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CENSORED: The Injustice of What’s Been Done to Millions of Women must be Answered For

CENSORED Dr. Naomi Wolf warned the world 14 years ago. She's been proven correct -with firsthand experience.

by USA Citizens Network
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CENSORED: The Injustice of What’s Been Done to Millions of Women must be Answered For

Dr. Naomi Wolf warned the world 14 years ago. She’s been proven correct -with firsthand experience.

Etana Hecht

Aug 13, 2022

The Final Tweet
Dr. Naomi Wolf and the work her team has done have been featured in many of these pages, with a focus on the incredible research and reporting by her and the Daily Clout/Warroom Posse team. This time, however, the journalist is the news. Dr. Wolf has been personally targeted by our very own US. Government simply for doing what she’s always done – journalism with an emphasis on women’s health. Dr. Wolf broke several important stories related to women’s health, including exposing problems with silicone breast implants, alerting the world to the rise in eating disorders among young women, and more. Her success with breaking these stories comes down to the motto she’s used for 35 years- “When in doubt, listen to women”.

Two months after Dr. Wolf posted the above tweet, in early June 2021, Dr. Wolf was booted off Twitter for good. Her crime was noting that many women were reporting anomalies surrounding their menstrual cycle post-vaccine, and it deserved further investigation. Well, back in those days, that was heretical. Like so many other hard-hitting journalists, once she was no longer welcome on Twitter, Dr. Wolf migrated over to alternative platforms such as Gettr, Substack, and of course The Daily Clout. There seemed to be little rhyme or reason towards which vaccine-questioning journalists lost their Twitter accounts- until now.

America First Legal is an organization run by Stephen Miller that aims to hold our elected and appointed officials accountable for their actions, largely through filing FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) requests that compel government agencies to release internal communications to the public. It’s important to remember that these agencies work for We, the People, and we have the right, and even the responsibility to closely monitor the way they operate. FOIA requests are a useful tool in that regard, and America First Legal has been filing away. They recently received a release of 286 pages of communications, and a quick skim through the emails demonstrates the uncomfortably chummy vibe between the government agency and the private company that controls public speech. There was regular correspondence between Carol Crawford, the Digital Media Branch Chief of the CDC, and various employees at Twitter. Todd O’Boyle, the Senior Manager of Public Policy was directly emailed by Ms. Crawford with a list of Twitter accounts and tweets that the CDC considered to be “misinformation”, which according to Mr. O’Boyle, is his personal responsibility to monitor:

In one such email, Ms. Crawford sent Mr. O’Boyle a list of specific tweets with links to those who tweeted what they considered to be “misinformation”. Dr. Wolf was recently notified by her lawyers Scott Street and John Howard that she’s one of the people personally mentioned by name in this email, with her tweet about post-vaccine menstrual irregularities highlighted as an example of “misinformation”.

Censored and Smeared
In what seemed at the time like a multi-pronged coordinated attack, Dr. Wolf subsequently got permanently suspended from Twitter, which sparked a wave of slanderous headlines and smear articles against her. Many of them included tweets that Dr. Wolf had posted and then immediately deleted for being badly worded, which she suspects someone inside Twitter had access to and leaked out. Other tactics included taking her words out of context in order to portray her in a poor light. Dr. Wolf personally felt the negative impact of the heavy hand of the propaganda machine at work. She describes being on the recieving end of this attack in her brand-new book titled “The Bodies of Others”.

The irony isn’t lost. Back in 2007, Dr. Wolf wrote a book titled “The End of America: Letter of Warning to a Young Patriot”. In that book, she cautioned against the newly enacted Patriot Act with a sense of urgency. The Patriot Act opened the door for the US government to spy on their own citizens following 9/11- for their own protection, of course. While most Americans at the time were seemingly grateful for the sense of security that the Patriot Act afforded them, Dr. Wolf has studied too much history to fall for that. Security is always the early excuse for the removal of freedoms by authoritarian entities, and Dr. Wolf sounded the alarm against this government overreach early on. In her exact words from the book:

“Free citizens will not give up freedom for very many reasons, but it is human nature to be willing to trade freedom for security. People fear chaos and violence above all”

That she’s now a direct target of the very overreach she was concerned about is a wild twist, although voices like hers are exactly the kind that an authoritarian government would attempt to silence.

The End of America: Letter of Warning to a Young Patriot, pg 81
To add insult to injury, we of course are now aware that Dr. Wolf’s concerns from comments she was seeing from women post-vaccination were entirely justified, and proven to be true. The sheer chutzpah of the government colluding with Twitter to quickly shut down any discussion of these very real harms is completely shocking, and unfortunately no longer surprising. Countless women were actively blocked from Dr. Wolf’s message, and many of those took the Covid vaccine without being properly informed of the risks. As has now been acknowledeged by the NIH, the average menstrual cycle has been lengthened by nearly a full day per dose since the vaccine rollout, and at this point, only God knows what ripple effect that will have on fertility long-term.

Additionally, Dr. Robert W. Chandler, M.D., M.B.A. of Daily Clout Volunteer Team 5 has discovered documentation in the Pfizer release that indicates that the lipid nanoparticles, spike proteins, and mRNA accumulate in the ovaries with no evidence of it leaving the body. I urge you to read his explanation of that conclusion from the Pfizer documents over at The Daily Clout

The injustice of what’s been done to millions of women must be answered for.

Dr. Wolf issued an official press release in response to these findings, and her legal team plan to file lawsuits against the CDC’s unlawful collusion with for-profit companies to suppress constitutional rights.

Only once there’s widespread acknowledgment that a problem exists, can there be progress made towards solving the problem, and every single day there are warriors like her out there who work tirelessly to break the dam that’s holding information back from the general public. It’s time for everyone to speak up, and step to the challenge that’s been thrown at humanity.

Rosalind McGill
Aug 13, 2022
Liked by Etana Hecht
I love her work and her ability to think critically. She has changed her mind on certain topics as her life evolved. I admire that ability greatly. Her work with a great group of volunteers on daily clout is priceless and they are doing what a responsible government should But Is Failing to do.

I have shedding problems, unvaccinated for Covid and experienced bleeding in menopause around vaccinated elderly family members.

God bless and protect all truth tellers.

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