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Breaking: Lehigh County Finds Numerous Election Code Violations with Ballot Drop Boxes

by USA Citizens Network
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by: Libby Emmons 2022-05-02 Source: The Post Millennial

An upcoming court filing, a draft of which was reviewed by The Post Millennial, to be filed in the Court of Common Pleas, Lehigh County, Pennsylvania, Civil Division, will ask for an injunction against that county’s Board of Elections “from receiving and counting invalid and void ballots.” The Board was scheduled to begin accepting those ballots on Monday, May 2 in anticipation of an upcoming May 17 primary for the hotly contested midterm elections that may cost Democrats control of the US House of Representatives.

Jack Posobiec broke down the story of potential ballot harvesting on Human Events Daily. The draft motion notes that “Pennsylvania election code requires that mailed and absentee ballots must be returned either by mail or in person by the person to whom the ballot belongs.” This injunction would prevent the Board from counting ballots that were brought to drop boxes by persons other than the voter who cast the ballot.

The law states, per the motion, that “With the exceptions of absentee voters who have a disability or who are overseas, all Ballots must be delivered to the County Board of Elections either in person by the voter themselves or through the US Postal Service. Ballots delivered by any other means for absentee/mail-in voters who don’t have a disability will not be accepted by the County Board of Elections. Absentee Ballots delivered for voters who do not have a disability may be delivered by a third party who has written authorization from the disabled absentee. Absentee Ballots delivered for an absentee voter who is overseas on Election Day may be made by an overseas delivery service.”

Ballot Box by Ted Eytan is licensed under Flickr CC BY-SA 2.0

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