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BEWARE: Feds in the Threads- FBI Scouring Gateway Pundit And Other Sites To Target Users

by USA Citizens Network
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BEWARE: Feds in the Threads- FBI Scouring Gateway Pundit And Other Sites To Target Users

by Kari Donovan
September 12, 2022

OPINION: This article contains commentary which may reflect the author’s opinion

Jim Hoft sounds the alarm bell that supporters of President Donald J. Trump and his America First agenda are in danger of being entrapped into conversations with Federal agents, who may not be looking to defend their free speech- but who are looking to potentially frame MAGA and Conservatives as some sort of extremists.

“EXCLUSIVE: Chris Wray Put FBI on High Alert After Scouring Gateway Pundit and Flagging 1 Comment Out of 35,000 Daily Comments Following Mar-a-Lago Raid,” Hoft reported on Saturday.

And to elevate it more, Hoft’s Monday warning comes at a time when Americans can see the escalation by the Democrat Joe Biden regime classifying Americans as extremists and almost hunting average Americans who doing simple things like posting their reactions to news stories, believing they are protected by their 1st amendment rights.

“Be alert – Be aware! Do not engage the Feds in the threads,” Hoft reported on Monday.

The Gateway Pundit has cred-with their warning coming one day after the US Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas told MSNBC on Sunday the “threat landscape” has evolved in the 21 years since the 9/11 attacks from concerns about foreign terrorists to domestic extremists.

Yes- Democrats say that Americans are terrorists. Check out the landscape, in an Axios article where Hoft makes his announcement:

“Back when 9/11 occurred, in those years we were very focused on the foreign terrorist, the individual who sought to do a severe harm to enter the United States and do us harm,” Mayorkas said in his interview with MSNBC’s Jonathan Capehart.

“It’s then evolved, we began to be more and more concerned about the individuals already resident in the United States radicalized by a foreign terrorist ideology,” Mayorkas continued.

“Now we are seeing are seeing an emerging threat … over the last several years of the domestic violent extremist,” he added.

“The individual here in the United States radicalized to violence by a foreign terrorist ideology, but also an ideology of hate, anti-government sentiment, false narratives propagated on online platforms, even personal grievances.”

The big picture: Mayorkas pledged to make tackling domestic violent extremism a “National Priority Area” following the Jan. 6, 2021 Capitol insurrection and announced last year the DHS was directing $77 million to state and local authorities to combat the rising problem.

The Department of Justice opened a unit to investigate acts of domestic terrorism earlier this year after the DOJ and FBI reported that the threat of and investigations into acts of domestic terrorism had risen since 2020.

So it is too much to consider that the feds are looking for people in areas online where MAGA gathers?

Hoft reported in a recent article that his news agency has investigated through legal documents and determined that feds are rooting around in their very own extensive and well-populated comments section and tagging comments to possibly exploit.

And of course, Hoft and the others at Gateway Pundit understand the implications of being watched by Federal authorities themselves- after covering all of the corruption of how the Feds have handled the last 6 years.

From Hoft’s article:
Over the weekend, The Gateway Pundit learned that the FBI was scouring our website and comment threads. Following the unprecedented raid on Mar-a-Lago, the FBI feared retribution from the American public for their ongoing partisan attacks on President Trump.

Americans were outraged to see their premier law enforcement agency once again used as the paramilitary force of the Democrat Party.

“NEW via my FOIA: Federal law enforcement officers scoured social media to identify threats to FBI buildings and agents and issued internal warnings about possibly armed protests in the days after the FBI searched former President Trump’s Florida estate,” Leopold tweeted.

According to Hoft, the FBI may have been looking for people to be making such plans for such attacks- on The Gateway Pundit:

“The FBI was scouring the comments at The Gateway Pundit, other conservative websites, and social media,” Hoft wrote with a screengrab.

The FBI flagged this article posted at The Gateway Pundit:
“The protest was organized by Special Ops Veteran Adam Hardage, who said he sees his current mission clear as day; Defending America against Tyranny.

TGP later updated the report that the protest was canceled due to the possibility of bad actors and unpredictable actions of law enforcement agencies.

The article received hundreds of responses from patriots, 892 people in total.

The FBI also flagged a comment posted by a commenter at The Gateway Pundit,” he wrote, adding the proof:

The comment was in response to this Gateway Pundit report published two days after the raid on August 10th:

“The FBI flagged the comment seven minutes after it was posted in our comment section.

The commenter “Praying4DCTsunami” wrote that the protest would be “target practice time using FBI agents who have not quit,” Hoft reported.

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