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Dutch Police Arrest 19 Farmer Protesters After 3 Day Blockade

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Police in the South Holland province detained 10 adults and nine minors for their involvement in a blockade of local supermarkets.

By Efron Monsanto | July 08, 2022 | News
Dutch police arrest 19 farmer protesters after 3 day blockade

After three days of blocking local supermarkets in the city of Bleiswijk in the Dutch province of South Holland, 19 protesting farmers were arrested, including nine minors. Farmers blocked the road for freight traffic but allowed passenger cars to pass along during the protest.

Police had originally asked for them to move their vehicles prior to their arrests.

According to Ad.nl, dozens of riot police and officers were involved in the arrest, forcibly removing farmers from their tractors before they were transferred in vans.

A dozen tractors involved in the demonstration were moved away from the site; however, they were not confiscated but moved to police storage. The authorities, through a spokesperson, stated that they “can be picked up elsewhere later.”

The 10 adults in the group will be fined for violating a law on public demonstrations.

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