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Dr Peter McCullough : Every claim he makes has a reference – covid vaccines are a poison

This is (quote) “a mass negligence homicide event”.

by USA Citizens Network
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Dr Peter McCullough : Every claim he makes has a reference – covid vaccines are a poison

albilevi Published July 25, 2022

Dr Peter McCullough’s website

Dr Peter McCulloch is the GOAT where it comes to “receipts”, the papers, reports etc.
Every claim he makes is accompanied by a reference you can check.
Without any doubt, supported by evidence, the Covid19 vaccines are much more of a population risk than “Covid19” itself.
This is (quote) “a mass negligence homicide event”.
I think that’s generous. It is a mass homicide event. But be in no doubt, the senior most people in every capacity in this global mess are completely & knowingly culpable.
I can show what was known to vaccine inventors & developers at the time they apparently committed to them.
That evidence explicitly included that injected vaccines for respiratory illnesses in the elderly & comorbid DO NOT WORK.
We know they don’t. Cochrane Foundation meta analyses of ten years of flu vaccination in U.K. (it might be only England & Wales) does NOT support the general understanding of flu vaccination. They don’t reduce hospitalisation & deaths.
We know WHY this is: immunosenescence. The immune system of elderly, frail individuals are poorly responsive to new challenges. This is WHY they’re so vulnerable in the first place.
Dr McCullough quotes 9% efficacy for the most recent flu vaccines.
As a reminder, 50% is the absolute minimal cutoff, if not met, FDA is not permitted by their own rules to even evaluate submission of such an ineffective product.
Has the penny dropped why you all yet?

What I’m telling you is that those who chose to press forward with vaccines KNEW THEY COULD NOT POSSIBLY WORK.

Of course, sure enough, the Covid19 vaccines don’t work. We’ve formal data showing they don’t prevent infection. This is diametrically opposed to the claim made at emergency authorisation of 90-95% protection against infection.
Yes, you’re reading correctly. It’s actually a fraudulent claim, that 90-95% reduction in infection claim.

They don’t prevent peak disease load. Well, that means they don’t prevent development of illness (generally considered replication).

They don’t prevent transmission. No one seriously disputes this.

So: with that full background, who can believe, find credible, the claim that ‘OK, it doesn’t do all the foregoing but through unexplained & implausible mechanisms, it’s life saving”.

No. They save none. It’s all fraud. It was fraud in prospect right from the get-go.

Now come up with a benign interpretation of what’s happened & continues to happen. I cannot. No one has suggested one to me, either.

That’s what’s led me to the firm belief that this worldwide racket, this PsyOp fraud & deception, has as objective to install a tyrannical control grid based on mandatory digital ID.

Now the most frightening part. They’re making right now to make amended “vaccines”. FDA, as I predicted 18months ago, has stated no clinical data will be required.

To be clear, this means a genetic sequence is to go from a big pharma computer & into a billion arms, with no safety data.

Imagine for a moment that those driving this believe the planet should have far fewer people on it.

Can you come up with a more effective method to execute huge numbers of people, with plausible deniability?

I can’t. This is what I think will flow from these amended “vaccines”.

PLEASE share this information.

I’ve recorded a one hour interview expanding these narrow themes. In my opinion it’s not possible to be this wrong for this long by accident.

It’s ghoulish, deliberate & coming for you & your children.

Best wishes

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