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All About Monkey Pox (What It Is, Who Can Catch It, How It Should & Should Not Be Treated)

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All About Monkey Pox (What It Is, Who Can Catch It, How It Should & Should Not Be Treated)

Sunfellow On COVID-19 Published August 13, 2022

Dr. Craig Wax, Dr. George Fareed and Dr. Julio Martinez discuss various aspects of Monkey Pox. Topics include:

• The origin of Monkey Pox

• How Monkey Pox is spread (Monkey Pox is primarily spread through bodily fluids. 95 percent of transmission is via sexual contact. It is also spread through skin lesions.)

• Gay men, bi-sexual people, and people who tend to be sexually promiscuous are the people primarily affected. Men — especially gay men — are more at risk than women.

• 41 percent of Monkey Pox patients have AIDS / HIV.

• People who have compromised their immune systems by taking COVID-19 vaccines are also at risk.

• The average person is not at risk for contracting Monkey Pox.

• Symptoms include typical viral illness symptoms, including feeling sick, muscle aches, chills and sweats, fever, sore throat, and developing a rash. Developing a rash is what distinguishes this viral infection from other viral infections. Could be lesions around the genitals, on the hands and feet, the face, on the trunk. The rash, which looks like blisters, tends to break out in some areas but not spread all over the body in a uniform way.

• Preventative recommendations include avoiding COVID-19 vaccines, abstinence, monogamy, condoms, reduced physical contact, testing symptomatic cases, isolation (when symptomatic), early treatment, selective immunization (IF a safe vaccine is available), get news and information from more than one source, and, finally, be wary of government officials and media sources that are over-reacting the situation.

• Treatments include Tpox and alternative early treatment protocols used effectively to treat COVID-19.

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