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The Sleight of Hand and Mechanics of The ‘Ol Bait and Switch

Jovan Hutton Pulitzer Its all about the paper ballots and maladministration

by USA Citizens Network
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The Sleight of Hand and Mechanics of The ‘Ol Bait and Switch

OFFICIAL Jovan Hutton Pulitzer Rumble Published November 20, 2022

Streamed on: Nov 20, 7:55 pm EST

Jovan Pulitzer (JP) says:

18:50 its all about the paper…the trail is always there
It is all about the paper ballot
stay away from the words “fraud” and “steal”
The election officials knew the voting machines had printing problems and other issues and did not fix them. therefore, they are guilty of “maladministration”

1:00 Fann, Borelli not in favor of paper audit

1:02:16 Dr Frank charts

1:03:02 instant experts that have never looked at physical ballot

1:03:20 politicians too scared: Bernovich was a plant, Fann was chickens…; Sonny Borrelli ran around crying election integrity but never took a phone call;

1:05:55 lawsuits will not get anywhere; we have to demand physical paper audits; we must be in the challenge mode–not let politicians worried about themselves not support us citizens.
In 2020, signature verification did not work 9/10 times and yet we still used the same system in Nov 2022; that is maladministration;
when you get critics who say audits are for grifters–get rid of them.

1:08–Republicans have been the obstacle–look at the charts–

1:07:57–a chart will never be fraud. But, show a ballot or envelope that got tampered with after you did follow the rules with the piece of paper intact and that will work.

1:08:37 Jovan told top GOP about coming [nefarious events], and this is where they [the bad guys] are sitting, he cut JP off out of fear that his children would be killed;

1:09:10 the way to get indictments is to get physical proof.

1:09:42 all of the physical evidence for 2020 has been destroyed.

1:10:15 GOP said if you talk about 2020 we are not funding your campaign.

1:10:46 The machines are not great. You can prove it in the fact that they could not take the scan and could not print them right. Focus on the paper.
Everyone who voted that was unable to get their ballot scanned and, as a result, dropped it in box#3, should make an affidavit and get it on the record.
Approx. 40% of Arizona voters allowed this to happen-trusting the system.

1:11:39 the reason you have to do an affidavit–we are not saying there is cheating or votes were stolen. You are saying the machines were broken and you did not fix them and you knew the printers were bad. There were issues and you still let it happen. That is maladministration. That is, they did not make sure that you had a a smooth system to vote in a timely manner.
Your expectation was that you walk into the voting booth, you scan your ballot and you cast your vote. That is what you were promised.

1:12:45 as JP gathered affidavits. The Republican lawyers took them and they went into a black hole.

1:13:39 They were told scanners and printers were out of wack and JP has over 1M pieces of evidence to prove it.

1:13:59 these systems and politicians failed you. JP believes part of the failure was done on purpose. But there is a gift.
In Michigan, they call JP Satan and made sure there was no audit.PA did the same thing. Pa officials said paper audits are a grift. Don’t do it.

1:14:32 and the person who said they would fight for it in Pa was not going to fight.

1:40:40 Nevada & Georgia worked hard for the audit. But the left freaked out and got the judge to say No.

1:15:00 We have empirical evidence, i.e., irrefutable evidence, based on 2020. They knew ahead of time of the Nov 2022 election that there were issues with the machines.
Conservatives who are not true conservatives will begin to vilify JP.

1:16:00 they [Democrats) have evolved their techniques. But Arizona has millions of pieces of evidence to prove it.

1:16:55 we can prove if the ballots that were put into box 13 were rescanned at the central station or a new ballot was used.

1:16:58 and they will try to distract us from examining the paper ballots by calling for canvassing or a webinar or a tv special.

1:17:10 stay away from words like fraud, and steal. We must have courage. Its all about the paper. And it is only about maladministration.

1:17″30 When you have 1.9 M notices that these machines were out of calibration, and not working right. And you ran another election and that election was worse. And you said that we did not know the printers were not working right and we had to adjust them. You have maladministration.

1:18:29 end

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