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Mel K and Brannon Howse Agree November 22, 1963 is When Deep-State Revolution in U.S. Started

by USA Citizens Network
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Mel K and Brannon Howse Agree November 22, 1963 is When Deep-State Revolution in U.S. Started.

Mel K and Brannon Howse Agree November 22, 1963 is When Deep-State Revolution in U.S. Started.

By Brannon Howse Live, 15 June, 2023


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Brannon Howse: Good evening and welcome to the program. Glad you are with us. I’m going to be joined tonight by Mel K. Many of you know her, but this is her first time to appear on Brandon House Live. Glad to have her with us tonight. Mel K is first up. Tom Littleton then joins us. Tom was born and raised in the Southern Baptist Convention, at least been a lot of time in that church denomination, the largest Protestant denomination in America. One reason we spend a lot of time tracking what it’s up to is because it has traditionally been the largest Protestant denomination in America. But the Southern Baptist Convention has also been a bellwether. So goes the SBC, so goes a lot of evangelicalism, so goes a lot of the country. Well, the Southern Baptist Convention at one time had about 16 million regular church attendees. Now it’s under 4 million. Why is this once large denomination association collapsing? What does it say about America? America, America’s Christian culture, the influence of Christianity on the American culture? What does it say about the influence of the religious right on the American culture? Many of the leaders of the Southern Baptist Convention, the late Dr. Adrian Rogers and many others, were some of the biggest leaders of the religious right, in fact, helped to found it. So what does this say about the influence of Christianity in the halls and corridors of power? Well, look at that tonight for a few minutes with Tom Littleton.

Brannon Howse: And then we’ll be joined by Gordon Chang. In my news report tonight, you heard about this 1,000% spike of Chinese nationals coming over the American border, many of them of military age male. Well, we’ll also visit with Bill Federer. Bill’s going to talk to us about the idea of a great divorce. States breaking away from each other and from the federal government. This is certainly the choice I would choose over a civil war. We don’t want that. But how was this contract written between the states and the federal government? Does it allow for us to largely just start pushing the federal government out of the way and telling them thank you, but no thank you? After all, we created the federal government. It is a contract. They’ve breached said contract. Many of the left are already breaching the agreements. Well, such as? Allowing for. Sanctuary cities or illegals. They don’t work with ice. Immigration Services. They refuse to obey the laws they don’t like. They don’t honor the Constitution. They don’t honor freedom of speech, freedom of religion, parental authority. Well, maybe it’s time for these states to go their way. And for those who want to live under liberty and freedom and the rule of law based on our constitutional republic and the character nature of God or the Decalogue go our way. Talk about that from a historical perspective tonight with Bill Federer. Up first is Mel K. Mel, Welcome to the broadcast. Thanks for joining us.

Mel K: Thank you for having me. I’m very excited to be here. It’s my first time we’ve been talking about it a long time. So thank you for having me. Well, it’s great.

Brannon Howse: To have you. You just got to be the squeaky wheel. You know the old saying, the squeaky wheel gets the oil?

Mel K: Yeah, exactly.

Brannon Howse: That’s how a lot of my guests get on. A lot of my guests get on because they blow up my text and say, I got a big story. I got a big story. And I very rarely ever say no, not interested in a big story. So just be the squeaky wheel. And one of them texts me tonight. My friend Jason Lewis texted me tonight and said, I’ve relocated to Florida. I’ll be established soon and ready to go again. I’m like, Good. That’s exactly the initiative I like people to take. Tell me you’re ready to come back on. Let’s keep going. So, yeah, you can be on as much as you want. Just text me and tell me you got a story and you’re. You’re booked. We’re that easy. We’re that easy. Yeah. All right. So tell our audience who maybe aren’t familiar with you, your story, who you are, your background. Okay.

Mel K: Well, I am an I was initially I went to NYU for journalism and then to film school. And I spent 17 years in Hollywood working as predominantly a historical dramatic writer or a historical screenwriter and also as in comedy as well. So that’s a very diverse but basically, I am somebody who’s a big historian, loves history, and took that to mesh with my film studies and my dramatic writing program and learned how to dig into history and really pull out the pieces that make a, um, a cultural period stand out to an audience and hit exactly what made that period in time so important in our trajectory of our entire country where we are now, especially. And then from then on, I moved to left California, went back home to New York, and then we had Covid. And then I said, You know what? I’m going to start a show. I’ve been on many other podcasts. I had also somebody who covered the Jeffrey Epstein case and child trafficking from 2007 on. I was very familiar with the first case. I was very familiar with the in Hollywood, with the pedophilia agenda and what was happening to our children and how it was happening. And I saw it coming out of Hollywood about 16 years ago. So I was used to it. And I decided to just start speaking out. And I did well. And then I you know, like a lot of people, I had a couple too many shows with frontline doctors warning people, especially Dr. Zelenko and Dr. Stella Immanuel and others. And I was purged from YouTube and decided never to look back. And I got lucky enough to continue to build an audience. So here I am.

Brannon Howse: Wow, that’s a great resume. You said so much there. We’re going to have to get you back because I want to we don’t have enough time tonight to explore all the things I want to talk to you about based on what you just said. So I’m going to get you rebooked. I love the fact that you’re interested in history. That is, as this audience knows, one of my loves. As the author of 14 books, they are steeped in history. And so I think you and I could have a lot of fun on this show talking about the historical things that are now kind of not really repeating themselves, but certainly rhyme. Let me ask you about Hollywood, though, The fact that you and you said as I read your bio tonight, I thought, oh, I got to ask her about Hollywood and pedophilia and boom, you already brought it up. So I was going to ask you, is it really that bad?

Mel K: Yeah, it is. And the problem is not only is it that bad the within the system that is Hollywood, especially for child actors, sadly enough, a lot of parents that have their children go to Hollywood to be actors really are looking for fame themselves. And I believe that people that run Hollywood that are in that it’s kind of a cult to me, that they prey on certain children. And a lot of times now, especially today, when you look at an actor in most things, you can trace them back. And they’ve been in the business a very long time. And that’s not by accident for me personally in I had moved out after I had done a film. I went to a couple of festivals when festivals were still about finding talent and independent filmmaking. They hadn’t been taken over really fully by the machine. In the late 90s and in the early 2000, there was a real shift in Hollywood. And honestly, it is very related to the LGBTQ plus that is now mainstream. And unfortunately, what they’ve done, they’ve normalized a lot of things that really, you know, are destroying and tearing our country apart that should be private and not public. And it’s all part of a kind of, um, I believe that it’s the LGBTQ agenda and that it started in Hollywood in the early 2000s. I really don’t believe that it’s about that as much as it’s about creating malleable. Very confused, very, um, easily manipulated children. A couple generations we talked about, um, you know, history. And you look at what Mao did with children, I feel like it’s very similar and that this was a long game plan because at that same time in the 2000 when the LGBTQ movement and Glad and everyone started looking at scripts and looking at any kind of content and trying to tweak it to kind of make it either more the children in the in the scripts more sexualized or that especially in the music industry or bringing in themes and characters and the writers and that were in the business would think what is going on.

Mel K: And then they had specialized programs kind of like Teach for America, which I think is a big problem and has a lot to do with where we are in schools. They had this program where suddenly, like people that had won Emmys and Oscars and had been in the business for years were being passed over for jobs by people that fit a bunch of boxes honestly, or went through fast track programs. And it was all about creating a narrative and slowly but surely spitting that narrative out into the entire country. And here we are now. And yeah, it is, it is. But it’s a lot of it’s about control. And my feeling about most of this is that by telling a child that they’re born into the wrong body or that they are born into the wrong skin color and that that somehow makes them less than and God has betrayed them. Then you put on top of it. Your parents betrayed you on top of that and then on top of that. But the government, i.e. the unions, school teachers unions, schools, but the government loves you. The government is now your parent. The government is now your God. The government is now your best friend. That is how you start a slippery slope and end up where I believe these people want to go with our children.

Brannon Howse: I agree with you. Very, very well said. So, Mel, what is your biggest concern when we go to your website, the show.com, which I did tonight and I perused through all the topics you’re talking about? It’s a very diverse show, which I always appreciate someone who has, you know, a lot of knowledge base and you have a lot of things you’re talking about as a talk show host and someone that’s interviewing a lot of people. And I can see where interviewing a lot of the same people as well. What do you say is one of the biggest concerns on your mind and your heart right now for this nation?

Mel K: My biggest concern more than anything else is that we’re not identifying the proper enemy. What we are doing, in my in my estimation, I feel like our government has been captured. I don’t think it’s recent. I think it’s been quite a while. I am I am the thinking that the real coup in America started on November 22nd, 1963, with the murder of JFK. Wow. And I believe.

Brannon Howse: Have you been watching this show?

Mel K: No. Okay.

Brannon Howse: Because anyone that’s an alumni of this show will know that. That’s also what I tell this audience all the time. When they were able when the Deep State and CIA were able to blow the brains of a president right out of his head in broad daylight and get away with it, they had no reason not to steal every election they could from then on. And I may go into an area as you disagree with, but I believe we’re spending not enough time talking about who’s running the country, which I believe largely is the CIA. I believe the election fraud. A lot of this is the CIA. I believe a lot of these. Well, I go back to Jesse Helms, May 1984, Washington Times complaining there that CIA installed a communist in El Salvador, and gave him what he needed, including the computer systems for registering voters to steal the election. I go to Congressman Bill Posey of Florida, and his letter that I’ve pointed out showed on the air where he tells the CIA inspector general there needs to be an investigation between the connection between the CIA and the voting machine companies. And I just keep going down the list, including last year saying from the platform with Mike Lindell sitting to my left, that I believe, as I warned in the summer of 2020, a color revolution was coming. The Deep State had been practicing for this. They even wrote their scenario on election integrity and transition and what we would do and how they would respond, which told me they were planning on a coup. And we read it in the summer of 2020 and voila, it happened pretty close to what they said was going to happen. It would appear that Trump won and then hours later it would appear wooden and Trump’s people would do this and will do that.

Brannon Howse: And I said to myself, to this audience, get ready. It’s going to be a very interesting fall. And there may be a color revolution. So I said from the platform this last fall at my conference, I believe this was a coup d’etat practiced by the CIA, which is largely been a communist organization since they started put a communist into power. John Brennan, who admitted voting for communist Gus Hall. And now we know from Colonel John Mills, him and Comey were involved in this fake Russia, Russia, Russia thing to stop Trump from being sworn in or delay it. And Colonel John Mills said there’s no evidence here. He was over the DOD and they said, stand down. Comey and Brennan have hands on the keyboard. They’re personally involved. Hey, that’s an insurrection. Why are they not in the DC gulag? So the CIA was involved in this. Congressman Bill Posey seems to know it. And when I explained that from the platform, Mel, someone I’ve known for 15 years. I’ve known them for 15 years. They’re the real deal. I know who they are. They work for one of the big three letter agencies. Said to me the next morning when you said that last night, I had to laugh. Not because what you said was wrong, but because you were so right. You have no idea how right you are. And I can’t say more because I don’t want to go to jail. But you keep talking about the color revolution and that the three letter agencies carried it out because you’re so right. So here you and I, we’ve never talked that I am aware of and we’re on the same page.

Mel K: Might as well be doing the same show. Yeah.

Brannon Howse: 63 When they blew the head off Kennedy in broad daylight, they’ve been able to get away with whatever they want. Yeah. And the worst part is because this is it’s so much bigger and what you’re talking about, the color revolutions, is you go through the path of the color revolutions, one after another after another Yugoslavia, Ukraine, Syria, you know, Iraq, you know, they’re all over Africa, all over South America. And to think that this has been done in our name and most Americans have no idea that what is really transpired over the last 20 years, I bring up a lot also the, um, the Project for a New American Century document, two years before the Patriot Act and nine over 11, which basically lays out the last 23 years of endless war. And who benefits from it? You know, are you?

Brannon Howse: Talking about Bill Kristol and those guys who wanted to invade Iraq before 911 and then when nine divided by 11 happened, they’re like, oh, let’s see, Saudi hijackers? No, not Saudi. Too many of us invested in that family and group. Hey, let’s go after Iraq. You mean that group, right?

Mel K: Yes, I do. And that would also be Kagan, the husband of Nuland. And, you know, and if you put all this together and of course, Maidan revolution in 2014, which is why we are where we are now. And the truth of the matter is, you know as well as I know, What did Colby say when the everything the American people believe is false? We’ve done our job. That was the head of the CIA, which.

Brannon Howse: By the way, he ended up dying under very suspicious circumstances himself. You know, a pretty avid swimmer and canoer. And boom, he was found dead on a small island not far from his house after a supposed canoe trip accident.

Mel K: Right. Well, that’s how they do it, isn’t it? You know, I mean, we’ve watched so many now. And and the bottom line is there’s there’s another layer to this. I think that the American people need to understand the capture of America. First of all, I don’t I’m not so sure that the Crown and the CIA military-industrial complex ever really split. I do think that there was an infiltration after the Revolutionary War, starting with even houses that started not house houses that started the CFR and trilateral.

Brannon Howse: No relation to me. I spell it differently and I’ve been accused online of being related to him and spelling my name differently. Oh yeah, you can’t believe I’m also supposedly a mason and a Jesuit only guy ever to know this. Produced documentaries against the Masons and Jesuits get accused of that. But no, I’m not related to that house.

Mel K: No. And but you know what they’ve built out here? Because people like to kind of put things in, compartmentalize. And there’s always that thing like, who benefits but who benefits from the cover ups of all this stuff. And I do think that there’s a whole nother layer above here. That’s the call themselves the globalist multinational corporation, the public-private partnership Gp3. You know, they’re all over the World Economic Forum website and people look at it and think, oh, this. But then if you go to all their sister sites, the UN and World Economic Forum have announced many times that they are the same, and the IMF and the World Bank and the Who and the, you know, IPCC, you look it up and you look at what are they? What are they all talking about? Global governance, all because they changed the words from New World Order. One world government to global governance doesn’t mean it’s a conspiracy theory and they’re not hiding it anymore. So what we have to understand is that America’s been captured by a globalist entity, that the Intel agencies are fully in bed with this, along with the agencies of the All Five Eyes nations. That’s how they coordinated the entire plandemic and everything else.

Mel K: There have been these color revolutions, but also you’re talking about machines all over the world. There are so many countries. You know, we watch Myanmar, we watch Peru, we watch Brazil and Brazil and these people. But at the top are I believe a oligarch of billionaires. Like they’re like they’re psychopaths. They don’t care about any of us. And people have to the left and right, Republican, Democrat, this and that. Right now we have we are captured by a soulless, I believe, billionaire globalist oligarchy that is at the very top or the Bank of International Settlements, the IMF, the World Bank, and all of these globalists, I call them the octopus of global control. And you know what? They have no authority. We have given them authority. They don’t have authority. They don’t have the ability. And I believe that they own every one of our politicians and everyone that they don’t own. Jeffrey Epstein or some other blackmail ring got to before. So we are at a place where the government like you were talking about, the states, the government in DC, I believe is fully compromised and not salvageable.

Brannon Howse: And I was going to ask you and you said it, the Bank for International Settlements, I was trying to explain to a guy who’s in the jewelry business today, he’s in the jewelry business. He’s dealing with gold and silver and jewelry and supply chains. And I was trying to explain, how’s business for you? I was trying to get a handle on how’s the economy doing for him, How’s the business for you, and What’s going on? Blah, blah, blah, blah. And then he started talking to me about the economy and where it’s going. And I have a friend that believes and he started saying some of the things you’re saying. And I said, Yeah. And your friends, right? I said, Have you ever heard of the. Bank for International Settlements? No, I said. You ever heard of Carol Quigley in 1966 who wrote Tragedy and Hope? And Bill Clinton gives him a shout-out and says in the Democratic acceptance speech. And Carol Quigley says, hey, there’s only one party and it doesn’t matter who you throw the bums out, we’re not going to be disrupted. And yeah, we’re going to go through globalism really through the Bank for International Settlements and their global economy meetings. And I said, And yet the average American has no idea. You don’t know about the biz if you don’t know what the about the biz, the World Bank, the IMF, who started the IMF? Guys like, you know, the guy gave us Keynesian economics. John Maynard Keynes, whose particular depravity, by the way, was the molestation of little boys. Then you don’t understand who’s running everything.

Mel K: Right. And I think that’s the biggest problem in America right now, that the American people can’t unite. Everything’s manufactured. Because what I do on my show a lot, too, I’m sure you do, too, is I follow the money and there are about ten I call them the American oligarchy billionaires. You know, there’s Larry Fink, there’s Schmidt, there’s Gates, there’s Soros. There’s some on the right to folks. You know, they’re not they’re at the very, very top. They’ve already sold this out across the board, in my opinion. And we but there’s so many more of us and people don’t know what’s happening. And they fund all these NGOs like you were just talking about in your opening about immigration. A lot of people are looking at illegal immigration in one way. But I just came from New York. I personally just escaped from New York this week and moved to free Florida. And I have to tell you, in New York City right now, there are 60,000 illegals. They are all walking around. Most of them are gang-age. You know that or military age. A lot of pregnant women, a lot of little kids all over midtown Manhattan, because that’s where they put them. And it’s a very dangerous situation. But what I’m being told, speaking of color revolutions, is that this billionaire oligarchy class that is running everything owns all of our politicians, as far as I can tell, that they are they were behind Black Lives Matter, They were behind Antifa.

Mel K: They were behind the Women’s March, whatever that was. And anyway, what I’m telling you right now, is what I believe and it’s scary, but we got to be prepared and actually plan for this and make sure that people realize it’s not Republican, Democrat, left and right. We’re all in danger. And honestly, they’re using these people as weapons. But what’s happening is the Democrat Socialists of America, which are not Democrats, that is the squad and all, and AOC and all their friends, remember the German Socialist Workers Party? They are the same if you look at what they’re about. Well, the Democratic Socialists of America, along with the Open Society, NGOs, and the UN NGOs, and some of them that were even paying for gave these people phones. Okay, All these people running around Manhattan gave them phones. Well, they’re starting to send people who have sent me information. They’re starting to send them text messages asking if they’re getting what they deserved, you know, demand citizenship. I know how this works. And so they are starting they’re probably already infiltrated, you know, with community organizers. And what they are doing is they’re starting to rally that group of people to be, I believe, the next BLM Antifa. And this is why.

Brannon Howse: My friend Leo Holman wrote an article two weeks ago that this is he’s the associate producer of my 30-minute nightly newscast. Wow. So so he says, look, this is a powder keg. And of course, that’s what that whistleblower was saying that everybody saw on the video. This is a powder keg. And so what you’re saying is this will be the next riots, but it won’t be Black Lives Matter. It’ll be all the illegals, which fits with you. Remember Eliseo Medina? Remember Eliseo Medina, who said back in 2008, 2009, we’re going to take 12 million illegals, make them citizens and win every progressive election from now on. So they’re going to start writing and burning until they get the right to vote. And by the way, did you see that Illinois is now allowing police officers and sheriffs to be non-Americans, noncitizens?

Mel K: Yeah, the military is about to do it, too. And here’s the crazy part. There’s also I’m sure you saw it, They’re building these giant things that look like barracks down in Houston, outside of Houston and all of that. They’re 50% of the hotel rooms in New York City have illegals in them. And the taxpayers in New York are playing anywhere from 85 to $400 a night per illegal. And there’s they’re saying 50,000. It looks like a little more than that. But the other thing is they’re texting them. This is what I think it’s going to be. They’re going to it’s going to be demand citizenship. You know, it’s always about something like that and that they’re not. And I see what the hell they’re doing even to the young mothers that they have in so many are pregnant. But what they’re sending also is, are you getting what you deserve? Are you getting what you were promised? You know, all this nonsense. And it’s just and we just have to realize that that’s what’s happening. And it’s all of us are in danger and they’re being used as weapons. And this has happened many times before. And the American people, you know, really, honestly, Brandon, I don’t think that we’re that divided. I think that this is a manipulation of Hollywood and the media that have created an. That that the very far right and the very far left is America. And I honestly believe 30% to the right and 30% to the left agree on most things, including we see that.

Brannon Howse: With Naomi Wolf. We see that with with with our friend, the guy that voted for Steve. Was it Steve Kirsch? We see that with him. We see several of them that have come from the left and we’re singing from the same songbook, RFK Jr. We agree with him on a lot of these key issues as well. And of course, we showed in our news report tonight that a huge spike since 2020. One of the people now saying, no, I’m conservative, are very conservative. Big spikes since 2021 y Covid lockdowns mask mandates LGBTQ agenda in your face trying to steal your kids from you over in California and other places. You know they tried out this whole socialism thing in the textbooks sounded good. But then when they experienced it, they’re like, No, I think I’m more conservative than I thought I was. So I think you’re right. Okay, MelKshow.com the Mel K show, the Melkshow.com. All right, let’s get you rebooked for next week because we have a lot we can talk about. And I agree with you, by the way, you know Herbert Marcuse who coined the phrase Make love not war of the Frankfurt school. He put together his little coalition of victims and the sexual minorities, the poor, the illegals, the feminists, whatever. And who are your oppressors? Oh, yeah, the Christians and the capitalists. So I agree with you. Who is it going to be that’s oppressing all the illegals that are here not getting what they deserve? The capitalist and the Christians, the Judeo-Christian folks who believe in private property. So they’re setting up the Hegelian dialectic to create that conflict. And then you and I could talk for hours.

Mel K: We could I look forward to the next time. I could go on for literally hours with you. So thank you so much for having me. I look forward to next time.

Brannon Howse: We’ll get it booked right away for next week. Cool. Thank you. Thank you. Check out our site, The MelKshow.com.

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