gov Krisiti Noem announced a world class sustainable fuel production facility in lake Preston

3218 JP this is part of governors claim that South Dakota is open for business; they say they are doing this for the farmers but in reality it will hurt the farmers

3241 BH watch your back you are a smart girl you do great work

3244 JP I was made aware that there are a lot more connections that I am not aware of

3310 BH I want to get the former speaker of the house in South Dakota Steve Hagar sp? On this he warned me about this years ago.

3326 BH what is your website



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