Delaware County public officials attempted to cover all the envelope signatures with glue-faced tape...The unlawful spoliation, a 3rd degree felony in PA, only ceased after multiple email exchanges

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Second (New) Rule 1532 Special and Summary Relief in Commonwealth Court Case No. 258 MD 2023


Attached are a Petition and two Requests (Applications) for Special and Summary Relief that have been filed with the Commonwealth Court of Pennsylvania to inspect election materials from the May 2023 primary that Delaware County, PA, government officials have refused to produce.

The Petition and subsequent requests for emergency injunction have been brought by Delaware County PA Candidate for County Council, Joy Schwartz, and Authorized Representatives Gregory Stenstrom, Leah Hoopes, and Paul Rumley, to obtain an order from the Court to provide them the expended (opened), absentee Mail In Ballot (MIB) outer envelopes, which include the signatures of each voter (more accurately “qualified elector”), which are public records in accordance with PA Election Reform legislation “Act 77.”

The Defendants are the Acting Secretary of the Commonwealth, Al Schmidt; Delaware County, PA; Delaware County Director of Elections James Allen (in his personal capacity); and Delaware County Chief of Park Police John Diehl (in his personal capacity), who have unlawfully and recalcitrantly denied requests for these public records. When pressed by the initial filing of the attached Petition, Delaware County public officials attempted to cover all the envelope signatures with glue-faced tape, which Plaintiffs saw on the video stream for the Delaware County Wharf central counting center video stream.

The unlawful spoliation, a 3rd degree felony in PA, only ceased after multiple email exchanges between Plaintiff Stenstrom and Defendant Allen, and Delaware County Solicitor William Martin.

Apparently, Director of Elections James Allen had been ordered by Board of Elections Solicitor, J. Manly Parks, who was the former Democratic Party Solicitor and attorney, to spoliate (cover) the envelope signatures. The email exchanges are included in Exhibit A of the Second (New) Request for Relief as well as a proposed order for Defendants to maintain and protect all May 2023 primary election materials from further spoliation or destruction of evidence with a litigation hold.

The originating, underlying Petition will be expanded and amended to include multiple, additional candidates from Delaware County, PA, today (Monday). Four (4) have committed to joining the Petition, with several others expressing interest to be consummated today. Chester County, PA candidates, their representatives, and citizens will be filing similar Petitions and injunctive requests for Special and Summary Relief by Tuesday of this week, and multiple other candidates and citizens will be filing similar litigation by week’s end.

Providing the mail in ballot outer envelopes might seem to be a minor kerfuffle to many citizens, as the ballots have already been extracted and counted, and the election certified Delaware County, despite objections from the Plaintiffs, the GOP Chair, Frank Agovino, and the Board of Elections minority member, John McBlain, this past Thursday, on June 1st, in an almost two hour hotly contested public meeting.

The envelopes cannot be traced back to voters, and the envelopes – with signatures – are public records, as defined by PA election law. Additionally, the electronic, scanned images of the envelopes, and the metadata of when those envelopes were scanned and counted by election officials are also public records, and have been requested by the Plaintiffs.

The crux of the controversy revolves first around the fact that Authorized Representatives Stenstrom, Hoopes and Rumley observed and counted less than 10,000 mail in ballot envelopes on May 16th, 2023, Election Day, and took multiple screen images of camera feeds in the Delaware County Wharf central counting center showing this.

Yet, when the “official” count of mail in ballots went up on the screens in the counting center at 8:05PM, the count was 24,289 mail in ballots, approximately 15,000 more than was observed being counted.

The first image below of the mail in ballot envelope storage area was taken shortly before the counting of mail in ballots was completed on May 16th, 2023, at 11:16AM.

Sometime AFTER election day, another full rack of mail in ballot envelopes and ballots, as well as additional plastic bins with envelopes and ballots, were moved into the counting center, increasing the number of observed mail in ballots and envelopes by a margin of 150-200%, and making up the observed difference of mail in ballots by the Plaintiffs, and the numbers reported by election officials.

The second image below shows the mail in ballot envelope storage area on May 30th, 2023, at 7:13am, with a remarkable increase in the amount of mail in ballot envelopes and ballots.

After the Plaintiffs filed their Petition for relief to see the expended mail in ballot envelopes, the Defendant public officials, at first, relented and offered to comply with election law and show the Plaintiffs the ballots. But, only moments after the Plaintiffs arrived at the appointed time at 10am on Friday morning, June 2nd, 2023, the Defendants reneged on their offer, citing an October 2022 email directive from the Deputy Secretary of the Commonwealth, Jonathan Marks, that envelope signatures were “private,” in contradiction to the PA Legislatures specific language that they were NOT private in Act 77 law.

Shortly after the Plaintiffs departure, the Defendants started spoliating and covering up the envelope signatures until Plaintiff Stenstrom succeeded in demanding they cease and desist. A screenshot of this effort is included below as the last and 3rd image, and a video of the spoliation can be viewed here: Delaware County PA Board of Elections officials taping over mail in ballot signatures

Plaintiffs Stenstrom and Hoopes, along with a previous candidate for the PA 165th District, Nicole Missino, filed similar litigation which also included multiple other complaints that Delaware County election officials had violated election, civil and criminal laws, in falsely certifying election materials, ballots, and voting machines prior to the election, had illegally mailed out 25,000 ballots to unverified voters, and destroyed the envelope images after the election.

Despite a preliminary 9-hour injunctive hearing in that case where Pro Se (self represented) Plaintiffs Missino, Stenstrom and Hoopes spent most of their time battling Delaware County Court of Common Pleas Judge Dozer, and open court admissions by election officials that they had committed the violations of laws listed in the complaint, Dozer ruled that there was “no evidence” for injunctive relief and has since refused to assign a Judge to hear the case, or allow any further hearings, since October 31st, 2022 – seven (7) months ago. Missino, Stenstrom and Hoopes will be seeking relief with the federal Court to hear their case.

Plaintiffs Stenstrom’s and Hoopes’ November 2020 spoliation (destruction of election materials) case where they caught Delaware County election officials admitting they fabricated the entire election, and government officials fabricated false election documents, destroyed all mail in ballot envelope images, and electronically wiped out all election machines, was recently reinstated by the Commonwealth Court of Pennsylvania (case CD 876 2022), after two and a half years of being stricken, quashed, fighting off five (5) sanction attempts Pro Se, and submitting evidence of docket tampering and document forgery by presiding Judge Whelan, and false public statements by District Attorney Stollsteimer, who lied that he had overseen an investigation. That case is one of only two remaining 2020 election fraud cases in the country (the other being in Georgia), and will finally be heard by mid-summer of this year.

Plaintiffs Stenstrom and Hoopes wrote “The Parallel Election: A Blueprint for Deception,” detailing the fraudulent 2020 primary election in Delaware County, PA and its aftermath. The testimony and evidence presented by the authors in the book shows that counterfeit (fake) mail in ballots and electronic ballots are substituted for the real (genuine) votes of the citizenry, and includes documents, emails, texts, photographs, video and audio admissions by election officials that committed the fraud.

Plaintiffs Stenstrom and Hoopes have been targeted by the “65 Project,” a lawfare effort funded by $25M in Soros and former Clinton Foundation monies to attack lawyers and citizens that question the 2020 election and election fraud, in general, and they are codefendants with President Trump and several others in multiple defamation suits, where they continue to effectively represent themselves, Pro Se, and have stood mostly alone, since November 2020, with little assistance aside from several friends and family, having lost their businesses, savings, and livelihoods doing so.

Election integrity efforts and patriot groups have sprung up, and are gaining traction, in Pennsylvania in election hotbed counties of Delaware County, Chester County, Lancaster, York, and Lehigh Valley being among the most active. The collective efforts of these citizens has made a significant impact on the nation’s perspective on election fraud. Recent Rasmussen polls showed that a majority of voters suspect recent elections have been affected by cheating, and believe officials are ignoring the problem.

The latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone and online survey found that 60% of Likely U.S. voters think it is likely that cheating affected the outcomes of some races in last year’s midterm elections, including 37% who say it’s Very Likely. Thirty-five percent (35%) don’t believe it’s likely the 2022 midterms were affected by cheating, including 20% who think it’s Not At All Likely.


More information, full election fraud case dockets for Delaware County, PA, and videos, audios, and documentation can be found on Patriot.Online at:


Please feel free to share this email with the widest dissemination.

Gregory Stenstrom


Second (New) Rule 1532 Special Relief for Petition Schwartz Stenstrom Hoopes

Rumley v PASecCom 04JUN2023 R2

Petition Schwartz Stenstrom Hoopes Rumley v PASecCom 31May2023 R4 – Corrected

Rule 1532 Special Relief for Petition Schwartz Stenstrom Hoopes Rumley v
PASecCom 31May2023 R4 – Corrected

These legal documents for this active case can be found at::


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