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Bob Rust Interviews Greg Stenstrom & Leah Hoopes on Vindication of Ballot Fraud Info and Opening Records PA Court Appeals Primary Votes

by USA Citizens Network
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6:51 Greg Stenstrom (GS) it’s no longer a hypothesis; our premise, it’s a proven fact. [election administrators in Delaware County] Substituted valid voter mail in ballots (real ballots) for fake ballots.
The real ballots were destroyed or put in a back room. This changed national and local elections.

7:27 GS they also inserted counterfeit electronic votes into the system.

7:50 GS they inserted counterfeit votes via portable media, USB v-drives.
Those were the two primary methods of fraud.

They concentrated on central counting centers in eight swing states, 32 pivot counties, which is why many people were not aware, or, did not see any fraud. And did not hear about it in their own counties.

8:20 GS Misanthropes that have changed our elections and want to transform our country into something they envision.

10:25 Leah Hoopes (LH) The Jesse Morgan Story goes back to 2020: He is an [Independent] contractor for the United States Postal Service (USPS) and is a WHISTLEBLOWER; during a normal delivery route assignment, he was supposed to pick up printed ballots from Bethpage NY and deliver them to Harrisburg, Pa

11:14 LH you can read the updated story at the American Thinker or the Gateway Pundit: American Thinker: Jesse Morgan and the 200k Missing Ballots — an Update. or HUGE: Postal Service Releases Final Report – Contract Driver Jesse Morgan Vindicated – Report CONFIRMS He Hauled Trailer of Ballots from NY to PA in Late October 2020., Will Jesse Morgan be the HERO to Save Pennsylvania and this Country? – Trump Posted this on His YouTube Account Last Night ( VIDEO).

The Office of the Inspector General of the Postal Service vindicates Jesse. He did transport preprinted ballots from NY to Pa for Chester and Philadelphia. We are talking about 650,000 ballots;

They smeared his name and denied they had him go into Lancaster. They said that he decided, on his own, to go to Lancaster and make-up that story.
They say he made his own decision to take 100s of thousands of ballots prefilled in October 2020, prior to election [of November 2020].

The Government was covering up the story they say they don’t know where the ballots went or where his truck went.

13:34 GS Truck disappeared; Everything that Jesse said was confirmed. I spent 4 days with him and another US Postal worker from Wisconsin, Nathan Peace. He saw us postal workers take more than 100,000 ballots and back dated them and put into the system—in Wisconsin.
These are humble people. They had nothing to gain. Enjoyed their anonymity as did Leah and me before all this happened. Good citizens.
This report is a vindication for Jesse Morgan who was called a liar by Josh Shapiro (who was PA AG at that time and now Pa Governor). And, he also called Leah and me liars.

DA Stoslheinmer and Gov. Shapiro and others called what Jesse, Leah and I said was fiction. This (report) what vindicates Jesse, Leah, and Greg, said. It answers the question: where di all these ballots come from?

Most people are honest; they put in 100s of thousands of ballots over 1 million mail in ballots in pa who would make them up—it required a huge coordination. We said nevertheless this is what we saw. I saw them put through 130,000 fake mail in ballots in Delaware county on election day; we found 70,000 real mail in ballots in the back room unopened. We fought our way into that back room. This is no longer in dispute because the defendants admitted in our lawsuits admitted that they were there. In there own photos they mistakenly included at least 6000 mail in ballots just in one photo.

Not a dispute, but a matter public record; they substituted 100s of thousand mails in ballots.
600,000 went to Philadelphia, 200k to Chester County, and 100s of thousands ballots to more counties in Pa.

This is a huge story. And, I think this is why YouTube backed off last week and said we no longer will delete stories about 2020.
The narrative of safest and most secure election for 2020 has completely fallen apart.

Our book, the Parallel Election, gives a blow by blow account of what they did, how they did it and who did it.

18:00 Bob Rust (BR) What is your endgame how do you plan to bring this to a successful conclusion, and I mean that all this took place.

18:20 LH their strategy is to isolate contain and destroy. With Donald trump, they have isolated him, he is being contained within his own circles, and they want to destroy him and they want to destroy us.

Part of our strategy is to adopt remedies using every branch of government going to judicial branch, executive, and legislative branch, we are exhausting our administrative remedies.
We are combatting on court pro se.

We do our own work investigations. We have our own whistleblowers. We have people doing investigations and eyes and ears everywhere.

1943 LH our strategy IS LOCAL. We don’t think top down, but, bottom up. We fight in our own backyard and that is Delaware county. And we are winning.
We don’t have attorneys; we fight pro se. We do our own investigations and have eyes and ears everywhere.
We plan on using that strategy county by county; and collaborating and using that strategy; we teach people how to do it; we don’t talk about specifics for a reason. and we keep things very very quiet. Part of the strategy is to come on to alternative podcasts and to create a website of our own https://www.patriot.online/.

Part of our strategy is to adopt administrative remedies as US citizens. using every branch of government. Going to the judicial branch, executive and legislative branch.
We are using and exhausting our administrative remedies, and, exhausting our we represent ourselves pro se which means we don’t use attorneys.

20:24 LH Allow people to read truth and put out the evidence that is the undisputed truth.
I would like to discuss what we discovered today. All glory to God. Every time I get really bad feelings, I get chest pressure which is God’s way to tell me that something is about to happen. And sure, enough I woke up at 6am this morning and found a crucial piece of information that will be helpful in federal suit about to file.

21:00 BR -no one has paid you. You are out to get the facts. It is fair to say that you are out to save this country from going in wrong direction by virtue of the capture of our election system.
21:40 LH We are not paid by anyone our circles are small. We would like to go back tour former lives this has been hell, but I feel like we have put on the armor of God. Every morning and we are surrounded by great Christians, patriots, and, citizens, who want to help.
This is a full-time job that changed our lives and we feel blessed we can do this for our country.

22:22 BR Greg what was Leah referring to about 6am this morning.

2227 GS I am not going to steal her thunder. I am going to give her a minute to collect her thoughts. This was up to a minute before the interview. Se can talk briefly about our strategy. Leah described most of this is from the bottom up.

We had to playthings very tight. Never underestimate the play of luck and the role of the spy. And I think that We have been struggling with a number people that we thought we could trust in terms of the calvary. We expected the US AG would come in and help us. We found out he was a traitor and stone-cold liar.

We expected us attorneys’ would come in and do their role. We expected District attorneys, public servants, the FBI, we expected pa legislatures, senators, and, house of representatives to step up.

23:43 GS, continues-not only did they not step up but we found many of them were complicit and are traitors to our country and are involved in this fundamental transformation of our country called it communist, new world order, but, it is a vision they have that is not what our founding fathers and Leah and I envisioned

In terms of strategy, I have been in some of these fights before, in terms of the courage that it took for Leah to step up here. And having been in these fights before of public corruption, and public corruption

I told Leah, that When you do this there are no friends we are going to be on our own. Until what happened in 2020, People are not experienced in fraud and difficult public corruption circumstances, they went to the Shakespeare: cry havoc and let loose the dogs of war.

You had the kraken, the dominion, and grandiose claims, while true, could not support them at the time.

Leah and I, as strategy said stay local, do not cry havoc, when you should be hunt with modest warrant another Shakespeare QUOTE from Coriolanus. When you sit there and have no friends. no resources, you have to sit back in the blind. And, take your shot and take your time.

2520 GS we have to stay committed to that strategy and developed good relationships.
With good people who we come to genuinely love.

Started out in my career thinking most people only change through pain but during this campaign I found out people change through love of their country, family, and are dedicated public servants.

The counter, to isolate, contain, and destroy, which is their overall strategy.

When they go after Trump, impeach, impeach, China, documents, all of this continuous attack by them.
He was anomaly to them. So isolate, contain, destroy: go after Roger stone, me, Paul Manafort, Leah, Jesse.

The counter to that, is connect, engage, and, restore.

27:03 GS with that said Leah has stunning news on FOIA what happened today, and she did not plan for it.

2718 GS the FOIA request what Leah found is just incredible.

2718 LH Greg and I firmly believe that restoring the country through law and order, we firmly believe that our strategy is through the law.

I want to talk about the Dept of Justice. Greg had gone to talk to Bill McSwain on November 7.

Knowing Bill and Bill knows Greg and his background, Bill wanted to intervene, He passed the information to Bill Barr and Bill Barr shut down the investigation just like he did with Tony Schaefer investigating Jesse Morgan.

We have been completely smeared in the media (MSM);

they are using a strategy of isolate, contain and destroy;

they use SLAP auit, strategic litigation against public participation;

Pa has only one type of anti SLAP law against environmental litigation; when you expose public corruption that they can not come after you with litigation.

This what Jim Allen and James Savage are doing. Both work for Delaware county elections and are part of this debacle. Jim Savage is suing Greg and I, President Trump, Mayor Giuliani, Phil Klein, Thomas More Society and Jenna Ellis.

His attorney is going after us vehemently and he is unhinged. Its quite concerning as a US Citizen who is representing themselves.

He just filed a protective order in a discovery court in Philadelphia demanding that the court protect him and his client against us because we are extremists and violent

They want the sheriff to come and remove our firearms until the end of this defamation suit. And also want to sue us for $15,000 for sanctions. Not only does Philadelphia have the Jurists to do that they don’t have the red flag laws that allow a civil court to remove our private property that include our firearms and violate our second amendment rights.

We found that our FOIA request vindicated our evidence and that we were witnesses of a crime and no investigation was completed by law enforcement.

People that are part of this FOIA request specifically, requested in May and previous months someone was requesting communication. Bill McSwain, Richard Donohue, Bill Barr, Jeffrey Rosen, William Levy, like I can go on and on with names .

So this involves the US Attorneys’ office of the Eastern district, this involves the office of the Inspector General, the office of the US Attorney General, the FBI and everybody and their mother, basically, that is in law enforcement.

And in that FOIA request is Greg’s affidavit, pictures of James Savage, our investigation, and evidence which you will see in the book, which we have pictures of, and, a lot of it is redacted, so what this leads to, and, Robert, I am sure that you can attest to it. Somewhere an investigation may have been started and it was stopped.

Bill McSwain reported this in his letter to Trump. He was told to stand down by Bill Barr. And he shut it down. So what happens here for ?private? literally who are being chased down in civil court as criminals.

So what happens here is that if there is a criminal investigation, whether it is through the US attorney General’s office or the attorney general, or the district attorney like Jack Stolsheimer, if there is a criminal investigation which by the way Greg, myself, and, the whistleblower, were never interviewed for, so I don’t know how you you complete a criminal investigation without involving or interviewing the witnesses.

How does that happen I don’t know I guess that you can do it when you are corrupt.

The other part is, that if they are in possession, If they are in possession of exculpatory evidence, this is the Brady violation, that is exculpatory evidence to us that is what we are saying is the truth, and proves our innocence to anything that they are saying we are not.

If there is any impeaching evidence to the witness that they have, that they have a duty to release that investigation. So now they are putting themselves at risk for us to bring forth a federal case to say not only are these Brady violations.

But that they are allowing for US citizens, witnesses, and pro se litigants, to be persecuted in the Unite states of America when they are in possession of the very evidence that we gave them.

33:50 BR-Leah for those who are listening spell out and tell what FOIA means

LH-FOIA in the federal system, the Freedom of Information Act. In Pa, its the right to now request. That is, for State information and commonwealth information. They are very specific things that you can request through the state system but the federal government receives a FOIA request.

Judicial watch are amazing at filing FOIA requests. They keep FOIA requests on their website. I found these FOIA requests by the grace of God. But also through a search on google for my name. A FOIA request from May and March of this year. Its from the Dept of Justice website they are required to show the requests. And the reports, when completed, these are heavily redacted, but, it gives me just enough information to know that Bill McSwain passed along the information like he said he did, to Bill Barr. And, Bill Barr shut it down saying to give that information to Josh Shapiro, then the attorney general [of Pa] who was also on the ballot for 2022 as Governor.

35:42 BR I understand there is a petition about to go forth.

35:50 LH it has actually gone forth and it is sitting in the Commonwealth PA court which is the proper juris for appeals and election law. Greg is the legal genius. We work very well together. We filed along with Joy Schwartz who is a candidate for Delaware county council and her authorized representative, Paul Rumley, one of her [inaudible word] who is also from Delaware county. So we are the four petitioners and [inaudible word] from Delaware COUNTY. SO we are the four petitioners. Bob Rust gives high commendations as a legal paper for writing it.

36:40 LH it is an injunction and we are asking for a special relief because myself, Greg, and Paul Rumley are authorized representatives. Basically, we are the right hand man of the candidates. We have great privileges according to the law in Pa to oversee the election. We saw less than 10,000 ballots being processed in the counting center. And they reported more than 24,000 votes counted by the end. There was obfuscation of the process where the envelopes that had the electors declaration on it, now you couldn’t see where they were going. So again, forensically, it is a destructive process, Which means that you can not recreate the forensic trail. Right after we asked the election official, Jim Allen, if we could go and see where they are taking these envelopes, he pretty much told us to go F ourselves.

38:55 GS That is exactly what he told us from the solicitor and from them.

38:00 LH and when Paul Rumley asked the same question we were pretty much denied to see those envelopes. After the election, through a right to know request, and, Act 77, helped by giving election officials 48 hours to produce requisitions for election materials. And they denied it. So Joy Schwartz and other candidates begin to show this issue to Jim Allen and the solicitor, that she has a right to see and inspect the envelopes, as a candidate, to also request the images down ballot sorter, which takes a picture of the signature of the envelope. It became an absolute debacle. Greg will take it from here because he was present for those shenanigans.

39:02 GS The envelopes after the election are open. These are public records. The Pa open records court just ruled in a Mike Miller case in Lancaster county that the open envelopes and their signatures are public records. It’s not a court, per se, but an open adjudication of the open records act. The records that we are supposed to inspect.

40:00 GS In regard to the petition, we only saw approx. 10,000 votes on the day of the election. By 8PM, they put up, on the screen, there were 24,289 mail in ballots counted. And, that is not true. They are about 17,000 over. Leah, Joy and Paul were there. And we said there are not 24k ballots here.

40:36 GS and if you look at the petition, in the first request for summary relief, we show the two pictures. But, we would like the people in the state to know they have the right to look at these envelopes. What they will find is that many of the voters are unregistered and many of the signatures are forged because of these boiler-room operations with Jesse Morgan. So things are dovetailing here where public officials know Josh Shapiro and he knows.

And I think he is a criminal.

And I will say it; I will say it on the interview.

I think the district attorney Stolsheimer is a criminal.

I think some of these judges are acting criminally. An if they and Jim Allen were not criminal, they would not be stopping us.

They are deranged, unhinged, absolutely, in a panic, in how do we stop Leah and myself and these candidates from looking at these envelopes and signatures.

And why it is key, is that they destroyed all of these envelopes in 2020, 2021, and, 2022. And Leah had Jim Allen, the director of elections, on on the stand, in November 2022.

On October 1, 2022, we filed litigation. Leah had the director elections, Jim Allen, on the stand and he admitted he could not say if the images had been destroyed again. He would not say weather the envelopes had been destroyed again.

So what they do is run these fake envelopes through. They destroy them after the election, spoliation, and here we are today, back again, trying to see these envelopes going through ?sp these criminals.

Josh Shapiro is an illegitimate Governor. He was an illegitimate attorney general. He is a criminal who knows that we know he committed the fraud. And he will do anything from stopping us, from exposing him, as the criminal that he is.

43:26 BR Wow. Ok that is powerful. Those of us who are listening, we are not citizens of Delaware county but we are citizens of our own county. And we do care about our country and fair elections right on down to school board level. How can we help what you are doing?

47:17 LH You can go to https://www.patriot.online/. click on a donate button. We have a https://www.givesendgo.com/.
where you can donate helps us to survive and keep filing these lawsuits. Help us to bring in other people and help us get more resources. you can also buy the Book

I have been doing a blog and updates. It links everything together in laymen’s terms. I would appreciate if people can share the links from
https://www.patriot.online/ and https://www.parallelelection.com/

45:10 BR Lets focus on that whether we are retired, or, at work, we have 100s of people in our networks. We take advantage of that alert people to these websites and this petition.

45:52 LH That is right. Because we popped our head out we are sitting quietly and We are the last people involved. It puts us at a very vulnerable point. We are highly exposed now. We are front and center to our enemy which is clear because they are coming after our constitutional rights which puts our liberty at stake.

It’s a dangerous situation.

We need people to talk about it. We need people to talk to everyone they possibly can. And put our names and evidence out there. And to help support financially as well. It has destroyed our lives. To say the least.

46.55 BR You hung tight. You are persistent and you are better people and making us better people. We need a bit of that gumption to pass on to people at all of those levels.

I am going to take a moment to say in our past primary here we had a slate of 5 Republican candidates who had a lot of money spent on making videos, they were slandered, if they weren’t public figures, candidates, they would have been able to suit and hold the other parties accountable.

I see from this whether it is the teachers union or Soros money, I don’t know but someone is behind this. I connect what you are doing with what is happening here is East Penn school district.

48:10 LH This is what is happening all over the country. They target counties. Everyone asks about the why and the who. Who are the higher ups there is nothing that we can do about them.

What we can do is that We need people to come forward with courage. And we need people to stand fast in their convictions and morals.

They need to fight back. Everyone of these people try to squirrel in and say I cant do this.

We have given up everything. That’s how the idea of the united states became. There is nowhere to go. Everyone thinks that someone is going to step in And they are going to save this country. And the apathy that is happening right now is disgusting.

And quite honestly people should be ashamed of themselves. Because there is no-one coming to save us. We need to stick to our backyards. We need to be involved heavily. We need to stay consistent. We need to have courage. And we need to step forward because there is no place to go. We are the last place of freedom in the world.

49:27 BR-Greg what would you say to that.

49:31 GS I can’t talk about that. I am going to leave it right there.

49:40 BR I am going to add to it. Whether it is a parent or a grandparent in any school district and county, they have real life reasons as to what is being taught at the school board level is pernicious. It’s evil and as you said, if you don’t step up, this has been growing incrementally over time, but, now light is being shed on it, which is what you all are going. Its for the rest of us to get up and do our part.

Enough of my editorializing. I commend both of you, tremendously, and I would like to conclude by asking each of you to give a concluding statement.

50:41 LH I want to read a quote. The true meaning of life and this applies to people who don’t want to talk about their country, or whatever, talking about your family, and making sure that your blood line continues, we all know about Ronald Regan who said that freedom is not passed through the blood stream.

The true meaning of life is to plant trees under whose shade you do not expect to sit.

So it is a duty for the older generation to plant trees for the younger. And as someone who took care of the greatest generation, I did physical therapy, and took care of our veterans. Those men and woman who planted trees. so I could live in a free country. And I have a son that I need to plant trees for (crying). And I have country and he needs to see that his mother stood for what is right. I am ready to go down swinging.

52:02 BR-I don’t think that you are going down. You are swinging that is for sure. And your son can be mighty proud of you. And we can take comfort in ourselves and be your witness.

Greg, what would you conclude this interview with.

52:19 GS I think that if we don’t do something as a community, as people, as children of God, that what we have been blessed with, they are intent on taking away.

And what I see is Leah and my role in this, our role, is to give other people courage.

That’s it. If we could do one thing, I would like people to read Ephesians 6 down through 18. And read about the amour of God. And if you put that on, you will be protected.

And as much as Leah and I have been banged up, I feel protected. And, if the people will do that and envision themselves as warriors for Christ, Warriors for God, they will find that courage. And that is what we want from everybody. That’s it.

53:40 BR well That is profound and fundamental. May the Good lord
help us bring that about. May we be a part of a counter movement that can grow and grow and sweep the this country. And its only due to the people like yourselves who have been willing to give all that you have given during the time that I have known you over several years. At least the history that I have known about again.

I thank you both. With that I thank our audience for hearing us and encourage our audience as you have seen on the screen to follow up in ways that you can help Leah and Greg. And ways that you can help in your own community. I encourage you to do that. And with that, I will say adieu.


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