Home Breach of Trust Crimes Against Humanity have been committed. Millions harmed & killed by failed public health response.

Crimes Against Humanity have been committed. Millions harmed & killed by failed public health response.

White Coat SUMMIT - The Reckoning

by USA Citizens Network
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White Coat SUMMIT – The Reckoning

Crimes Against Humanity have been committed. Millions harmed & killed by failed public health response.
Prolonged lockdowns, deadly hospital protocols, censorship of doctors, fraudulent “studies” and dangerous defamation of safe, effective medications, and an unprecedented, worldwide experimental injection campaign…

The cost has been catastrophic.

Now, allegations and evidence will be presented to the public. Due process will be upheld; and so will the law. Retribution will be demanded—and justice must be served.

It is time for The Reckoning

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The Deadly Disinformation Dozen

Physicians Group
Physicians Group

America’s Frontline Doctors are still standing.
Early in 2020, whisperings of a virus from Wuhan China soon erupted into a worldwide pandemonium of fear and confusion. On July 27, 2020, Dr. Simone Gold gathered a team of physicians who held both the necessary credentials and the relevant experience of treating actual patients with the Coronavirus. These brave doctors stood up against the monolithic machine of COVID propaganda, sharing the powerful truth that early treatment was widely available and life-saving, and that panic and lockdowns were both unjustified and unacceptable…and America’s Frontline Doctors was born. This trumpet sound of truth, piercing the dark clouds of media fear-mongering and totalitarian government oppression, struck a chord within humanity, and the livestream of this original White Coat Summit skyrocketed past 20 million views in only 8 hours—an explosion never before seen—and then just as quickly was scrubbed from the internet by an ominously orchestrated Big Tech censorship operation…but the mirror of lies had been shattered.

It is time, once again, to make a stand.

America’s Frontline Doctors (AFLDS) has become The Trusted Name for Independent Information, as they continue to deliver access to life-saving resources and empowering education in the defense of health freedom and civil liberties, both now fully under assault by government bureaucracy that has openly used the pretext of a “public health emergency” to encroach on and erase our Constitutional rights and due process. The propaganda campaign led by Fauci, the CDC, the FDA, the W.H.O. and others has been exposed by a still-growing torrent of revelations and post-pandemic data, and yet these bureaucrats continue their destructive reign, seemingly without any consequence for their proven failures and the mounting evidence of their corruption. WHITE COAT SUMMIT: The Reckoning is a crucial marker in the public dialogue and policy debate, as AFLDS brings an unmatched consortium of proven medical, scientific, and legal expertise to present the truthful and complete picture of the great COVID debacle. We will bring the receipts, with extensive documented evidence and scientific study. We will bring the law, examining the subversion of Constitutional due process, and the history of legal precedent that necessitates punishment for Crimes Against Humanity. And, we will bring the voice of the people, with petitions individually signed and submitted calling for necessary retribution and legitimate justice. On July 27, 2023, America’s Frontline Doctors will bring The Reckoning.

Physicians Group
Take Action to Hold Fauci Accountable for Crimes Against Humanity!

Hold Fauci Accountable for Crimes Against Humanity!

It is time for Congress to hold Tony Fauci responsible for crimes against humanity for the following reasons…

● Tony Fauci, former head of the National Institute of Health, is responsible for authorizing and initiating the Covid-19 vaccines under emergency use authorization (EUA), vaccines that have caused 300,000 excess US deaths;

● Tony Fauci’s approval of Covid-19 vaccines, and his call to shut the economy down, caused $147 billion in damage to US economy;

● Tony Fauci covered up the truth regarding the origins of Covid-19;

● Tony Fauci attacked organizations like America’s Frontline Doctors for telling Americans the truth about the origin of Covid-19

● Tony Fauci attacked organizations like America’s Frontline Doctors for promoting early treatment of Covid-19 and alternative drugs like ivermectin;

● Tony Fauci is responsible for the 26.6 million US citizens who were injured directly from Covid-19 vaccines;

● Tony Fauci is responsible for the over 1.36 million people disabled from the Covid-19 vaccines;

● Tony Fauci lied in sworn testimony before the U.S. Senate, denying that his NIH sent millions to China to perform gain-of-function research—committing a felony;

● Tony Fauci lied to the American people regarding the effectiveness of masks; knowing full well not one study shows masks prevent the spread of Covid-19; and,

● Tony Fauci lied about the effectiveness of Covid-19 vaccines, telling Americans that they would protect against the virus, when they never did.


Sign the petition today! We will keep you up to date on our progress to hold Fauci accountable.

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