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Dark to Light: An Interview with Kari Lake

by USA Citizens Network
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Streamed on: Feb 22, 8:30 am EST

Dark to Light: An Interview with Kari Lake

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We interview Kari Lake today and it is a fantastic interview!

Kari lake Interview ends at 32 minutes

Then we go through some of the clips of the interview of the Grand Jury Foreperson in Fulton County, and then we preview the movie “Anecdotals.” We will be joined by Jennifer Sharp, the director of the movie on Friday. Check show notes below for the link! We will be back on Friday.


Interview clips: https://www.cnn.com/videos/politics/2023/02/22/emily-kohrs-georgia-trump-recommended-indictments-jan-6-intv-ebof-bolduan-vpx.cnn

Tucker on Nikki Haley: https://twitter.com/CitizenFreePres/status/1628203640845643777

Vivek Ramaswamy announces: https://twitter.com/VivekGRamaswamy/status/1628200586297454598

Rosie is not keen on trusting the government: https://twitter.com/merissahansen17/status/1627025539977613312?s=20

Anecdotals: https://www.anecdotalsmovie.com/

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